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Name Description Breeder Introduced
Ibrido di Castello double white fragrant flowers, remontant Attilio Ragionieri 1920
Purezza semi-double white, small in clusters. Remontant n/a
Rosa banksiae banksia (Alba Plena) small, very double, white flowers, on an enormous climber, good scent of violets Kerr/Banks 1807
Rosa banksiae lutea small, double clusters of creamy yellow flowers, the most commen of the Banksiaes. This rose was growing on our property for decades Parks pre – 1824
Rosa banksiae lutescens single yellow flowers, the least vigorous of the Banksiaes, qiute unusual Hanbury 1870
Rosa banksiae normalis single white, The most fragrent and vigorous of the Banksiaes, our plant is huge and the violet scent in the spring dominates the garden Drummond 1796


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Bardou Job (Aust) Large, semi-double scarlet blooms, a hybrid of Gloire de Rosamanes. This is the true form. The European form is incorrect and is probably ‘Black Boy’ Nabonnand 1882
Barrone de Maynard White double flowers, all of the roses of this cross are similer this cross is often described as a noisette but should really come under the heading of bourbon Lacharme 1865
Frédéric II de Prusse large, double crimson purple, medium scent. V. Verdier 1847
Gloire des Rosomanes semi-double, dark crimson, very fragrant. Plantier/Vibert 1825
Gruss an Teplitz bright scarlet crimson. Very fragrant Geschwindt/Lambert 1897
Hermosa medium size, cupped violet pink Marcheseau/Rousseau 1834
Hofgartner Kalb very full, large blooms, carmine to soft pink. Fragrant Felberg-Leclerc 1913
Honorine de Brabant pale rose striped with lilac and violet unknown unknown
Jacques Cartier Beautiful clear rose with darker centre, reverse of the petals whitish. This is the European form, a large shrub. In the US Marquesa Bocella is sold as this but is much more a dwarf compact grower Moreau-Robert 1868
Kathleen Harrop soft shell pink A. Dickson 1919
Konprinzessin Viktoria von Preussen milk white with centre shades of pale yellow. Fragrant Volvert/Spaeth 1888
Louise d’Arzens creamy-white, cupped, medium sized well formed flowers Lacharme 1861
Malton cupped,crimson cherry Guerin 1829
Marie Dermar yellowish white, medium scent Geschwindt 1889
Mme. Alfred de Rougemont pure white blushing pink at edges of petals. Fragrant Lacharme 1862
Mme. Francois Pittet small, very double white Lacharme 1877
Setina (Europe) silvery rose to bright pink, lighter than Hermosa but doesn’t climb. Probably a reversion from the climbing form Henderson 1879
Sophie’s Perpetual double, cupped, silvery pink, outer petals crimson often classed as a china unknown pre-1928
Souv. de la Malmaison Cl The climbing form, large flowered blush pink to white Bennett 1893
Souv. De Malmaison pink bourbon/tea found 10 kms from here n/a
Zephrine Drouhin semi-double cerise pink Bizot 1868


Name Description Breeder Introduced
5 yuan Found growing at the 10,000 camelias monastery in Yunnan by the Ducrots. Semi double dark crimson to mid pink flowers on a large shrub, eventually 2m x 2m. A stunning china. n/a
Bracteata x Chinensis single white flowers, Low growing. and very recurrent. Originally discovered in Vietnam by a Mr Hiroaki Ohno a nursuryman from Gifu Japan (Rose of Roses Nursery)
Chang Zhou Rose Garden Dark red shrub Found in the ChangZhou rose garden
Chun Shui Lu Bo Chinese import. Collected by Dr. Yoshiro Ueda from the Huaian Rose Garden (Huaian Yueji Yuan) in the Jiangsu province of China.
Fen Zhang Lu An ancient rose found in China and given to us by Helga Brichet. The flowers resemble ‘Clothilde Soupert’ but the growth of this vigorous bush is very different n/a
Holiday Home climber large single pink flowers, once flowering. Found at Kodaikanal possibly a hybrid of Rosa leschenaultiana
Ji Nang Dating back to the Ming dynasty this Apricot pink rose has double flowers and is very fragrant. Recovered from the Huaian Rose Garden in China n/a
Jin Pin Fan Lu Light pink to yellow, double, recovered from Huaian Rose Garden china. Another rose originating from the Ming dynasty Found in China 2007
Kakinada Red Double deep red flowers with good scent. An Indian foundling considered to have originated in china
L19 Laos Small pink blooms, scented. Found by Dr. Ueda during his travels, he considers this an ancient chinese variety found
Mt. Omei Sichuan found in a back garden of a rest tea shop along the approach to religious temple of Mt. Omei. Semi double large loose pink flowers Found
N 92 Nanjing Florescent pink blooms on a plant that won’t stop flowering n/a
Pale china from Nanjing white to pale pink china given to us by Helga Brichet. We have no other info Found
Ping Dong Yue Ji from Taiwan given to us by Jack Lin, blush pink, in the Humes Blush class Found
Qing Yang Blush China Once flowering pink climbing china
Red China from Nanjing Double red flowers, repeats
Rosa indica major Once flowering, used as an understock for Teas in Southern zones n/a
Rosa odorata spontanea (Ogisu) crimson/pink Ogisu form, obtained from Martyn Rix n/a
Rosa odorata spontanea (Pink) single pink flowers n/a
Rosa odorata spontanea (White) The white form, obtained from Giru Viraraghavan via Helga Brichet n/a
Schenzen Cramoisi Climber see Teng Ben Yue Yue Hong .
Schenzen Dogs Xiao Ye Yue Yue Hong collected Nanjing
Schenzen Front Red Xian Geng Yue Yue Hong, collected in Yunnan
Schenzen Second Red Da Hua Yue Yue Hong, collected in Sichuan by wang guoling. Crimson to bright pink flowers up to 10 cm diameter
Sui Mei Ren Dating back to Ming dynasty n/a
Telegara Pink An ancient Chinese rose found in India, pink to white flowers on a vigorous shrub Unknown
Teng Ben Yue Yue Hong . Red, small double repeat flowering with delicate foliage, climbing with a scent of plums. Collected by Guoliang Wang in Mianzhu,Sichuan study name was Schenzen cramoisi climber Unknown
Tian Nu Guang Large shrub with light pink flowers and deep pink centres n/a
Tipsy Imperial Concubine pink blend, ancient china cross, discovered by Hazel Rougatel in China n/a
Wang’s Purple/Red climber Given to us by Guolong Wang once flowering purple blooms on a strong climber. Extremely old
White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth Cerise to cherry-red, white streaks also known as Chi Long Han Zhu n/a
Xiang Fen Lian Light yellow, apricot center, pink shading nearly thornless
Yue Yue Hong correctly Fue Rong Yue Yue Hong, collected in Nanjing
Yuki’s Dream Found in 2001 in Sichuan by Mikanori Ogisu and Yuki. Grown in Yuki’s garden for 10 years she commented how well it grew and Mr Ogisu gave it this name. Pink semi double flowers on a vigorous plant found
Zi Yan Fei Wu Found inTaiwan, very similar to Kakinada red from India. Probably an ancient chinese variety. Given to us by Jack Lin


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Amber Cloud Beautiful single yellow flowers with prominent stamens. A vigorous once flowering climber from India, one of our favorites Viraraghavan 2006
Apricot gigantea maybe Comtesse de Chaponnay according to Eienne Bourret. I think Noella Virebent matches better
Baxter Beauty Apricot to yellow, a sport of lorraine Lee. Remontant Clarke 1938?
Belle Blanca Single white flowers on a huge climber, thought to be white sport of ‘Belle Portugaise’ or seedling of ‘Montecito’ Unknown Early 20 century
Belle Portugaise loosely double flowers, shell pink. Very vigorous. My favourite HG. cayeux 1905
Cooper’s Burmese single white huge climber, this came to us incorrectly as R. Gigantea Cooper 1923
Courier white and pink once flowering climber semi double flowers Clarke 1930
Emmanuella de Mouchy medium to pale cherry pink Nabonnand 1922
Etoile de Portugal deep magenta pink w/red, yellow flecks, a very beautifull rose. We obtained this as Vicomtesse Pierre de Fou from Beales. Cayeux
Evergreen Gene Light yellow climber, some repeating Viraraghavan 2007
Fée Opalé This rose is currently in commerce as Parks Yellow, White or cream, light pink edges. Pearly white with yellowish white at the base, edges flesh pink. Strong fragrance. Once-blooming spring or summer. Bruant 1899
Flying Colours Deep pink to cherry-red Clarke 1922
Follette salmon pink in small clusters. Fragrant Busby 1910
Fortune’s Double Yellow semi-double, yellow with coppery pink. Fragrant Fortune 1845
Golden Vision Butter-yellow, ages to white double flowers Clarke 1922
Harbinger Large, single, soft pink flowers. clarke 1923
Helga’s Double cream double yellow to cream flowers, probably a reve d’or hybrid found
Kitty Kinninmouth Carmine-pink, golden-yellow stamens clarke 1920
Lady Mann Light pink semi double blooms repeat. A sport of Lorraine Lee Clarke
Lijiang Road Rose semi-double,soft pink w/darker reverse, pale yellow centre. Found in China
Lijiang Yellow semi double light yellow flowers fading to white, anothe HG found near Lijiang n/a
Lorraine Lee Cl. Same flowers as shrub form very vigorous ? ?
Manipur Magic Light yellow double flowers, once flowering like most HG,s Viraraghavan 2008
Montecito white to blush, glorious in a warm climate Franceschi-Fenzi 1930
Mrs. Richard Turnbull White or white blend. Yellow bud Clarke 1945
Naga Belle Cherry pink Viraraghavan 2006
Nancy Hayward Large dark pink single flowers, recurrent Clarke 1937
Park’s Yellow (Tea Scented) China (Beales) See Fée Opalé Parks 1824
Pennant Pink. Double Clarke 1941
Rosa banksiae x R. gigantea “Joanna Millar” Large white flowers with pronounced yellow stamens, scent of violets,
This rose is featured in the Rix book.
found 2008
Rosabelle Light pink, salmon-pink shading, darker reverse. Some repeating Bruant 1899
Sénateur Amic large, cupped, warm red Nabonnand 1924
Sir George Watts Light yellow Viraraghavan 2008
Sir Henry Collett (MM4) Sister of Manipur Magic, light yellow Viraraghavan 2008
Squatter’s Dream Rich yellow buds, paler flowers, fading. Single to semi-double bloom form repeats well Clark 1923
Tonner’s Fancy Cream, light pink center, pink flecks, ages to white clarke 1928
Tourdun Gigantea Similer to Fortunes double yellow but original plant was only 1.5 metres high and so far no climbing tendencies. In Gwen Fagan’s book (South Africa) ‘It was at Mill River farm I found a plant 3 metres high, Same as FDY but flowers slightly larger and nearly single with a few tiny petals overlapping stamens. This seems the same rose. n/a
Traverser Yellow to white. Large, semi-double to double Clark 1928
Twilight Mist seedling of Montecito. Pale lavender semi double flowers Robinson 1994


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Ahiimsa (Orient Silk) A medium yellow Hybrid tea bred in India for heat tolerance Viraraghavan 1996
Alliance Franco-Russe (Lhay) Pink semi double, with HT form, this originates from L’Hay.
Belle Cuivrée orange/copper flowers, foliage light green and quite rounded, a pretty early HT which was then described as a Pernettiana ducher
Captain Christy medium sized, soft pink flowers, centre deeper ipink. Fragrant. Climbing form Lacharme 1873
Grace Darling very large, full bloom tinted with peach pink. Fragrant, often classed as a tea Bennett 1884
Irène Bonnet salmon pink, some fragrance P.Nabonnand 1920
Irène Watts (false) double, pale pink with deeper centre of salmon-rose. This of course is not the true form but is included as it is the rose commonly in commerce
Lady Sylvia climbing Pink blend Stevens 1933
Lady Waterlow semi-double, soft pink salmon with darker egdes Nabonnand 1902
Marie Nabonnand Beales Monsieur Tillier large, double cupped flowers not too full, . Dark pink to carmine red. This climbing Hybrid Tea flowers for us until Christmas Nabonnand ??
Meg single yellow, flushed apricot. Fragrant Gosset 1954
Mme. Butterfly blush pink, very fragrant E.G. Hill 1918
Mme. Driout striped bright carmine on pink Bolut & Thiriat 1902
Mme. Grégoire Staechelin pearl-pink, with crimson reverse. Large, semi-double. Fragrant Dot 1927
Mme. Jules Gravereaux large, full, buff-white shaded peach. Fragrant Soupert & Notting 1900
Mme. Wagram Comtesse de Turenne’ large, pink on flesh pink, petals with sulphur nub Bernaix 1895
Mrs. Herbert Stevens white tinged pale pink climber Pernet-Ducher 1922
Paul Ledé (CL) soft apricot, pink and flesh, climbing form Low 1913
Paul’s Lemon Pillar Lemon White climber, this is so close to the noisettes I am tempted to call it that, Fantastic pink blooms but requires lots of heat G.Paul 1915
Queen of Hearts Pink climbing Australian HT Clarke
Reine Marguerite d’Italie large, full, bright carmin/ red Soupert & Notting 1904
Reine Marie Henriette large full crimson/cerise, we received this as Mme. Driout but have reidentified it Levet 1878
Sénégal Dark red climber Mallerin 1944
Snowbird White with cream centre Hatton 1936
Troja large flowered creamy yellow to white Mikes 1927


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Alba Odorata A Bracteata x Roxburgii hybrid. Flowers medium white/flesh, hint of pink, a good climber flowering late. This rose was reintroduced by Levet, it existed in Italy pre 1835 Levet 1874
Amadis very large, velvet crimson and semi double. Appears to be ‘Amadis’ a Boursault or something similer 1900
Anatole de Montesquoiu A sempervirens hybrid. White once flowering climber, Although not typical of our collection we carry this rose as it is so difficult to obtain elsewhere Van Houtte 1852
Blairii No.1 A Hybrid China. large semi-double flowers, bright rose. Very fragrant . After initial bloom a few flowers produced frequently Blair 1845
Blairii No.2 A Hybrid China. large double blooms, pale pink. Fragrant Blair 1845
Buff Beauty Orangy yellow Hybrid Musk, can grow to 3 metres in a good climate. A cross with William Allen Richardson Bentall 1939
Compte Bobrinsky supposedly Hybrid Perpetua many Tea/China characteristicsl Marest 1849
Double Scotch Light Pink This rose was found in 1949 by Jackson M. Batchelor of Willard, North Carolina, growing in
the garden of a 1750´s plantation home on the Cape Fear River, near Wilmington, N.C. The
area was originally settled by Scottish and English immigrants and Mr. Batchelor speculates
that this rose came with them, which explains its name. (The rose shows no relationship to
the `Scotch Rose´, R. spinosissima,) He sent plants to the National Arboretum in 1956, where
it was rated as an outstanding groundcover shrub for slopes. We find that this once blooming
rose makes a superb and graceful low hedge. (Mike shoups description)
Erinnerung an Brod Dark red climbing hybrid perpetual Geschwind 1886
Felicite Perpetue Sempervirens Hybrid
Fritz Nobis
Ghislaine de Feligonde A remontant multiflora. Yellow/apricot/ecru blend Turbat 1916
Helga Brichet Open pollinated seedling of Complicata, light pink flowers otherwise very similar John Nieuwesteeg 2000
Hume’s Blush We no longer sell this clone as it turned out to be Rosa Indica Major. For the correct form see Laos clone n/a
Lady Penzance Rubiginosa hybrid. Orange-pink, light yellow center. Moderate, apple fragrance Lord Penzance 1894
Lawrence Johnson
Marie Segond this has turned out as a white Bourbon in the same manner as Mme. Alfred de Rougement, it should be a coppery pink tea by Nabonnand, we have stopped selling this rose 1902
Mermaid Bracteata Hybrid, large single blooms, sulphur yellow. Continous flowering W. Paul 1918
Moonlight Hybrid musk single to semi double white flowers. Large shrub Pemberton 1913
Nevada White, golden-yellow stamens, semi double Dot 1927
Paul’s Himalayan Musk A giant multiflora hybrid. small, violet pink to white clusters Earl/Paul 1899
Portugaise rambler found Polyantha from Bermuda large clusters of small carmine flowers. Once flowering
Rambling Rector
Ramona A Laevigata hybrid, large pink single flowers n/a
Robin Hood Hybrid Musk, double, cupped medium to pale pink, obtained as princesse Marie. n/a
Roi de Siam semi-double, large, pinky-yellow unfortunately this appears to be a hybrid Tea, recently identified as King of Siam Laffay 1825
Rosa foliolosa X r. rugosa
Rosa portlandica Damask Perpetual single to semi double large pink flowers unknown pre 1775
Salet A Damask perpetual .large, full, bright pink, remontant Lacharme 1854
Silver Dawn Semi double, white. A Clnophylla hybrid Viraraghavan 2005
Sombreuil creamy white tinted pink (Not Mme la Sombrieul). This has been called Colonial white but was reintroduced several years before Colonial White, we think it has an affinity to Souvenir de la Malmaison Unknown Unknown
Souv. d’Alphonse Lavallée a Hybrid Perpetual large, full dark crimson to maroon C. Verdier 1884
Souv. de Lucie (Sangerhausan) medium flower, ruby red to carmine pink, incorrectly named. A once flowering Hybrid China from Branchi
Souv. du Dr. Jamain A Hybrid Perpetual, deep velvety crimson-red Lacharme 1865
The Garland A Multiflora hybrid medium, double flowers, fawn/yellow Wells 1835
Treasure Trove small semi-double clusters, apricot cream, a tea cross from ‘Kiftsgate’ Treasure unknown


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Anne Marie de Montravel small pure white flowers in clusters, sometimes regarded as a noisette Widow Rambaux/Dubreuil 1879
Bermuda Wind Chimes (Bermuda) Unknown poly Found in Bermuda found
Bloomfield Abundance The correct name for the rose being sold under this name is Spray Cecile Brunner. Bloomfield Abundance is extinct. G C Thomas 1920
Danielle Lacombe Could also be classed as a Multiflora. Yellowish pink to white once flowering climber, sometimes thought as a noisette Moreau-Robert 1885
Lady Anne Kidwell large purple/dark red flowers, possibly a tea/china n/a
Mlle. Cécile Brunner soft pink Widow Ducher 1880
Mlle. Cécile Brunner (CL) very small, compact, delicate pink flowers on a vigorous climber Hosp 1894
Mlle. Cécile Brunner White cream yellow to white form of the original Fauque & Fils/Vigneron 1909
Perle d’Or small apricot flowerd shrub in the same vein as Cecile Brunner Widow Rambaux/Dubreuil 1883
Phyllis Bide small pale pink/apricot blend flowers, delicate foliage Bide 1923
Pink Pet small double pink, slightly cupped Lilley 1928
Spray Cecile Brunner small double flowers, soft pink Howard 1941
White Cécile Brunner small flowers, white to pale yellow Fanque 1909
White Pet white, small pompon Henderson 1879
Yvonne Rabier small, double white w/yellowish centre in clusters Turbat 1910


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Kiftsgate A selected form of Filipes. white clusters. The famous Tree climber Kiftsgate Court unknown
La Mortola A selected form of R. Brunonii discovered in the Hanbury gardens. Single whie flowers, dull matt foliage Hanbury 1954
Rosa bracteata white single flowers, repeats Macartney 1765
Rosa clinophylla A tropical rose from India, will grow in water n/a
Rosa cymosa Chinese climber related to Banksiae, small white flowers beautifull effect n/a
Rosa farreri persetosa Discovered by E.H. Wilson (China, 1908). Discovered by Reginald Farrer (United Kingdom, 1915).
Rosa Gigantea (Dali) cuttings taken from plant in Yunan
Rosa gigantea (India) large, single, white. Seedling (indian form) n/a species
Rosa laevigata Single white flowers, yellow stamens. A particularly nice form given to us by the Ducrots in Italy n/a
Rosa longicuspus x R. Gigantea (India) from seed given to us by Viru Viraraghavan. Single white flowers n/a
Rosa longicuspus (China) Chinese form. From seed brought back from China. Received from Monksilver nursery in U.K. derived from seed collected in china by Dr Alan Leslie n/a
Rosa moschata small single white n/a
Rosa polyantha grandiflora Cream. Strong, musk fragrance. single ) clustered flowers. A hybrid between rosa polyantha (a multiflora hybrid) and blanc pur Bernet 1886
Rosa sinowilsonii small, single flowers, a rampant climber. Beautifull hips n/a species
Rosa triphylla Unusual bamboo like foliage small pink flowers twice a year for us n/a
Wedding Day SinoWilsonii seedling. Large Rambler. Yellow buds, white blooms with mucronate tipped petals. Petals spot pink after rain. Strong, citrus fragrance Sir Frederick C. Stern 1950


Name Description Breeder Introduced
Alberic Barbier A wichurana rambler
Cream, light yellow center, ages to white . Green apple, tea fragrance. Quartered bloom form. Very vigorous rambler

Climbing, thornless (or almost). Glossy foliage.
Height of 15′ to 25′ (455 to 760 cm). Width of 10′ to 12′ (305 to 365 cm).

Barbier 1900
Albertine Well known salmon pink wichurana rambler. Can be grown as a large shrub or trained as a climber Barbier 1921
Alexandre Girault Wichurana rambler. Carmine-pink flowers. Strong, apple, fruity fragrance Barbier 1907
Alexandre Trémouillet White, salmon-pink shading Barbier 1903
Aviateur Bleriot Wichurana hybrid. Yellow, golden-yellow center, ages to white Laurent Fauque & Fils 1909
Breeze Hill Salmon-pink climber, orange shading, buff shading, ages to cream Dr. Walter Van Fleet 1918
Francois Juranville Barbier 1906
Jersey Beauty Single yellow once flowering
Leontine Gervais
Paul Transon Barbier 1900