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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
5 yuan Found growing at the 10,000 camelias monastery in Yunnan by the Ducrots. Semi double dark crimson to mid pink flowers on a large shrub, eventually 2m x 2m. A stunning china. n/a China-Heritage
Agnes B Smith (Aus) Discovered by Robert Peace in 1985 on an old grave in the Rockwood cemetery, Australia, this is another of the contenders for ‘Humes blush’. Mottled pink semi double flowers. Mid green foliage eventually becoming a shrub of around 1.5 metres N/A Tea
Ah Mow(Aus) Found at the Bishop’s Lodge, Australia and named after the gardener there. Cream flowers with a pink tinge, growth similar to Safrano . Maybe Luciole Tea
Aignan Apricot Tea Orangy pink tea, similar colours as Lady Roberts and Mme Charles but neither of these
maybe Madame Chaveret
N/A Tea
Albertine Well known salmon pink wichurana rambler. Can be grown as a large shrub or trained as a climber Barbier 1921 Wichurana Y
Alice Hoffman A medium size shrub, pink with cerise blooms, this is the Sangerhausan clone. Sometimes thought synonomous with Archduc Charles, we think the two are different Hoffman 1897 China
Aline Rozey Flesh pink coloured small flowers on a vigorous shrub, Possibly a Noisette/Hybrid perpetual cross Schwartz 1884 Noisette
Alix Roussel(Guillot) A dark red double tea, obviously incorrectly named, This should be a yellow and pink tea, Similar to descriptions of Duchesse de Vallombrosa, just the same, a very worthy tea Gamon 1908 Tea
Amazone pale yellow to white, outer petals veined pink when warm. Similer to Alexander Hill Gray but with eneugh differences for us to keep separate Ducher 1872 Tea
Ambasciatore Marco Francisci large flowered pink blooms with lighter shades suffused with bronze on a large shrub. This rose was found by Walter Branchi and introduced with this name Found 1997 Tea
Andre Schwartz (Fineschi) Incorrectly named. Pink with Crimson to red outer petals with some white striping, medium size flowers on a well formed shrub, similar to Homére Tea
Anna Jung Large plant, double bright pink flowers with coppery center. One of our favourites. Some have doubted it’s authenticity but we are convinced it is correct. Nabonnand 1903 Tea
Anna Olivier (Bermuda) soft lemon-yellow with pink reflects, probably Etoile de Lyon n/a Found Tea
Anna Olivier (TDO) White with pink centred reflexed flowers, foliage large dark green and leathery, we believe that this clone which we obtained from the Tete D’Or in Lyon is correct Ducher 1872 Tea
Annie Vibert Medium size double pink flowers fading to white in clusters, Vibert 1828 Noisette Y
Apple Blossom Hybrid Multiflora, light pink clusters on a vigorous rambler Burbank 1932 Multiflora
Baronne Henriette de Snoy very large flower pale pink inside, petal reverse carmine on a large shrub Bernaix 1897 Tea
Beaute de l’Europe We are not sure that this rose is correctly named, so far this rose doesn’t match descriptions being more pink than yellow. We will continue studying this rose but whatever it is it warrants growing Gonod 1881 Noisette
Belle Vichysoise flowers small, light pink to pinkish white in clusters . Leveque 1895 Noisette Y
Belmont (l’Hay) climbing pink china, virtually unknown. Not syn. Indica major as it repeats Vibert 1846 China
Bengale Cerise Introduced by Lafay before 1820, this cherry pink rose is thought to have originated from China. Although regarded as a bush, ours is a good climber China
Bougainville medium size pink flower with edges paler and lilac. Pierre Cochet/Vibert 1822 Noisette Y
Burbank very double, bright rose pink with silver shading Burbank/Burpee 1900 Tea
Captain Christy medium sized, soft pink flowers, centre deeper ipink. Fragrant. Climbing form Lacharme 1873 Hybrid Tea Y
Cato’s Pink Cluster Pink Noisette in the vein of Champneys pink cluster Noisette
Champney’s Pink Cluster (Beales) small flower in large clusters, light pink with gold stamens Noisette
Champney’s Pink Cluster (US) light pink semi double repeat flowering noisette Champneys 1802 Noisette
Chromatella (Beales) sulphur yellow, darker centre pink tipped petals. Fragrant, we are suspicious of the identity of this clone as it is very similar to Clmg White Maman Cochet Coquereau/Vibert 1843 Noisette
Clementina Carbonieri yellow, orange, pink and salmon Bonfiglioli & Figlio 1913 Tea
Comtesse de Labarthe cupped, salmon/shell pink a primitive tea Bernede 1857 Tea
Corallina Crimson to vermilion, pink shading, semi double W Paul 1900 Tea
Corallina (TDO) dark coral pink and red very double, in the vein of of Archduc Joseph, foliage very dark green. This should be semi double if it really was Corallina. We are looking at this with all the ‘M Tilliers’ we have to see if we can sort out the Archduc Joseph/M Tillier problem W. Paul 1900 Tea
Courier white and pink once flowering climber semi double flowers Clarke 1930 Hybrid Gigantea
Crépuscule copper, yellow and pink shades. Medium sized, fragrant Dubreuil 1904 Noisette Y
Danielle Lacombe Could also be classed as a Multiflora. Yellowish pink to white once flowering climber, sometimes thought as a noisette Moreau-Robert 1885 Polyantha
Dr. Rouges (Branchi) This came to us as climbing Papa Gontier we have reidentified this. deep pink w/yllow shading at centre Schwartz 1893 Tea
Duke of York white petals edged with carmine or pink w/carmine centre. Indistinguishable from the tea Papiilon W. Paul 1894 China
Empress of China Climbing Semi double pink blooms Jackson/Elizabeth Nursery Co. 1896 China
Enchantress large, full intense pink fading to pale pink Cook Tea
Espagnet carmine tea Light pink climbing tea, full with medium size flowers, could be Mme. Martigner n/a Tea
Etoile de Portugal deep magenta pink w/red, yellow flecks, a very beautifull rose. We obtained this as Vicomtesse Pierre de Fou from Beales. Cayeux Hybrid Gigantea
Faith Wittesley white flowers with some pink in centre Viraraghavan 2006 Tea
Fée Opalé This rose is currently in commerce as Parks Yellow, White or cream, light pink edges. Pearly white with yellowish white at the base, edges flesh pink. Strong fragrance. Once-blooming spring or summer. Bruant 1899 Hybrid Gigantea
Fellemberg double flowers, bright pink to crimson. Slightly fragrant Fellemberg 1835 China Y
Florence Bower’s Pink Tea Deep pink flower and very fragrant climbing tea. Tea
Follette salmon pink in small clusters. Fragrant Busby 1910 Hybrid Gigantea
Francis Grates Tea (USA) Light pink and cream. Creamy pink centers with cerise guard petals Tea
Furstin Bismark Large, very full, imbricated bloom from China pink to cerise pink Schultheis 1887 Tea
Furstin Infantin von Hohenzollern Should be lilac pink with yellow, needs to be confirmed Ketton 1898 Tea
Garden Noisette small clusters of fimbriate pale pink flowers. Seedling from our garden Hook 2012 Noisette
Grand-Duc Pierre de Russie large, double flowers an intense pink with carmine veining which becomes more apparant as it ages.. Came to us as Andreola Vettori Perny 1885 Tea
Helga Brichet Seedling of Complicata, light pink flowers otherwise the same Miscellaneous
Holiday Home climber large single pink flowers found at Kodaikanal probably a hybrid of Rosa leschenaultiana China-Heritage
Homère medium sized, pink with whitish salmon centre. Fragrant Robert & Moreau 1858 Tea
Hume’s Blush (Laos form) semi-double, pale pink or flesh colour. Very fragrant. Re-introduced into Europe in 2007 by Helga Brichet. We think this is the correct HB Banks/Hume/Colville 1810 Tea
Irène Watts(false) double, pale pink with deeper centre of salmon-rose. This of course is not the true form but is included as it is the rose commenly in commerce Hybrid Tea
Isabella Ducrot Found by Walter Branchi, large quartered, pink carmine, sometimes coming in yellow shades. Fragrant possibly Adrienne Christophle n/a 2001 Tea
Jane Isabella Linton light pink in color with an occasional deeper pink stripe. Darker shades of pink can be glimpsed at the base of the crowded inner petals… This rose performs best in climates where there is little or no frost Tea
Ladeveze Safron Tea maybe ‘Madame S. Mottet’ . Pink bud, yellow with centre saffron. Similar growth to William Allen Richarson Tea
Lady Mann Light pink semi double blooms repeat. A sport of Lorraine Lee Clarke Hybrid Gigantea
Lady Waterlow semi-double, soft pink salmon with darker egdes Nabonnand 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Lijiang Road Rose semi-double,soft pink w/darker reverse, pale yellow centre. Found in China Hybrid Gigantea
L’Ouche double pink flowers Buatois 1901 China
Louis Richard coppery pink sometimes a darker centre. Appears to be correct Ducher 1877 Tea
Maitland White white, tinge of pink at centre, synonomous with Puerto Rico n/a Found Noisette
Marguerite de Fenelon received as Souv de Rosierite Rambaoux, re-identified by us. A beautifull sulfery yellow with pink highlights, typical Nabonnand foliage Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Marie Accary white tinted pink and yellow Guillot fils 1872 Noisette Y
Marie d’Orleans coppery red with pink centre. Fragrant Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Marie Nabonnand Beales Monsieur Tillier large, double cupped flowers not too full, . Dark pink to carmine red. This climbing Hybrid Tea flowers for us until Christmas Nabonnand ?? Hybrid Tea
Marie Segond this has turned out as a white Bourbon in the same manner as Mme. Alfred de Rougement, it should be a coppery pink tea by Nabonnand 1902 Miscellaneous
Miss Atwood pale yellow and pale pink blend, continous bloomer. See ‘Souvenir de G. Drevet’ guillot 1885 n/a Found Bermuda Tea
Mlle. Cécile Brunner (CL) very small, compact, delicate pink flowers on a vigorous climber Hosp 1894 Polyantha
Mlle. la Comtesse de Leusse (Fineschi) soft pink with yellow-orange at base, semi double Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Mme. Alfred de Rougemont pure white blushing pink at edges of petals. Fragrant Lacharme 1862 Bourbon
Mme. Bravy full, creamy-white with pink markings. Fragrant Guillot père 1845 Tea
Mme. Jean Dupey Small shrub, golden yellow cente with pink outer petals Lambert 1901 Tea
Mme. Julie Lassen large, very full, cupped. Deep pink (received as Mme. Julie Lassau) Nabonnand 1881 Noisette
Mme. La Princesse de Radziwill obtained as Mme. Melanie Willermotz this rose has been reidentified by us possibly incorrectly. A dark pink vigorous tea Nabonnand 1887 Tea
Mme. Pauline Labonte pink/salmon centre, outer petals cream and Reverse pink flowers starting yellow in the season, cupped double and full . very pretty, we hope to identify this soon. This is one of our best finds. Study name was Fusterouau Tea Pradel 1852 Tea
Mme. Pierre Cochet chrome-yellow flowers tinged pink and apricot, fragrant Cochet 1891 Noisette
Mme. Wagram Comtesse de Turenne’ large, pink on flesh pink, petals with sulphur nub Bernaix 1895 Hybrid Tea
Mondebat Tea Safrano type Tea with intense pink bud and glossy foliage maybe raoul Chauvry n/a Tea
Monsieur Rosier large, full, cupped flower, bright pink on yellowish background Nabonnand 1887 Noisette Y
Mrs. Dudley Cross dull yellow blushing pink in cooler weather W. Paul 1907 Tea
Mrs. Herbert Stevens white tinged pale pink climber Pernet-Ducher 1922 Hybrid Tea
Mrs. Honey Dyson Light pink Noisette. Obtained by Keith Steadman in Iron Acton from one of his customers (Mrs Honey Dyson), which she had found in her garden in Gloucestershire. maybe Lady Clonbrook N/A Noisette
Mt. Vernon Purple Noisette Small flowered pretty pink clusters, a small rambler n/a Noisette
Multiflore de Vaumarcus medium size double, soft pink or white, in clusters Menet 1875 Noisette Y
N 92 Nanjing Florescent pink blooms on a plant that won’t stop flowering n/a China-Heritage
Nancy Hayward Large dark pink single flowers, recurrent Clarke 1937 Hybrid Gigantea
Napoléon crimson with pale pink and yellow tints, large plant and flowers for a china Laffay 1835 China
Odee’s Pink Light pink china like growth. See Irene Watts n/a China
Old Blush blush pink aging to dark pink Parsons 1793 China
Old Blush (CL) medium pink fading darker, very vigorous unknown unknown China
Paul Ledé (CL) soft apricot, pink and flesh, climbing form Low 1913 Hybrid Tea
Paul’s Himalayan Musk A giant multiflora hybrid. small, violet pink to white clusters Earl/Paul 1899 Miscellaneous Y
Paul’s Lemon Pillar Lemon White climber, this is so close to the noisettes I am tempted to call it that, Fantastic pink blooms but requires lots of heat G.Paul 1915 Hybrid Tea Y
Phillipa Pirette very large shrub, full deep pink very double flowers, good form Branchi 1997 Tea
Plaisance Pink variable pink climbing tea/noisette, found in a Plaisance abandoned garden, this may be an important find could be Comte George de Roquette Buisson n/a Noisette
Pompon de Paris small, full, pink small climber inconnu inconnu China
Queen Mab peachy pink shaded orange, this clone seems more like a tea W.Paul 1896 China
Rainbow deep pink stripped w/carmine Sievers/Dingee & Conard 1891 Tea
Ramona A Laevigata hybrid, large pink single flowers n/a Miscellaneous
Renu Apricot Tea Flowers large and loose. Pink with hints of copper/apricot and yellowish centre. Flowers individual held on long reddish stems. Large shrub probably Mme. Beatrice Ephrussi Tea
Reve d’Or deep yellow with pink blushes Ducher 1869 Noisette
Rosa triphylla Unusual bamboo like foliage small pink flowers twice a year for us n/a Species
Rose Nabonnand large, full, salmon pink tinted pale yellow, very similer to G. Nabonnand Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Rubens cream and pink w/gold centre Robert & Moreau 1859 Tea
Santa Rosa shell pink to crimson Burbank 1899 Tea
Sombreuil creamy white tinted pink (Not Mme la Sombrieul). This has been called Colonial white but was reintroduced several years before Colonial White, we think it has an affinity to Souvenir de la Malmaison Robert 1851 Miscellaneous
Souv. De G. Drevet Vigorous shrub; olive green branchs; few thorns; large flowers, full, well formed ; White Salmon colour, bright pink center with a yellow coppery background , sometimes light salmon color; This variety is distinguished by its good scent (study name Miss Atwood) Guillot 1884 Tea
Souv. de la Malmaison The climbing form, large flowered blush pink to white Bennett 1893 Bourbon Y
Souv. de Mme Sablayrolles apricot pink of the papillon type but larger flowered Bonnaire 1890 Tea
Souv. de Pierre Notting large, full, quarted apricot yellow pink shading at edges Soupert & Notting 1902 Tea
Souv. d’un Ami (Beales) small pink china China
Souv. d’un Ami (Ducrot clone) Possibly incorrect but a very nice dark pink tea n/a Tea
Spice pale apricot pink similer to Beales ‘Odorata’ , see ‘Caroline’ n/a Tea
Sunset (RU) very large, coppery pink w/crimson probably misnamed Henderson 1883 Tea
Tantine Vigorous Tea; Medium size flowers,full; coloured clear cherry passing to dark pink (study name Tourdun Cherry) found by us locally Pradel 1874 Tea
Tourdun Cherry vigourous shrub cherry pink fading to dark pink. Upright stems. Identified asTantine by Pradel n/a Tea
Triomphe des Noisettes clusters of large intense pink flowers, some HT mixed in Pernet pere 1887 Noisette Y
Victor Veladin varies from pink to yellow unknown unknown Tea
Wedding Day SinoWilsonii seedling. Large Rambler. Yellow buds, white blooms with mucronate tipped petals. Petals spot pink after rain. Strong, citrus fragrance Sir Frederick C. Stern 1950 Species
White Maman Cochet Cl. Cream, rose-red outer petals. Deep pink stained outer petals. Strong, tea fragrance. 2-4 metre climber Knight 1907 Tea