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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Aimee Vibert climbing pure white double flowers in clusters. Dark green foliage. Very late start to flowering. This is the climbing form Curtis 1841 Noisette
Aline Rozey Flesh pink coloured small flowers on a vigorous shrub, Possibly a Noisette/Hybrid perpetual cross Schwartz 1884 Noisette
Alister Stella Gray Pale yellow, small flowers on a low growing climber, fades to ivory-white particularly during hot spells, Graham Stuart-Thomas was very fond of this rose A H Gray/G Paul 1894 Noisette Y
Anne-Marie Cote medium size bloom, pure white sometimes tinged pink, of the ‘Blush Noisette’ type. Very similar to Daniel Lacombe Guillot fils 1875 Noisette
Annie Vibert Medium size double pink flowers fading to white , the name appears to originate from Aimee Vibert but this noisette is very different Vibert 1828 Noisette Y
Arancera Climbing Noisette E Veyrat Hermanos type, no good flowers yet but foliage and wood much more substantial than E Veyrat Hermanos. Ducrot describes it as between E Veyrat Hermanos and Souv. de Mme. Leonnie Viennot. Possibly Ophiree n/a Noisette
Beaute de l’Europe We are not sure that this rose is correctly named, so far this rose doesn’t match descriptions being more pink than yellow. We will continue studying this rose but whatever it is it warrants growing Gonod 1881 Noisette
Beaute Inconstante A glorious sight, carmine shaded yellow, and very variable. delicious fragrance, ours is standing at 3 metres Pernet-Ducher 1892 Noisette Y
Belle Lyonnaise deep lemon yellow, reverse paler with a subtle fragrance. Climbing Levet 1870 Noisette Y
Belle Vichysoise flowers small, light pink to pinkish white in clusters . Leveque 1895 Noisette Y
Blanc Pur large double blooms, white with greenish shades. Fragrant. I am a little suspicious with this identification, not expecting a noisette of this age to have such large flowers Mauget 1827 Noisette Y
Blush Noisette (Beales) Small double blush to pink trusses of flowers, a shrub growing to 3 metres. One of the first Noisettes Noisette 1814 Noisette
Blush Noisette (Gers) very similar to the Beales version, Grows everywhere around us Noisette
Blush Noisette (Surguet/TALOS) This was given to us as an incorrect form of Blush Noisette by Jan Surguet. A pretty, vigourous old noisette Noisette
Bougainville medium size pink flower with edges paler and lilac. Pierre Cochet/Vibert 1822 Noisette Y
Bouquet d’Or double yellow with coppery salmon centre. Fragrant Ducher 1872 Noisette Y
Bouquet Tout Fait medium sized, double flowers a creamy white. Very fragrant Laffay pre 1836 Noisette Y
Camélia Rose medium sized flowers, bright pink, another old style noisette Prévost 1830 Noisette
Caroline Marniesse large clusters of full, fragrant pale flesh-pink, similer to Blush Noisette Roeser 1848 Noisette
Cato’s Pink Cluster Pink Noisette in the vein of Champneys pink cluster, a found rose from the USA Noisette
Celine Forestier pale yellow darker centre, pales with age. Fragrant smaller flowers than I would expect Trouillard 1842 Noisette Y
Celine Forestier (Ducrot) pale yellow darker centre, pales with age. Fragrant, flowers twice as big as Beales form Trouillard 1842 Noisette
Champney’s Pink Cluster (US) light pink semi double repeat flowering noisette. The first Noisette Champneys 1802 Noisette
Chromatella (Aus clone) This seems to be correct, difficult to establish Coquereau/Vibert 1843 Noisette
Chromatella (US) Legacy of Dr. M. D. Hinman. This nees to be compared to the Australian clone as it may be Isabella Gray Noisette
Cinderella A large, perfectly full, exceedingly fragrant Noisette rose, of salmon-pink color Page 1859 Noisette
Claire Jacquier yellow clusters fading to white, once floweing Bernaix 1887 Noisette
Comtesse de Galard-Bearn We received this as Soncy which should be Alexander hill Grey. Very vigorous climber pale yellow flatish flowers fading paler Bernaix 1893 Noisette
Crépuscule copper, yellow and pink shades. Medium sized, fragrant Dubreuil 1904 Noisette Y
Darlow’s Enigma small single to semi double white clusters, eventually a massive shrub. A very hardy perpetual flowering Moschata hybrid closely related to the Noisettes. Possibly ‘Snowstorm’ bred by the Paul family at the beginning of the 20 century Found Noisette
Deschamps cherry red fading to pink Deschamps 1877 Noisette Y
Desprez à Fleur Jaune rosy yellow, double, very fragrant. Desprez/Sisley 1830 Noisette Y
Devoniensis large, very pale, creamy white. Foster 1838 Noisette
Dr. Domingos Pereira lilac-pink, center shaded yellow, large, double, fine form Climbing. One of the few roses bred in Portugal De Magalhaes 1925 Noisette
Duarte de Oliveira medium sized flower, salmon-rose, coppery at base Brassac 1879 Noisette Y
Duchesse d’Auerstadt noisette
Duchesse de Grammont white, boring Laffay 1838 Noisette
Dussi medium flower, creamy white suffused with apricot. Fragrant n/a 1998 Noisette
Earl of Eldon Coppery climber Paul 1871 Noisette
Elie Beauvilain double creamy pinks and yellows Beauvilain 1887 Noisette Y
Étendard de Jeanne d’Arc Creamy white large double flowers, obvious connection with Gloire de Dijon Garcon 1882 Noisette
Garden Noisette small clusters of fimbriate pale pink flowers. Seedling from our garden Hook 2012 Noisette
Gloire de Bordeaux flowers pink, centres crimson, large and full Lartay 1861 Noisette
Gloire de Dijon (Meursault clone) From an early plant 150 years old Jacotet 1853 Noisette
Gribaldo Nicola silvery white on blush pink, yellow centre. Fragrant Soupert & Notting 1890 Noisette Y
Gruss an Friedberg medium large, full pale yellow blooms another Gloire de Dijon hybrid Rogmans/Metz 1902 Noisette Y
Hérodiade chamois-yellow, center darker, sometimes streaked pink or carmine Brassac 1888 Noisette
Huntingdon La Biche very large flesh white with pale rose centre. Very fragrant. Sold in US as Mlle de Sombrieul but we find it different to the European clones Noisette
Isis Weilburg 1834 Noisette
Jacques Amiot lilac-pink, medium-size, double Varangot 1850 Noisette
Jan’s yellow Tea noisette large cupped yellow/apricot peach centred flowers large foliage no prickles Noisette
Jeanne d’Arc creamy white to pure white. Fragrant climber. We have been selling this as ‘Etandard de Jeanne d’Arc’ in error and is in fact an older Noisette/Moschata hybrid. Martyn Rix equates this with Arvensis x a Noisette Verdier 1848 Noisette
Ju Purple Noisette Found N/A Noisette
La Biche Old style Noisette, flowers white, their centres flesh colour This is the correct clone obtained from L’Hay Noisette
L’Abondance white, tinted pink Moreau-Robert 1887 Noisette Y
Lamarque white with sulpher centre, some fragrance Marechal 1830 Noisette Y
L’Arioste Pink climber Robert er Moreau 1859 Noisette
Le Parré Dijon Noisette pinkish yellow Dijon type climber roundish leaves, remontant. Hook (introduced) 2009 Noisette
Lily Metchersky Medium size blooms violet red, very thorny Nabonnand 1877 noisette
Lingo Musk Pink blend. Blush pink, rosy on petal edges semi-double. This found rose was introduced by Kern Rose Nursery 1970. Found in Florida by a Mr Lingo prior to this. found Noisette
Maitland White white, tinge of pink at centre, synonomous with Puerto Rico n/a Found Noisette
Manchester Guardian Angel (USA) Joyce Demits USA found the rose growing on a grave under the statue of an angel.Palest lemon yellow to cream cluster flowered. Wavy leaves Noisette
Maréchal Niel deep yellow, very full and fragrant Pradel 1864 Noisette Y
Marguerite Desrayaux pink, and double probably incorrectly identified Nabonnand 1906 Noisette
Marie Accary white tinted pink and yellow Guillot fils 1872 Noisette Y
Marie Robert This came to us as Comtesse de Galard-Bearn, we have re-identified it Cochet 1893 Noisette
Mary Washington pure white continous bloomer, fragrant n/a 1790? Noisette
Meteor semi-double, crimson small climber Geschwindt 1887 Noisette
Milkmaid A white extremely vigorous Noisette From Australia not very remontant Clark Noisette
Mlle. Genevieve Godard should be carmine red, but our clone has Carmine cente with creamy yellow surround. Godard 1889 Noisette
Mlle. Madelaine DelaRoche Large full flesh pink flowers Corboeuf 1890 Noisette
Mlle. Marie Gaze Dark sulfur yellow changing to clearer yellows godard 1892 Noisette
Mme Eugene Verdier Came to us as Solfatare from TDO. Deep yellow flowers occasionally pink at beginning of season, on heavy wood, shiny foliage. Flowers reminiscent of Mme la duchesse d’auerstadt Levet 1882 Noisette
Mme. Alfred Carrière large white, yellowish base. Continous flowering. Fragrant Schwartz 1879 Noisette
Mme. E. Soufrain Yellow and pink very vigorous Chauvry 1897 Noisette
Mme. Emilie Dupuy coppery-yellow, light salmon reflexes Levet 1870 Noisette
Mme. Julie Lassen large, very full, cupped. Deep pink (received as Mme. Julie Lassau) Nabonnand 1881 Noisette
Mme. la Duchesse d’Auerstadt very large, golden yellow, double. Fragrant. Bernaix 1887 Noisette
Mme. Louis Blanchet Obtained from L’Hay, dark red flowers, misnamed godard 1894 Noisette
Mme. Louis Henry pale yellow climber Ducher 1879 Noisette
Mme. Martigner incorrectly named pink HT or bourbon Dubrieul 1903 Noisette
Mme. Pierre Cochet chrome-yellow flowers tinged pink and apricot, fragrant Cochet 1891 Noisette
Mme. Trifle nice egg-yellow, occasionally changing into coppery salmon-yellow Levet 1869 Noisette
Monsieur Désir crimson red. Fragrant Pernet père 1888 Noisette Y
Monsieur Rosier large, full, cupped flower, bright pink on yellowish background Nabonnand 1887 Noisette Y
Mrs. Honey Dyson Light pink Noisette. Obtained by Keith Steadman in Iron Acton from one of his customers (Mrs Honey Dyson), which she had found in her garden in Gloucestershire. N/A Noisette
Mt. Vernon Purple Noisette Small flowered pretty pink clusters, a small rambler n/a Noisette
Multiflore de Vaumarcus medium size double, soft pink or white, in clusters Menet 1875 Noisette Y
Nardy Coppery yellow, collected from Sangerhausen Nabonnand 1888 Noisette
Narrow Water semi-double medium pink, vigorous climber Smith of Daisy Hill 1883 Noisette
Nastrana small double, white blooms on a piller climber unknown 1879 Noisette
Natchitos Noisette cherry-rose fading to light pink. Old style noisette possibly back crossed with a china found Noisette
Ornement des Bosquets semi-double, open, fresh rose pink Jamain 1860 Noisette
Oscar Chauvry Pink/yellow very prickly Chauvry 1900 Noisette
Paul’s Perpetual White Very vigorous, probably a Noisette x hybrid perpetual cross (Paul lists it as a Noisette Perpetual), white large single flowers all the time G.Paul 1883 Noisette
Pavillon de Pregny purplish pink Guillot pere 1863 Noisette
Phil Edinger’s Noisette Buff through to pale pink flowers, an old style Noisette Found Noisette
Philomele (False) small, double, scarlet-crimson flowers possibly Philémon Noisette
Pilarcitos flowers cream colored, well-formed, full, borne in clusters, moderate, spicy tea fragrance Found Noisette
Plaisance Pink variable pink climbing tea/noisette, found in a Plaisance abandoned garden n/a Noisette
Princesse de Nassau double creamy white clusters, eventually climbs Laffay pre-1829 Noisette Y
Reine Maria Pia Carmine Pink Schwartz 1880 Noisette
Reine Olga de Wurtemberg semi-double, bright crimson Nabonnand 1881 Noisette Y
Reve d’Or deep yellow with pink blushes Ducher 1869 Noisette
Solfaterre (US) Study name is Georgetown Gateside Yellow, import from USA. We are convinced this is the correct Solfaterre Boyeau 1843 Noisette
Souv. de Lucie (l’Hay) medium flower, ruby red to carmine pink. This is the correct form from L’Hay. The clone commonly in commerce is a once flowering hybrid china Widow Schwartz 1893 Noisette
Souv. de Mme l’Advocat Salmon pink, sport of Duarte D’Oliveira Veysset 1899 Noisette
Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot light rose-pink w/yellow shading Bernaix fils 1898 Noisette Y
Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot (Greens clone) Found in Australia and originally considered a candidate for Etoile de Portugal. This appears to be a very good clone of Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot, better foliage and more profuse flowering Bernaix fils 1898 Noisette
Thomasville Lamarque see Etendard de Jeanne d’Arc Noisette
Triomphe des Noisettes clusters of large intense pink flowers, some HT mixed in Pernet pere 1887 Noisette Y
Vicomtesse D’Avesne (Eve clone) Correct form. Tender lilac-pink, medium size, double Roeser 1847 Noisette
Vicomtesse Pierre de Fou (Fineschi) red to glossy deep pink. This climbing rose is the true form Sauvageot 1923 Noisette
Waltham Climber 1 Seedling of Gloire de Dijon, rosy crimson, darker flowers than WC2 Paul 1885 Noisette
Waltham Climber 2 As WC1 but less bright flowers and more climbing Paul 1885 Noisette
William Allen Richardson deep yellow to apricot Ducher 1878 Noisette Y
Winghaven White creamy white clusters n/a Found Noisette