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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Camélia Rose medium sized flowers, semi-double to double, bright pink, large bush, upright growth. An old style noisette (smaller flowers in clusters). Prévost 1830 Noisette
Captain Christy medium size, double, reflexed, soft pink flowers, centre deeper pink. Fragrant. Lacharme 1873 Hybrid Tea Y
Captain Philip Green A large, double open flower very variable in form and colour. From crimson to pale pink with yellow tints and darker veining. Some white streaks. Fragrant. Nabonnand 1899 Tea
Carnation medium size flower, double slightly cupped, petals emarginate, colour a deep lilac pink Found (Bermuda) China
Caroline Marniesse large clusters of full, slightly quartered, pale flesh-pink with button eye, fragrant. An old style noisette Roeser 1848 Noisette
Catherine II medium bloom, full, pale lilac pink to flesh. Small bush Laffay 1832 Tea
Catherine Mermet Large, double, often quartered pale creamy pink with yellow wash. Very fragrant. Guillot fils 1869 Tea
Celine Forestier Very full, informal and double, pale yellow sometimes a pink tinge to the centre, pales with age, fragrant. Trouillard 1842 Noisette
Cels Multiflore A medium, double flower, pale pink shaded lilac pink, darker centre. Free flowering Hardy/Cels 1836 Tea
Champion of the World double flower, bright rose-pink Woodhouse 1894 Bourbon
Champneys’ Pink Cluster (Beale’s) Medium, semi-double flowers in large clusters, bright pink with gold stamens. This is not correct. Champneys 1802 Noisette Y
Charles de Legrady A large, double flower, coppery red, medium to small bush Pernet-Ducher 1884 Tea
Charleston Graveyard well formed, medium sized double flowers, cupped,deep crimson. Large shrub for a china. Found (USA) Found China
Chateau de Clos Vougeot (CL) deep velvet maroon, slow to get going. Very fragrant. Climbing Morse 1920 Hybrid Tea Y
Chromatella Large globular, nodding blooms a very pale creamy yellow, outer petals and edges pink. Fragrant, we are suspicious of the identity of this clone as it is very similar to Clmg. White Maman Cochet Coquereau/
1843 Noisette Y
Claire Jacquier Medium double flowers in clusters, yellow buds and yellow flowers on opening, fading to white with prominent stamens. Once flowering. Bernaix 1887 Noisette Y
Clementina Carbonieri Flower is medium to large, double, semi formal petal arrangement a blend of yellow, orange, pink & salmon. Bonfiglioli 1913 Tea
Comtesse de Caserta (Mme la) Large petaled, semi double, cherry-pink flowers. Very large bush Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Comtesse de Galard-Bearn Medium large, full and open, informal bloom, some recurving of petals. Pale yellow. Very vigorous climber. Bernaix 1893 Noisette Y
Comtesse de Labarthe Medium double flowers globular, bright shell pink, base pale yellow Bernede 1857 Tea
Comtesse de Labarthe Climbing As bush form but climbing Lewis/Royal Nurseries 1900 Tea Y
Comtesse de Noghera Flowers are large, double, salmon pink with darker reverse to reflexed petals, yellowbase. Nabonnand 1902 Tea
Comtesse du Cayla semi-double, coppery pin wth orange or yellow shading, variable, fragrant. Closely related to the teas. P. Guillot 1902 China
Comtesse Festetics Hamilton Flower large, double soft pink with carmine overtones and veining. Petals folded at centre. Nabonnand 1892 Tea
Cooper’s Burmese single, quite large blooms, white, a huge climber, Cooper 1923 Misc Y
Corallina Flower medium to large, very double, quite globular, outer petals coral pink, inner petals pink with buff yellow tones. Petals tightly packed, quilled. Large bush with dark green foliage. W. Paul 1900 Tea
Courier white and pink once flowering climber semi double flowers Clark 1930 Hybrid gigantea Y
Cramoisi Supérior (BUSH) globular shaped, medium sized, velvety crimson, some white marking on inner petals, good repeat flowering Coquereau/
1835 China
Cramoisi Supérior (CL) globular shaped, medium sized, velvety crimson, some white marking on inner petals, good repeat flowering unknown unknown China Y
Crépuscule Medium large sized, double of copper, yellow and pink shades, fragrant. A bushy climber Dubreuil 1904 Noisette Y
Danielle Lacombe Yellowish pink to white once flowering climber, sometimes thought as a noisette. Could also be classed as a Multiflora. Moreau-Robert 1885 Polyantha Y
Darlow’s Enigma small semi-double white flowers in large clusters, flowers a bit later but goes on till frost. Strong fragrance that wafts through the garden. Very large shrub M. Darlow intro. Noisette Y
Deschamps Medium, informal, double bloom, bright carmine fading to pink Deschamps 1877 Noisette
Desprez à Fleur Jaune Fairly large, double, flat with button eye a rosy yellow, very variable regarding colour, very fragrant. Desprez/
1830 Noisette Y
Devoniensis Flowers large, double, a very pale creamy yellow fading to white, darker centres. Foster 1838 Tea
Double Scotch Light Pink small, very double bright pink flowers on a spreading, low plant. A hybrid spinosissima unknown Misc Y
Dr Grill Flowers large, double a clear rose, coppery centre. Variable. Bonnaire 1886 Tea
Dr Rouges Medium size, double flowers, form similar to cactus dahlia. Deep coppery red with orange shading at centre. Widow Schwartz 1893 Tea Y
Dr. Felix Guyon Large, double flower, apricot blend Mari/Jupeau 1901 Tea
Duarte de Oliveira Large sized, very full open flower, salmon-rose, coppery at base, fragrant and a prolific bloomer Brassac 1879 Noisette Y
Ducher full, creamy white, probably some tea blood in this rose Ducher 1869 China
Duchesse de Grammont Fairly small, double pinkish white flowers. Not amazing unknown 1838 Noisette
Duchesse de Portland syn “Portlandica” medium to large, semi-double, prominent golden stamens, bright cerise. Damask Perpetual unknown 1775 Misc
Duke of York medium large flower, petals creamy white at base washed with carmine or pink darker centre. Very similar to the tea ‘Papillon’ W. Paul 1894 Tea
Dussi Medium,double rosette shaped flower, white with pink heart. Fragrant Branchi intro. 1998 Noisette Y
Dutch Fork China smaller loosely formed flowers, dark red with paler on inside petals. Found Found (USA) Found China
E. Veyrat Hermanos syn. ‘Pillar of Gold’ Very large, full flower, sulphur with apricot pink. Reluctant to open if buds have had any moisture. Bernaix 1894 Tea Y
Elie Beauvilain Medium to large sized double flower, creamy copper pink, fragrant and very floriferous Beauvilain 1887 Noisette Y
Elyse Flory large, full, silvery rose with white and darker rose shading Guillot père 1852 China
Emily Grey medium, semi-double flowers, bright yellow A.H. Williams/B.R. Cant 1918 Wichuriana Y
Emmanuella de Mouchy large, full, well formed flowers, lovely creamy pink reverse petals deep rose. Very floriferous P. Nabonnand 1922 Hybrid gigantea Y
Emmie Grey single red fading to pink. Similar to Sanguinea but more upright. Found in Bermuda Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda China
Empress of China medium to large blooms, semi-double,flowering along branch, pale to deep pinks, very nice. Jackson/
1896 China Y
Enchantress very full, globular flower a lilac pink on a paler background. Another bloom that is reluctant to open though even in its partially open state is very striking W. Paul 1896 Tea
Erinnerung an Brod large, flat, quartered, mauve-purple blend, red centre. Will tolerate some shade. Hybrid Perpetual Geschwind 1886 Misc Y
Etoile de Lyon large, full flowers, a deep to pale yellow. Guillot Fils 1881 Tea
Eugene de Beauharnais very full, double, deep crimson to purple. Very fragrant. In our experience not the most vigorous rose Hardy 1837 China
Evergreen Gene Very large, double flowers, pale yellow with pink tints 1x bloom Viraraghaven 2007 Hybrid gigantea Y
Fabvier semi-double bright crimson with occasional white streaks. Laffay 1832 China
Faith Whittlesey medium double flowers a very pale creamy pink with shell pink centre Viraraghaven 2006 Tea
Fake Pearl (Aus) large, double to very double flower of a clear yellow with a darker centre Found (Australia) Tea
Felicia medium to large, semi-double, open pink with darker reverse Duval 1830 Misc
Fellemberg medium size semi-double flowers, bright pink to crimson. Slightly fragrant Fellemberg 1835 Noisette Y
Fen Zhang Lu very full, double, globular rosette form a light pink with outer petals white Maebara/Ueda intro. China
Fig Tree Yellow Medium to large, double to very double blooms of variable colour ranging from pale blush to carmine outer petals and salmon, white to pale blush inner petals. Also known as David’s Dilema. David Rushton intro. Tea
Fimbriata a Petales Frangées medium large full flat flower, serrated like a carnation, deep crimson with paler centre. Jacques 1831 China
Flying Colours very large single flowers, deep pink to cherry red 1x bloom Clark 1922 Hybrid gigantea Y
Fortune’s Double Yellow semi-double, yellow with coppery pink. Fragrant 1x bloom Fortune 1845 Hybrid gigantea Y
Fortune’s Five Colour medium to small blooms which are white but have variable markings of red or pink, occasionally a full red appears Fortune 1843 Tea
Francis Dubreuil medium bloom, cupped, nearly double. Deep velvety red, maroon. Very fragrant Dubreuil 1894 Tea
François Crousse Large double, globular, well formed flowers, crimson with darker shading, very fragrant P. Guillot 1890 Noisette
Francois Juranville flower medium, semi-double to double, soft salmon fading to pale pink, fragrant Barbier 1906 Wichuriana Y
Frédéric II de Prusse large, double violet purple, medium scent. A Hybrid Bourbon V. Verdier 1847 Bourbon Y
Freiherr von Marshall large, double to semi-double open flowers, carmine to deep pink, variable Lambert 1903 Tea
Furstin Bismarck (Sang.) Large, very full, imbricated bloom from China pink to cerise pink Schultheis 1887 Hybrid Tea
Furstin Infantin von Hohenzollern (Sang.) Should be lilac pink with yellow, needs to be confirmed Ketton 1898 Tea