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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Abricotée (mottisfont) Coppery yellow, centre apricot pink. Similar colours to Mme. Falcot. A slow rose to develop pink edges. Incorrectly named, maybe Souvenir du rosiériste Rambeaux. Tea
Adam (Beales) See Mme. Simon N/A Tea
Adam(L’Hay) Synonymous with President by William Paul.
flowers rich rosy salmon, very large and full; form, globular. Growth is vigorous, makes a large shrub with heavy wood.
Adam 1838 Tea Y
Agnes B Smith (Aus) Discovered by Robert Peace in 1985 on an old grave in the Rockwood cemetery, Australia, this is another of the contenders for ‘Humes blush’. Mottled pink semi double flowers. Mid green foliage eventually becoming a shrub of around 1.5 metres N/A Tea
Ah Mow(Aus) Found at the Bishop’s Lodge, Australia and named after the gardener there. Cream flowers with a pink tinge, growth similar to Safrano . Maybe Luciole Tea
Aignan Apricot Tea Orangy pink tea, similar colours as Lady Roberts and Mme Charles but neither of these
maybe Madame Chaveret
N/A Tea
Aignan Church Yellow Tea Yellow apricot centre fading to white on rhe edges, climbing Found Tea
Albert Hoffman This relatively unknown tea deserves more attention, large pinkish yellow flowers with a good tea scent Welter 1904 Tea
Alexander Hill Gray large full lemon-yellow, tea-scented bloom, somewhat frost sensitive in cooler climates A. Dickson 1911 Tea
Alix Roussel(Guillot) A dark red double tea, obviously incorrectly named, This should be a yellow and pink tea, Similar to descriptions of Gaston Cazalis, just the same, a very worthy tea Gamon 1908 Tea
Alliance Franco Russe(US) Yellow, very full sometimes with some pink, distinctive red early foliage,This is the US clone Goinard 1899 Tea
Amazone pale yellow to white, outer petals veined pink when warm. Similer to Alexander Hill Gray but with eneugh differences for us to keep separate Ducher 1872 Tea
Ambasciatore Marco Francisci large flowered pink blooms with lighter shades suffused with bronze on a large shrub. This rose was found by Walter Branchi and introduced with this name Found 1997 Tea
Andre Schwartz large, open double blooms, dark crimson, fades to cherry-red, center occasionally lined white. A large tea Schwartz 1882 Tea
Andreola Vettori see Grand-Duc Pierre de Russie. This rose was found by Walter Branchi and introduced with this name Found 1998 Tea
Anna Jung Large plant, double bright pink flowers with coppery center. One of our favourites. Some have doubted it’s authenticity but we are convinced it is correct. Nabonnand 1903 Tea
Anna Olivier (Bermuda) soft lemon-yellow with pink reflects, probably Etoile de Lyon n/a Found Tea
Anna Olivier (TDO) White with pink centred reflexed flowers, foliage large dark green and leathery, we believe that this clone which we obtained from the Tete D’Or in Lyon is correctly named. This is markedly different to the rose we sell as Lady Roberts. Ducher 1872 Tea
Apricot Patio Apricot tea given to us by Viru with this name, all information on the breeding of this rose appears to be lost Viraraghavan 2011 Tea
Arcadia/Lousiana Tea(US) Palest blush to light pink, outer petals whitish, sometimes pale apricot tones in center n/a Tea
Archiduc Joseph full, dark cerise, creamy copper centre, our clone is different to the U.S version of Monsieur Tillier which we also have. Nabonnand 1892 Tea
Auguste Comte Purchased as Mme Scipion Cochet. creamy rose with deep crimson centre, cupped, virtually thornless. Similer to Niles Cochet, this is probably the Maman Cochet being sold by Beales and also as Auguste Compte at Sangerhausen Bernaix 1886 Tea
Baronne Henriette de Snoy very large flower pale pink inside, petal reverse carmine on a large shrub Bernaix 1897 Tea
Barran Church Tea Yellow Salmon Tea of the Safrano type. Found at Barran Church this rose was planted 60 years ago from a cutting according to one of the locals n/a Tea
Bassoues Tea (Belle Bassoues) Huge shrub with strong tea scent. High centered flowers. The original plant is 3m x 3m, with dense foliage and grows beside the road, it has been cut to the ground several times but comes back strong every time. Large flowers. Carmine guard petals on a base of old gold with a salmon centre, cupped and very double in the style of Anna Yung, striped buds possible contender Dr Pouleur n/a Tea
Beaumarches red climbing Tea large semi double to double red flowers as Papa Gontier, Possibly The true climbing Papa Gontier N/A Tea
Beryl deep golden-yellow, shaded reddish, medium size, semi-double Dickson 1898 Tea
Bianca de Corbara Found by Walter Branchi. large, white, lightly suffused with pink, medium fragrance, possibly a very early HT Branch (Intro.) 1977 Tea
Blumenschmidt large, full, lemon-yellow with pinkish centre. Fragrant J.-C. Schmidt 1905 Tea
Bon Silène bright rose, very large and double. Good scent Hardy 1835 Tea
Bridesmaid clear bright pink, very tender Moore 1893 Tea
Brightside Cream (Bermuda) creamy white touched with pale yellow medium size flowers, a small climber, surprisingly still unidentified. n/a Found Bermuda Tea Y
Bryan Friedel (US) see Helen Good Found Tea
Burbank very double, bright rose pink with silver shading Burbank/Burpee 1900 Tea
Captain Philip Green (Guillot) cream with carmine. Fragrant, a good tea but incorrect. Some equate this to Bon Silene, we are not convinced. Maybe Albert Stopford Nabonnand 1898 Nabonnand 1899 Tea
Caroline centre nice flesh-coloured, passing mostly to yellow, with very sweet tea-like fragrance (Study name Bermuda spice) Guerin 1833 Tea
Catherine Mermet very full, pale creamy rose with yellowish buff. Very fragrant. We have also received a rose by this name from Beales but it appears to be an unknown HT. Guillot fils 1869 Tea
Cels Multiflore medium flower, white shaded with pink. Free flowering Hardy/Cels 1836 Tea
Charles de LeGrady red shaded with violet crimson Pernet-Ducher 1884 Tea
Chateau de Vivans Tea Appears to be same as madiran climber Tea
Chromatella (Beales) Incorrectly named. sulphur yellow, darker centre pink tipped petals. Fragrant, Very similar to Clmg White Maman Cochet but better in foliage flower and growth ? ? Tea
Clementina Carbonieri yellow, orange, pink and salmon Bonfiglioli & Figlio 1913 Tea
Comtesse de Labarthe cupped, salmon/shell pink a primitive tea Bernede 1857 Tea
Comtesse de Labarthe Climbing As bush form but climbing Tea
Comtesse de Noghera delicate salmon-pink our clone is definitely not this, possibly it is related to Mme. Jules Graveraux Nabonnand 1902 Tea
Comtesse Festetics Hamilton flower large carmine red, tinted with flame.Big foliage, a stunning rose Nabonnand 1892 Tea
Comtesse Riza du Parc Pink, carmine-pink highlights, copper undertones and yellow undertones. Strong fragrance. Large, , borne mostly solitary, cupped, globular bloom form. Sometimes almost a metallic apearance. This rose was found by us and had a study name of Laujuzan Tea Schwartz 1876 Tea
Corallina Crimson to vermilion, pink shading, semi double W Paul 1900 Tea
Corallina (TDO) Synonomous with Archiduc Joseph W. Paul 1900 Tea
Correale Museum Similar to Comtesse de Labarthe n/a Tea
Creekside Manor Tea (USA) Similar to Jean Bach Sisley, maybe synonomous Found Tea
David’s Dilemma (Socrate) See Socrate Tea
Devoniensis Climbing (Aus) from Australia, very vigorous Tea
Dr. Felix Guyon Apricot blend Mari/Jupeau 1901 Tea
Dr. Grandvilliers Deep chamois-yellow, shaded carmine-pink, reverse occasionally stained crimson, medium to large, double, tulip-form, solitary, floriferous, long upright firm stems, very prickles Perny 1891 Tea
Dr. Grill (Bielski) clear rose, coppery centre. Very fragrant Bonnaire 1886 Tea
Dr. Grill (Branchi) clear rose, coppery centre. Very fragrant Bonnaire 1886 Tea
Dr. Landes Pink, shaded deep salmon-pink, base
brown-red and golden-yellow, coppery tile-red in autumn, large, semi-double,
wrinkled petals, floriferous, dark bronze-coloured large foliage,
Chauvry 1901 Tea
Dr. Rouges (Branchi) This came to us as climbing Papa Gontier we have reidentified this. deep pink w/yllow shading at centre Schwartz 1893 Tea
Duchesse d’Albe (Mottisfont) Don’t know yet Tea
E. Veyrat Hermanos apricot pink, vigorous climber Bernaix 1894 Tea
Enchantress large, full intense pink fading to pale pink Cook Tea
Espagnet carmine tea Light pink climbing tea, full with medium size flowers, could be Mme. Martigner n/a Tea
Etoile de Lyon deep yellow double blooms. Guillot Fils 1881 Tea
Evisa light pink, Found on the island of Corsica at Evisa by Jeff Crowhurst Tea
Faith Wittesley white flowers with some pink in centre Viraraghavan 2006 Tea
Fake Pearl (Aus) Australian found rose. Strong clear yellow, deeper near nub, edges fading slightly paler found Tea
Fig Tree Yellow (Aus) also known as Davids Dillema Tea
Florence Bower’s Pink Tea Deep pink flower and very fragrant climbing tea. Found Tea
Fortune’s Five Colour cream-white, flecks of purple (or pink). Very variable. Some scent Fortune 1843 Tea
Francis Dubreuil velvety maroon, almost double. Very fragrant, probably an HT Dubreuil 1894 Tea
Francis Grates Tea (USA) Light pink and cream. Creamy pink centers with cerise guard petals Found Tea
François Crousse large double crimson, fragrant P. Guillot 1890 Tea Y
Freiherr von Marshall large, full flowers, dark carmine, variable Lambert 1903 Tea
Furst Bismark Pale yellow climber, affilliated with Gloire de Dijon Schultheis 1887 Tea
Furstin Bismark Large, very full, imbricated bloom from China pink to cerise pink Schultheis 1887 Tea
Furstin Infantin von Hohenzollern Should be lilac pink with yellow, needs to be confirmed Ketton 1898 Tea
Fusterouau Tea See Mme. Pauline Labonte n/a 2006 Tea
G. Nabonnand Pink with yellow semi double blooms Nabonnand 1888 Tea
G. Whatson Rookwood tea See Souv. D’un Ami found Tea
Général Gallieni large, full, maroon shaded poppy red, fragrant. Nabonnand 1899 Tea
Général Schablikine quartered full blooms, coppery rose Nabonnand 1878 Tea
General Tartas flowers flesh-color, shaded with rose, large and full Bernede 1860 Tea
Georgetown Tea full large medium to dark pink, a well known tea from the States found Found Tea
Gloire de Deventer White with pink Soupert et Notting 1896 Tea
Grand-Duc Pierre de Russie large, double flowers an intense pink with carmine veining which becomes more apparant as it ages.. Came to us as Andreola Vettori Perny 1885 Tea
Graziella(Fineschi) glossy cream-white, center shaded flesh-pink, reverse white, very large, very double Robert 1850 Tea
Harry Kirk large full lemon yellow, deeper centre. Long pointed buds A. Dickson 1907 Tea
Helen Good (Bryan Freidel) Came to us as Bryan Freidel. This is like an improved Maman Cochet and paler in flower. large flowered, pale pink/yellow w/outer petals darker. Good & Reese USA 1907 Tea
Homère medium sized, pink with whitish salmon centre. Fragrant Robert & Moreau 1858 Tea
Hovyn de Tronchere pinks, with darker reverse, a modern tea.Fragrant Puyravaud 1899 Tea
Hugo Roller From Australia, Creamy yellow, petals edged and suffused with crimson W. Paul 1907 Tea
Hume’s Blush (Laos form) semi-double, pale pink or flesh colour. Very fragrant. Found by Dr. Y. Ueda in Laos and re-introduced into Europe in 2007 by Helga Brichet. We think this is the correct HB Banks/Hume/Colville 1810 Tea
Isabella Ducrot Salmon yellow, occasionally shaded bright cherry-red and light yellow other times carmine centre and nearly white edges, large, double, upright, virtually no prickles. Possibly Mme. Errera bred by Soupert and Notting 1900. The breeding (M. Lombard X Luciole) points to this rose found 2001 Tea
Isabella Sprunt medium large, lemon yellow. Pointed buds. Fragrant Sprunt/Buchanan 1865 Tea
Isabelle Nabonnand large blush-pink/salmon. Fragrant, probably incorrectly named as this should be much paler but very beautifull just the same Nabonnand 1873 Tea
J. E. Murpheys Pink Tea maybe Duchesse D’Orleans according to Greg Lowery Tea
Jane Isabella Linton light pink in color with an occasional deeper pink stripe. Darker shades of pink can be glimpsed at the base of the crowded inner petals… This rose performs best in climates where there is little or no frost Tea
Jean André orange/yellow open flowered tea Pelletier 1893 Tea
Ju Climbing Tea Light pink white edges, slightly remontant Found N/A Tea
Julius Fabianics de Misefa crimson Geschwind 1902 Tea
Julius Fabianics de Misefa(Sang) semi double red tea Tea
Kaiserin Friedrich bright golden-yellow, shaded carmine-pink Schultheis 1889 Tea
Käthe von Saalfeld indian-yellow, center bright orange, outer petals lightly shaded peach-pink Elbel 1914 Tea
Kombacy Marie Anne (Aus) Almost certainly Mme de Watteville Tea
La Sylphide cream, tinted with pale carmine. Scented guerin 1834 Tea
Labatut Tea Tea Yellow/Salmon, very nice. See Mme. Léopold Marchesseau n/a Tea
Ladeveze Safron Tea Pink bud, yellow with centre saffron. Climbing Tea
Lady Casterleigh William R Smith type but paler flowers with more yellow Dickson 1888 Tea
Lady Hillingdon semi-double, deep apricot yellow fading paler.Fragrant Lowe & Shawyer 1910 Tea
Lady Hillingdon (CL) apricot-yellow. Fragrant Hicks 1917 Tea
Lady Mary Corry large, golden-yellow. Fragrant A. Dickson 1900 Tea
Lady Plymouth semi-double, orange to apricot, like an improved Lady Hillingdon. Probably misnamed A. Dickson 1914 Tea
Lady Roberts Deep apricot, with base coppery red and edges shaded orange Intro. F. Cant 1902 Tea
Laujuzan Tea See Comtesse Riza du Parc n/a Tea
Le Pactole full, creamy yellow, darker centre. Re-discovered by Fred Boutin in the Sierra mountains USA Miellez pre-1841 Tea
Lembaye Tea Safrano Type but more double and more prickles n/a Tea
Ley’s Perpetual (Lays) yellow Gloire de Dijon type. This name has been attributed to F. Ley who was apparantly growing it around 1938. As the only reference I have found to this is “Modern Roses 10” 1993 this may be spurious Damaizan 1863 Tea
Lorraine Lee long buds, cerise-pink, tinged apricot. Tea scent A. Clark 1924 Tea
Louis Richard coppery pink sometimes a darker centre. Appears to be correct Ducher 1877 Tea
Madiran Climbing Tea Variable climber silvery pink with coppery base, veined red, sometimes the copper becomes dominant Tea
Maman Cochet Light pink, carmine-pink shading, yellow undertones Cochet 1892 Tea
Maman Cochet Cl. shades of pink, creamy old rose pink, same as bush form but vigorous climber Upton 1909 Tea
Manzano very variable, similar colours and possibly synonymous with Isabelle Ducrot n/a Tea
Marguerite de Fenelon received as Souv de Rosierite Rambaoux, re-identified by us. A beautifull sulfury yellow with pink highlights, typical Nabonnand foliage Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Maria Starr very pale salmon-yellow double flowers on a very prickly shrub Gravereaux 1913 Tea
Marie d’Orleans coppery red with pink centre. Fragrant Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Marie Ducher Some resemblance to Mrs BR Cant but with hooked prickles Tea
Marie Robert (l’Hay) Incorrectly labelled, A large shrub with pale to medium pink cupped flowers Tea
Marie Van Houtte canary yellow, darker centre with petals edged pink Ducher 1871 Tea
Marquise de Vivens This came as Mrs Goods special tea. Bright carmine, center china-pink, base straw-yellow, reverse flesh-white base shaded light yellow, large, double, flat cup form, open rounded petals Dubreuil 1885 Tea
Mary Nightingale Cream sport discovered august 2010 sporting from Souv. De Catherine Guillot Tea
Maubourguet Road Tea Semi double yellow shrub. Maybe Mlle Adele Jougant (Ledechaux) a semi double to double yellow noisette or Napolean Magne (Puyravaud) Found N/A Tea
Maubourguet yellow tea maybe La Nankeen or Elise Sauvage pale leaves double yellow darker centre sometimes with apricot, tender Tea
Maureen Sherenis (Aus) also called Bishop’s Lodge Linton Gold see Primrose Tea
McClinton Tea medium pink, loose open blooms n/a Found Tea
Merete Stenbrock creamy white suffused maroon pink. Fragrant. Similer to ‘Mlle. De Sombreuil’ but not the same plant Intro. Branchi 1996 Tea
Mimort Tea Safrano type, still researching maybe Mme. Gaston Annouilh n/a Tea
Miss Agnes C. Sherman Rose-pink, pink center, peach highlights. Nabonnand 1901 Tea
Miss Alice de Rothschild (Branchi) rich lemon yellow. Very fragrant A. Dickson 1910 Tea
Miss Alice de Rothschild (Sangerhausan) See Mme. Chédane-Guinoisseau. Wrongly attributed Closely related to Safrano, . Semi double to double yellow blooms, heavy prickles, very vigorous Tea
Miss Atwood pale yellow and pale pink blend, continous bloomer. See ‘Souvenir de G. Drevet’ guillot 1885 n/a Found Bermuda Tea
Mlle. Blanche Durrschmidt Obtained as Blanche Durschmidt, Flesh coloured tea Guillot 1878 Tea
Mlle. Blanche Martignat Salmon-pink and yellow, salmon-orange shading, carmine-pink outer petals Gamon 1903 Tea
Mlle. De Sombreuil (l’Hay) white, light salmon-coloured, fragrant seems different to the rose sold in USA that had been re-identified from “Huntingdon La Biche”. I beleive this is the correct form Robert 1850 Tea
Mlle. De Sombreuil (Sang) Sangerhausan clone. salmon-yellow to yellowish white cluster flowered. Has a climbing tendency, fine foliage. maybe Madame Caroline Schmitt n/a Tea
Mlle. De Sombrieul (TDO) Tete d’Or clone same as L’Hay clone n/a Tea
Mlle. Emma Vercellone Copper to salmon-pink, salmon-orange shading a small China/Tea Schwartz 1901 Tea
Mlle. Franziska Kruger coppery yellow, shaded peach. Fragrant Nabonnand 1879 Tea
Mlle. Jeanne Philippe nankeen yellow, bordered carmine, a pretty rose Godard 1898 Tea
Mlle. la Comtesse de Leusse (Fineschi) soft pink with yellow-orange at base, semi double Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Mlle. Mathilde Lenaerts (‘Hay) bright pink, edged white, tea or noisette climber levet 1879 Tea
Mlle. Mathilde Lenaerts (Sang) as L’Hay Levet 1879 Tea
Mme. Achille Fould Pink to yellow, originating from Sangerhausen Leveque 1903 Tea
Mme. Adolphe Dohair White shaded pale cream. Discovered by us locally. The Sangerhausan clone is incorrect Puyravaud 1900 Tea
Mme. Albert Bernadin White with Carmine Mari/Jupeau 1904 Tea
Mme. Antoine Mari rose washed with white. Continous flowering Mari/Jupeau 1901 Tea
Mme. Antoine Rébé bright red semi-double Laperrière 1900 Tea
Mme. Azelie Imbert (TDO) Salmon-yellow, The correct form Levet 1870 Tea
Mme. Berard (Guillot) yellow climber sometimes with some salmon, the true form Levet 1870 Tea
Mme. Berkeley salmon pink, deep yellow base to petals. Fragrant re-discovered by Mr. L. Arthur Wyatt during the 1950’s Bernaix fils 1898 Tea
Mme. Bravy full, creamy-white with pink markings. Fragrant Guillot père 1845 Tea
Mme. C Ligier (l’Hay) False. Flesh-white and small, Maybe Souv. De Jules Godard 1899 Tea
Mme. C Ligier (Sang) pink clustered blooms Berland/Chauvry 1899 Tea
Mme. C. Liger (Fin) Pink non clustered blooms Berland/Chauvry 1899 Tea
Mme. Camille clear rosey-flesh fading to salmon pink, veined with carmine. Guillot fils 1871 Tea
Mme. Caroline Kuster (Sang) Lemon yellow flowers are large, full and of good form. Sometimes regarded as a noisette Pernet 1872 Tea
Mme. Charles yellow/apricot, This clone obtained from the Cavriglia gardens is the correct form Damaizin 1864 Tea
Mme. Chauvry nankeen, shaded with rose, reverse of petals coppery. Climbing Bonnaire 1883 Tea
Mme. Clemence Marchix cherry red with some mottling Bernaix 1899 Tea
Mme. Constant Soupert deep golden-yellow, peach-pink reflexes Soupert et Notting 1905 Tea
Mme. Creux Fine rose colour to salmon, reverse of petals having a tint of bronze Godard 1890 Tea
Mme. de Tartas (Aus Clone) Mid pink flowers with darker reverse on a vigorous shrub, study name was “Isabel Smith” Found Tea
Mme. de Tartas(Europe) Rosenlexikon description (1936) for this rose is : cream-white, shaded flesh, vivid center, medium to large, 3/4-full. This matches this rose Bernède 1859 Tea
Mme. de Watteville (Fineschi) This is the correct clone collected from the Fineschi gardens in Cavriglia. Franziska Kruger is often sold under this name and is incorrect. We grow “Kombacy Marie Anne” from Australia close to our Mme. De Watteville and they appear identical Guillot fils 1883 Tea
Mme. Emilie Charrin china pink Perrier 1895 Tea
Mme. Ernest Perrin coppery yellow, base of petals creamy white, shaded with yellow and mauve Schwartz 1900 Tea
Mme. Falcot Yellow and Saffron, an improved Safrano. This is the correct Clone, imported from India Guillot 1858 Tea
Mme. Fannie Pauwels light yellow, centre darker Soupert and Notting 1884 Tea
Mme. Gamon Large, double, apricot with golden-yellow Gamon 1905 Tea
Mme. Hoste (Aus Clone) Incorrectly named. Similar to Auguste Compte, maybe one of the maman cochet seedlings bred in Australia Found Tea
Mme. Jean Dupey Small shrub, golden yellow cente with pink outer petals Lambert 1901 Tea
Mme. Jean Dupey (TDO) dark red, wrong maybe comtesse de caraman by godard 1893 or Madame Philippe Kuntz n/a Tea
Mme. Joseph Schwartz White with blush centre, Comtesse de Labarthe seedling Schwartz 1880 Tea
Mme. la Comtesse de Caserta double flower not too full. Cherry-pink. Very fragrant, very vigorous Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Mme. La Comtesse de Leusse (Branchi) Appears to be a climbing form of Mrs B.R. Cant n/a Tea
Mme. La Princesse de Radziwill obtained as Mme. Melanie Willermotz this rose has been reidentified by us possibly incorrectly. A dark pink vigorous tea Nabonnand 1887 Tea
Mme. Lambard large, full and fragrant. From coppery-pink to intense red, variable Lacharme 1877 Tea
Mme. Laurent Simon coppery-yellow, shaded red and chrome, flesh-coloured reflexest Leveque 1894 Tea
Mme. Leon Constantin (TDO) silky pink, center light salmon-coloured, elongated buds Bonnaire 1907 Tea
Mme. Leonnie Viennot(Greens form) We obtained this from Australia, a particularly refined form of this variety. The foliage is less puckered and for us it continues to flower after the initial flush Tea
Mme. Leopold Marchesseau wood dark red, straight thorns, sparce, foliage bronzed red maturing dark green,buds big and ovoid. Big full flowers, golden yellow nuanced chamois with copper, middle apricot, reverse cream washed with purple (study name Labatut Tea) Chauvry 1904 Tea
Mme. Margottin (seven day rose) Lemon-yellow, peach center. Outer petals white; dark yellow with peach center. Good tea fragrance. Sourced from India Guillot 1866 Tea
Mme. Maurin full, cupped, creamy white w/pink centre Guillot 1853 Tea
Mme. Melanie Willermoz creamy-white tinged with salmon at centre. Splendid foliage Lacharme 1845 Tea
Mme. P. Perny pure saffron yellow, changing to whitish yellow Nabonnand 1879 Tea
Mme. Pauline Labonte pink/salmon centre, outer petals cream and Reverse pink flowers starting yellow in the season, cupped double and full . very pretty. This is one of our best finds. Study name was Fusterouau Tea Pradel 1852 Tea
Mme. Rose Romarin (L’Hay) Pink with copper Nabonnand 1888 Tea
Mme. Rose Romarin (sang) The sanguerhausan clone, Yellow with copper Tea
Mme. Sadi Carnot White and salmon colours Renaud-Guépet 1889 Tea
Mme. Scipion Cochet Pink white and yellow, has difficulty opening unless hot and dry, not fully confident with this identification, although the flower and foliage match lithographs ans descriptions, could also be Jean Ducher. Obtained from Tete D’Or Bernaix 1886 Tea
Mme. Simon Came to us as ‘Adam’ from Beales. Sometimes incorrectly regarded as Mme Berard which is more yellow. White-pink, occasionally shaded tender yellow, few prickles. A seedling of Mme Berard Robert and Moreau 1890 Tea
Molly Sharman-Crawford very double, greenish-white fading to white. Some fragrance, typical Dickson breeding, virtually HT A. Dickson 1908 Tea
Mondebat Tea Safrano type Tea with intense pink bud and glossy foliage maybe raoul Chauvry n/a Tea
Monsieur Georges de Cadoudel bright pink nuanced carmine on a coppery ground. Climbing Schwartz 1904 Tea
Monsieur Tillier same as RU clone Bernaix 1891 Tea
Monsieur Tillier (US clone) Similar to Archiduc Joseph but smaller flowers and less orange colouring,and the leaves aren’t as course Bernaix 1891 Tea
Mrs Goods Special Tea see Marquise de Vivens Tea
Mrs. B. R. Cant vivid deep pink, shaded darker, center petals silvery pink Cant 1901 Tea
Mrs. B. R. Cant climbing Sported in our garden from the shrub form Tea
Mrs. Campbell Hall creamy buff with carmine tinges, centre coral-fawn. Fragrant Hall/A.Dickson 1914 Tea
Mrs. Dudley Cross dull yellow blushing pink in cooler weather W. Paul 1907 Tea
Mrs. Foley Hobbs creamy white, slightly nodding blooms, opens reluctantly Dickson 1910 Tea
Mrs. Herbert Hawksworth milky white Dickson 1912 Tea
Mrs. Miles Kennedy silvery white w/pink tinge, tempremental Dickson 1906 Tea
Mrs. Reynolds Hole large, deep purplish pink, a very large shrub, very floriforous for us Nabonnand 1900 Tea
Mrs. S. T. Wright intense yellow unusual flowers but a delicate plant Dickson 1914 Tea
Myra White Tea white/pink low growing Tea rose was discovered in Turkey by Vicci Ducrot close to the St Nicholas Basilica in Myra. Closely related to Comtesse de Labarthe, maybe ‘Souvenir de Rose Terrel des Chenes’ by Schwartz 1886 a seedling of Mme. Joseph Schwartz n/a Tea
Mystery Cream Tea (Aus clone) Light pink to white. Cream, petals sometimes flushed pink, another Australian foundling Found Tea
Niles Cochet pink base w/red tips and edges, typical Maman Cochet shape California Nursery Co. 1911 Tea
Niphetos (Branchi) very pale yellow bud opening pure white Bougere 1835 Tea
Noella Nabonnand (Eve clone) Velvety crimson to carmine, very large, semi-double flowers similar to Bardou Job. This is the correct form and not Marie Nabonnand Nabonnand 1900 Tea
Nogaro yellow tea Shruby growth, flowers somewhat like William Allen Richardson but lack of a climbing habit Found Tea
Octandre Found rose of Branchi similar to Mme. Laurent Simon Found Tea
Octavio Found in South America by Walter Branchi. Similar to General Galliani Found Tea
Octavus Weld (Aus clone) Rose pink varying to pale pink tinged with cream. Some equate this to Angels camp tea but until they are grown together this is speculation Found Tea
Odorata small double white w/pink centre see Hume’s Blush Tea
Orto Botanical Garden Palermo Similar to Comtesse de Labarthe Found Tea
Padmasambhava (vircharm) lotus form flowers with broad petals in a subtle shades of pink and apricot Viraraghavan 2010 Tea
Papa Gontier (Aus Clone) The correct Papa Gontier. Imported from Australia. Bright carmine-pink, base shaded yellow, reverse purple, occasionally shaded lighter, medium to large, semi-double, elongated, flat cup form. Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Papa Gontier (Cl) very vigorous flowers same as bush form. Found by us locally Hosp (USA) 1898 Tea
Papillon pink and white w/copper shading, slow to climb Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Paul Nabonnand pure rose, originating from L’Hay Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Peace Sport of G Nabonnand, pale yellow tea, not the HT Piper 1902 Tea
Perfection de Monplaisir bright canary-yellow, medium-size, double Levet 1871 Tea
Perle des Jardins canary yellow to orange yellow large shrub, closely related to Safrano Levet 1874 Tea
Perle des Jardins climbing A vigorous climbing sport of the bush form with all the same characteristics Henderson 1889 Tea
Perle des Jaunes golden-yellow, centre copper, shaded carmine and orange Reymond 1903 Tea
Philippa Pirette very large shrub, full deep pink very double flowers, good form Branchi 1997 Tea
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Loosely-double white blooms shading to pink/amber Found Tea
President (l’Hay) see Adam Dickson Tea
Primrose Light yellow, apricot center. Strong fragrance. Medium, globular bloom form. This came to us as Maureen Shereni Henry Bennett 1885 Tea
Princess Etienne de Croy blend of peach, carmine and pale pink Ketton Bros. 1898 Tea
Princesse de Venosa Safron & red Dubrieul 1895 Tea
Princesse Marie Dagmar yellowish flesh-pink to white, petals often shaded light carmine Leveque 1893 Tea
Priscilla’s Rose Bermuda found rose flowers open semi-double with petals ivory-yellow at the base, flushing to pink at the tips, around prominent stamens Found Tea
Professeur Ganiviat dark red/cherry red Perrier 1890 Tea
Puerto Rico white w/pink blush, synonomous with Maitland White n/a Found Tea
Rainbow deep pink striped w/carmine Sievers/Dingee & Conard 1891 Tea
Red Smith’s Parish reds to white another bermuda rose. Probably a sprt of Fortunes Five Color n/a Tea
Regulus vivid copper-pink, center darker, medium-size, double, Robert and Moreau 1860 Tea
Renu Apricot Tea Flowers large and loose. Pink with hints of copper/apricot and yellowish centre. Flowers individual held on long reddish stems. Large shrub probably Mme. Beatrice Ephrussi or Marquise de Querhoent Tea
Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux pink w/yellow tints Dr Fontes 1908 Tea
Riscle Climbing pink tea Maybe Belle de Bordeaux Tea
Rock Hill Peach Tea Peachy pink semi full flowers found Tea
Rose Hedge cottage pink Variable, whitish flesh, buff, pale pink, bright rose-pink Found Tea
Rose Nabonnand large, full, salmon pink tinted pale yellow, very similer to G. Nabonnand Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Rose’s Rose Pink climber Found N/A Tea
Rosette Delizy yellow nib w/deep pink Nabonnand 1922 Tea
Rubens cream and pink w/gold centre Robert & Moreau 1859 Tea
Sabazan Tea Safrano type but pinker maybe Chédane-Guinoisseau’ n/a Tea
Safrano apricot yellow Beauregard 1839 Tea
Samuel Tucker Received as Solfatare, re-identified as found Tea Paul 1900 Tea
Santa Rosa shell pink to crimson Burbank 1899 Tea
Sawyer Plot Tea Pink blend Found Tea
Second Street Tea Vintage Gardens sourced, Light pink with soft apricot at the center Found Tea
Seven Day’s Rose A found rose from India, Yellow blushing to pink in centre. Could be Mme. Margottin or Madame Derepas-Matrat Tea
Sintra Given to Becky by Gerald Luckhurst while visiting Sintra. Medium open semi double to double light pink flowers deepening to darker pink in centre often orange and apricot shadings throughout. Vigorous shrub found Tea
Souv. De Laurent Guillot china-pink, center pale peach, base yellow, edges carmine Bonnaire 1894 Tea
Souv. d’Auguste Legros large crimson mixed w/red Bonnaire 1889 Tea
Souv. de Catherine Guillot (l’Hay) Carmine-red and yellow, orange undertones Guillot 1895 Tea
Souv. de Francois Gaulain large, well formed magenta/red to dark violet Guillot et fils 1889 Tea
Souv. De G. Drevet Vigorous shrub; olive green branchs; few thorns; large flowers, full, well formed ; White Salmon colour, bright pink center with a yellow coppery background , sometimes light salmon color; This variety is distinguished by its good scent (study name Miss Atwood) Guillot 1884 Tea
Souv. de Germain de St Pierre purplish red Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Souv. de Gilbert Nabonnand variegated copper and pink Nabonnand 1920 Tea
Souv. de J.B. Guillot From the Fineschi gardens in Cavriglia nasturtium-red, shaded light crimson semi double Guillot 1895 Tea
Souv. de Laurent Guillot china-pink, center pale peach, base yellow, edges carmine Bonnaire 1894 Tea
Souv. de Mme Sablayrolles apricot pink of the papillon type but larger flowered Bonnaire 1890 Tea
Souv. de Pierre Notting large, full, quarted apricot yellow pink shading at edges Soupert & Notting 1902 Tea
Souv. de Therése Levet bright crimson Levet 1882 Tea
Souv. de Victor Hugo (RU) china pink, reverse petals silvery, some yellow at centre Bonnaire 1885 Tea
Souv. de Victor Hugo (Sang) Sangerhausen clone n/a Tea
Souv. d’Elisa Vardon salmon centre w/cream outer Marest 1854 Tea
Souv. du President Carnot large, full light pink Pernet-Ducher 1894 Tea
Souv. D’un Ami This came to us from Australia as “G. Whatson Rookwood tea”. I am convinced this is the true variety, matching original descriptions and the lithograph by hermann baisch in ‘Nestel’s Rosengarten’ 1868 M. Bélot-Défougère 1844 Tea
Souv. d’un Ami (Ducrot clone) Possibly incorrect but a very nice dark pink tea n/a Tea
Spice pale apricot pink similer to Beales ‘Odorata’ , see ‘Caroline’ n/a Tea
Sunset (RU) very large, coppery pink w/crimson probably misnamed Henderson 1883 Tea
Susan Louise semi-double medium pink, reverse Adams/Stocking 1929 Tea
Tantine Vigorous Tea; Medium size flowers,full; coloured clear cherry passing to dark pink (study name Tourdun Cherry) found by us locally Pradel 1874 Tea
TDO yellow Tea double yellow tea to Identify maybe Chateau des Bergeries n/a Tea
Te Livida Found at Ducrots garden, Deep red large double flowers on a very vigorous shrub Found Tea
The Alexandra large flowered and large leaved, typical of Pauls breeding bordering on HT Paul 1900 Tea
The Bride white w/lemon outer petals May 1885 Tea
Thomasville Old Gold (USA) Almost certainly the true ‘Sunset’ by Henderson. Apricot through yellow blooms with the same subsceptability to Mildew as Perle des Jardins Tea
Tourdun Cherry vigourous shrub cherry pink fading to dark pink. Upright stems. Identified asTantine by Pradel n/a Tea
Trinity Bermuda found rose. Tea
Triomphe du Luxembourg coppery red/salmon pink Hardy 1835 Tea
Vicomtesse de Cazes Found locally (Study name Aignan Church Tea). a very distinct tea, peculiar narrow central petals. In color it is a beautifull clear yellow, with fine bronzy centre. Growth similer to a Noisette with clustered buds Pradel 1846 Tea
Victor Veladin varies from pink to yellow unknown unknown Tea
VirCamellia Single pink shrub, perpetual Viraraghavan Tea
VirLeonie named Mara La Cava now. Flowers much like Leonnie Viennot but more perpetual Tea
ViRosea single pink climber, perpetual Tea
Wasily Chludoff Pink, copper shading. Nabonnand 1896 Tea
Westside Road Cream Tea Cream. Strong, lemon, tea rose fragrance. Very double bloom discovered by Phillip Robinson Tea
White Maman Cochet pale lemon-white with cerise on the outer edges Cook 1896 Tea
White Maman Cochet Cl. Cream, rose-red outer petals. Deep pink stained outer petals. Strong, tea fragrance. 2-4 metre climber Knight 1907 Tea
William R. Smith creamy white tinged pink, received as mme. Falcot, also received from Beales as Marie Van Houtte Bagg 1908 Tea
Windsor Tea pink over a creamy yellow background Tea