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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
5 yuan from the 10,000 camilias monastery in Yunnan. Semi double dark crimson flowers on a large shrub, eventually 2m x 2m. A stunning china. unknown China
Alice Hamilton medium semi-full blooms crmson to madder pink. Tends to be pinker in cool periods. Nabonnand 1903 China
Alice Hoffman A medium size shrub, flowers pink with cerise outer petals, this is the Sangerhausan clone. Sometimes thought synonomous with Archiduc Charles, we think the two are different Hoffman 1897 China
Archiduc Charles large flat bloom, pink changing to crimson, outer petals cerise. Variable Laffay 1825(?) China
Arethusa medium sized flower, pale apricot, loose, somewhat ragged and open. Leathery foliage W. Paul 1903 China
Beauty of Rosemawr large flowers a rich carmine rose and crimson veining, fragrant. A little known china crossed with a tea Van Fleet/Conard & Jones 1903 China
Belfield medium blooms, loose, dark crimson, considered by many a contender for the true ‘Slaters Crimson China’ Found (Bermuda) Found China
Charleston Graveyard well formed, medium sized double flowers, cupped,deep crimson. Large shrub for a china. Found (USA) Found China
Comtesse du Cayla semi-double, coppery pin wth orange or yellow shading, variable, fragrant. Closely related to the teas. P. Guillot 1902 China
Cramoisi Supérior (BUSH) globular shaped, medium sized, velvety crimson, some white marking on inner petals, good repeat flowering Coquereau/
1835 China
Cramoisi Supérior (CL) globular shaped, medium sized, velvety crimson, some white marking on inner petals, good repeat flowering unknown unknown China Y
Ducher full, creamy white, probably some tea blood in this rose Ducher 1869 China
Dutch Fork China smaller loosely formed flowers, dark red with paler on inside petals. Found Found (USA) Found China
Elyse Flory large, full, silvery rose with white and darker rose shading Guillot père 1852 China
Emmie Grey single red fading to pink. Similar to Sanguinea but more upright. Found in Bermuda Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda China
Empress of China medium to large blooms, semi-double,flowering along branch, pale to deep pinks, very nice. Jackson/
1896 China
Eugene de Beauharnais very full, double, deep crimson to purple. Very fragrant. In our experience not the most vigorous rose Hardy 1837 China
Fabvier semi-double bright crimson with occasional white streaks. Laffay 1832 China
Fen Zhang Lu very full, double, globular rosette form a light pink with outer petals white Maebara/Ueda intro. China
Fimbriata a Petales Frangées medium large full flat flower, serrated like a carnation, deep crimson with paler centre. Jacques 1831 China
Indiana Semperflorens medium flowers, cupped, pale blush to lilac pre-1882 China
Irène Watts double, pale pink with deeper centre of salmon-rose. This is not the true IW which is still lost P. Guillot 1895 China
Jean Bach Sisley large to medium bloom, silvery-pink veined with carmine. Dubreuil 1898 China
Kathleen semi-double pale carmine fading to pale pink shades, very floriferous, a found china from Bermuda. Closely related to Mutabilis but more vigorous. A gem Found (Bermuda) 1895 China
King of Siam large, double, bright crimson pink (ours not correct), fragrant. Very tall upright shrub. Unfortunately this appears to be a hybrid Tea, recently identified as King of Siam Laffay 1825 China
L19 Laos medium semi-double blooms in small clusters. Lilac cerise with white streaks, outer petals darker. From the Botanic Gardens of Beijing via Helga Brichet Intro. Brichet 2008 China
Le Vésuve large, loose, full, flowers opening clear pink with cerise veining Laffay 1825 China
L’Ouche large, well formed double flowers from rosy lilac to pale blush. To be confirmed Buatois 1901 China
Louis Phillipe medium large, full, cupped flowers a velvety crimson Guerin 1834 China
Martha Gonzales small, semi-double, cupped with golden stamens, scarlet with occasional white stripes Found (USA) Found China
Mateo’s Silk Butterflies single, crimson to pale pink. A Mutabilis seedling, differing from mutabilis by lacking yellow and a stockier plant Kleine Lettunich 1992 China
Merete Stenbrock creamy white suffused pink. Intro. Branchi 1996 China
Miss Lowe’s Variety single dark red, a smaller version of Sanguinea unknown 1887 China
Mme Eugene Résal large, semi-double, cupped flowers coppery rose, P. Guillot 1894 China
Mme Laurette Messimy medium to large flowers, china pink, coppery yellow at base. Guillot et fils 1887 China
Mrs Buiso’s Rose single flowers, pale and medium pinks, found in a garden in Rome. Largely once flowerng but a few blooms late in the season. Wonderful bright red hips Mutabilis sport unknown China
Mt Omei Sichuan double, loose crinkled petals with evident stamens, soft pink w/carmine veining, white streaks Intro. Brichet n/a China
Mutabilis single, soft yellow changing to pink then fading to crimson Correvon intro. 1896 China
Mutabilis Yellow yellow sport of Mutabilis. This was discovered by Helga Brichet in Bermuda Intro. Brichet n/a China
Nanjing N-92 medium size, just double, well formed deep magenta blooms, small clusters Intro. Brichet n/a China
Napoléon crimson buds opening pale pink with crimson mottling, some yellow tints, large plant and flowers for a china Laffay 1835 China
Old Blush blush pink fading to darker pink, the shrub form has not proved very vigorous for us Parsons 1793 China
Old Blush (CL) medium flowers, can be crimson or pink depending on season and climate. Flowers profusely unknown unknown China Y
Papa Hemeray single-cupped, reddish pink, continous flowering, small shrub. Very healthy foliage. closer to Polyanthas Hémeray-Aubert 1912 China
Pam’s Pink large, double, crimson pink with recurved petals, small shrub. Found Found (Bermuda) Found China
Picayune small, compact shrub with small double pompon white clusters Found (USA) Found China
Pompon de Paris small, double, pink flowers , flowering all along branch. Small climber unknown unknown China Y
Queen Mab very full, sometimes quartered, peachy pink shaded orange, crimson veining on outer petals. This clone seems more like a tea W.Paul 1896 China
Rosa odorata spontanea crimson/pink Ogisu form, obtained from Brian Rix China
Rosa odorata spontanea (pink form)- pink China
Rosa odorata spontanea (white form)- The white form, obtained from Giru Viraraghavan via Helga Brichet China
Rosa odorata spontanea ‘Ogisu’ crimson/pink Ogisu form China
Sanguinea single, bright red deepening with age to crimsom. Larger and darker than ‘Miss Lowe’s Variety’ unknown unknown China
Setina medium large, tightly cupped, silvery rose to bright pink, lighter than Hermosa but hasn’t climbed yet Henderson 1879 China Y
Single Pink China large, single pink on large upright shrub unlnown China
Sophie’s Perpetual double, cupped, silvery pink, outer petals crimson often classed as a china unknown pre-1928 China
Souv. D’Aimée Terrel des Chenes A dwarf shrub Pink/Carmine and white pretty foliage bordered purple, very floriferous. Widow Schwartz 1897 China
Souv. de Catherine Guillot (Fineschi) flower large, double a blend of carmine and reds on an orange yellow background Guillot 1895 China
Spice pale apricot pink similar to Beales ‘Odorata’. Nice large bush Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda China
Unermudliche small, cupped, pink to lilac pink with white blotches and deep yellow stamens on compact inflorescences. Really indefatigable. Lambert 1905 China
Vincent Godsiff semi-double, medium red to pink. Found Bermuda Found (Bermuda) found China
Viridiflora green flowers, "no beauty whatsoever", a poor substitute for an Astrantia Banbridge & Harrison 1855 China
White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth (China) medium flowers, cherry-red with white streaks China