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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Adam (Beales) large double flowers, soft salmon colour, Tea scent, no thorns, very similar to Mme Berard. Climbing Adam 1838 Tea Y
Adam (Fineschi) Large, very double blooms of lilac pink centre fading to pale pink at edges, very thorny. Adam 1838 Tea Y
Aimée Vibert medium double flowers in clusters, pure white dark green foliage. Very late start to flowering. Vibert 1828 Noisette Y
Alba Odorata A Bracteata x Roxburgii hybrid. Flowers medium white/flesh, hint of pink, a good climber flowering late. At times reluctant to open pre-1811 Misc Y
Alberic Barbier small to medium fllower, yellow bud opening to creamy white in clusters Barbier 1900 Wichuriana Y
Albert Hoffman large pinkish yellow flowers with a good tea scent. This relatively unknown tea deserves more attention, Welter 1904 Tea
Albertine large, double, vermillion opening to coppery salmon pink Barbier 1921 Wichuriana Y
Alexander Girault medium size, double bright pink flowers with a hint of white as it fades Barbier 1909 Wichuriana Y
Alexander Hill Gray large, very double lemon-yellow fading to creamy yellow bloom. Somewhat frost sensitive in cooler climates A. Dickson 1911 Tea
Alice Hamilton medium semi-full blooms crmson to madder pink. Tends to be pinker in cool periods. Nabonnand 1903 China
Alice Hoffman A medium size shrub, flowers pink with cerise outer petals, this is the Sangerhausan clone. Sometimes thought synonomous with Archiduc Charles, we think the two are different Hoffman 1897 China
Alister Stella Gray medium double, flowers opening apricot buff, fades to ivory-white particularly during hot spells. A low growing climber, Graham Stuart-Thomas was very fond of this rose A H Gray/G Paul 1894 Noisette Y
Alliance Franco Russe Yellow, very full sometimes with some pink, distinctive red early foliage.This is the US clone. Goinard 1899 Tea
Amadis medium blooms in clusters, bright cerise to purple with white centre and golden stamens, once flowering with the odd blooms later in the season. Somewhat climbing. Boursalt Laffay 1829 Misc Y
Amazone Very large, double pale yellow to white, outer petals veined pink. Ducher 1872 Tea
Ambasciatore Marco Francisci very large and very double blooms, creamy pink suffused with bronze. A large shrub. Walter Branchi 1997 Tea
Amber Cloud Beautiful single yellow flowers with prominent stamens. A vigorous once flowering climber from India, one of our favorites. Viraraghaven 2006 Hybrid gigantea Y
Anatole de Montesquiou small flowered in clusters, white, once flowering climber. A sempervirens hybrid. Van Houtte 1852 Misc Y
Andre Schwartz (Fineschi) flowers medium and double, crimson with some white striping Schwartz 1882 Tea
Andreola Vettori large, double flowers an intense pink with carmine veining which becomes more apparant as it ages. Tea 1998
Anna Jung Large, very double flowers, outer petals cerise inner petals a creamy pink, sometimes with a hint of copper. Variable according to weather conditions. A large shrub. One of our favourites. Nabonnard 1903 Tea
Anna Olivier (Bermuda) A large very double bloom, soft lemon-yellow with pink reflects n/a Found Tea
Anna Olivier (TDO) White with pink centred reflexed flowers, foliage large dark green and leathery. Ducher 1872
Anne Marie de Montraval small, semi-double cupped flowers, pure white in very large clusters held above foliage. Small shrub Widow Rambaux/
1879 Polyantha
Anne-Marie Cote small to medium bloom, double, pure white, sometimes tinged pink, in clusters. Of the ‘Blush Noisette’ type Guillot fils 1875 Noisette
Annie Vibert Double medium bloom, pink buds opening to white, in clusters, supposedly reaches 3 metres but not for us so far Vibert? pre-1871 Noisette
Arcadia syn. Louisiana Tea Flowers large, double, nodding, light pink with outer petals lighter, pale apricot center intro C. Barnwell Found Tea
Archiduc Charles large flat bloom, pink changing to crimson, outer petals cerise. Variable Laffay 1825(?) China
Archiduc Joseph Flowers medium, full and imbricated, dark cerise, with coppery centre. Very large shrub 2m Nabonnand 1892 Tea
Arethusa medium sized flower, pale apricot, loose, somewhat ragged and open. Leathery foliage W. Paul 1903 China
Auguste Gervais medium size, double flowers, salmon pink and coppery yellow fading pale pink Barbier 1916 Wichuriana T
Aviateur Bleriot medium size, double flowers, yellow with golden centre, fades creamy white Fauque & fils/Vigneron 1909 Wichuriana Y
Baronne Henriette de Snoy very large double flower, informal petal arrangement, pale pink with yellow wash. Large shrub Bernaix 1897 Tea
Barron de Maynard medium to large, double flowers,w hite all of the roses of this cross are similar. It is often described as a noisette but should really come under the heading of bourbon Lacharme 1865 Bourbon
Beaute Inconstante syn. ‘Beaute de Lyon’ Flower medium to large, double, carmine pink with coppery tones, very variable. Large shrub. Pernet-Ducher 1892 Tea Y
Beauty of Rosemawr large flowers a rich carmine rose and crimson veining, fragrant. A little known china crossed with a tea Van Fleet/Conard & Jones 1903 China
Belfield medium blooms, loose, dark crimson, considered by many a contender for the true ‘Slaters Crimson China’ Found (Bermuda) Found China
Belle Bassous Large, double, pink salmon and yellow flowers, very large shrub with strong tea scent. n/a Tea
Belle Blanca Single white flowers on a huge climber, thought to be a white sport of ‘Belle Portugaise’ or seedling of ‘Montecito’ unknown unknkown Hybrid gigantea Y
Belle Cuivré orange/copper flowers, foliage light green and quite rounded, a pretty early HT which was then described as a Pernettiana Pernet pere 1866 Hybrid Tea
Belle Lyonnaise Large globular flower deep yellow with apricot tint to outer petals. Vigorous climber Levet 1870 Tea Y
Belle Portugaise semi-double, loose flowers, shell pink Cayeux 1905 Hybrid gigantea Y
Belle Vichysoise flowers small, light pink to pinkish white in clusters of 20 – 30. Of the “Blush Noisette” type Leveque 1895 Noisette Y
Bengale Rouge large, double to semi-double, red to crimson, introduced from Italy in the mid 20 century unknown 1955 intro. China
Bianca di Corbara Found by Walter Branchi. Very large and double, white, lightly suffused with pink, medium fragrance, possibly a very early HT Branch (Intro.) 1977 Tea
Blairii No1 large, semi-double flowers, bright rose deeper at base of, petals emarginate. After initial bloom a few flowers produced frequently. A Hybrid China. Blair 1845 Hybrid China Y
Blairii No2 large, double blooms, pale pink outer petals, inner petals crimson, quilled. Blair 1845 Hybrid China Y
Blanc Pur large double blooms, white with greenish shades. Fragrant. I am a little suspicious with this identification, not expecting a noisette of this age to have such large flowers Mauget 1827 Noisette Y
Bloomfield Abundance see Spray Cecile The correct name for the rose being sold under this name is Spray Cecile Brunner. Bloomfield Abundance is extinct. G C Thomas 1920 Polyantha Y
Blumenschmidt Flower large, very double, lemon-yellow with crimson wash. J-C Schmidt 1905 Tea
Blush Noisette (Beale’s) Medium small double flowers in clusters, blush pink Noisette 1814 Noisette
Bobbie James small, semi-double white flowers in clusters, a once flowering Multiflora Sunningdale 1960 Misc Y
Bon Silène very large, double and open flower a bright rose with occasional white streaks, reflexed petals. Good scent Hardy 1835 Tea
Bougainville medium size flower in small open clusters, bright pink fades to dusky lilac. Pierre Cochet/Vibert 1822 Noisette
Bouquet d’Or double yellow with coppery salmon centre. Fragrant Ducher 1872 Noisette Y
Bouquet Tout Fait medium sized, double flowers a creamy white. Fragrant Laffay pre 1836 Noisette Y
Breeze Hill large, double flower, quartered, creamy pink tinted with apricot, some Van Fleet/
American Rose Society remontance
1926 Wichuriana Y
Bridesmaid A large double flower, creamy pink darker centre Moore 1893 Tea
Brightside Cream pale yellow buds opening creamy white, medium size flowers, a small climber, surprisingly still unidentified n/a Found Bermuda Noisette Y
Bryan Friedal large, double flower, pink with outer petals a darker pink wash n/a Found Tea
Buff Beauty large, double, open, buff gold/yellow. Hybrid Musk Bentall 1939 Misc
Burbank medium size, very double, bright lilac pink a medium sized bush Burbank/
1900 Tea