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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
G. Nabonnand semi double blooms, pink with yellow Nabonnand 1888 Tea
Gardenia medium flower, double, white to cream Soupert & Notting 1898 Wichuriana Y
Général Gallieni large, double to semi-double, irregular form, maroon shaded poppy red with cream base or streaks. Nabonnand 1899 Tea
Général Schablikine large, double, full blooms, coppery rose to medium pink Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Georgetown Tea large double flowers, medium to dark pink n/a Found Tea
Ghislaine de Feligonde Small, double apricot buds in clusters,opening to yellow/apricot/ecru blend. A remontant multiflora Turbat 1916 Misc Y
Gloire de Deventer white with pink Soupert & Notting 1896 Tea
Gloire de Dijon Large very full, open flower, amber-flushed, pale cream-pink, fragrant. Also classed as a Tea. Jacotot 1853 Noisette Y
Gloire de Dijon (Meursault clone) to be confirmed: From a plant 150 years old Jacotet 1853 Noisette Y
Gloire des Rosomanes semi-double, dark crimson, very fragrant. Plantier/Vibert 1825 Bourbon Y
Golden Vision large yellow to pale yellow, fragrant. 1x bloom Clark 1922 Hybrid gigantea Y
Grace Darling large, double, semi-formal bloom a good strong pink, can have some peachy tones. Fragrant, often classed as a tea. Bennett 1884 Hybrid Tea
Gribaldo Nicola Very large, well formed globular flowers, silvery white on blush pink, yellow centre. Fragrant. Soupert & Notting 1890 Noisette Y
Gruss an Friedberg Large, full and open blooms a vary pale yellow. Good scent. Rogmans/Metz 1902 Noisette Y
Gruss an Teplitz medium to large blooms, double, bright scarlet crimson to cherry red Geschwindt/
1897 Bourbon
Guinée (CL) large, double, very dark red and fragrant. Climbing Mallerin 1938 Hybrid Tea Y
Harry Kirk very large full lemon yellow, deeper centre. Long pointed buds. Not very vigorous for us A. Dickson 1907 Tea
Hermosa medium size, cupped lilac pink. Similar to ‘Setina’ Marcheseau/
1834 Bourbon
Hérodiade Large, loosely formed flower, fawn to pink Brassac 1888 Noisette
Hofgartner Kalb very full, large blooms, carmine to soft pink. Felberg-Leclerc 1913 Bourbon
Homère medium, double flowers white with petals edged with pink. Does not open freely Robert & Moreau 1858 Tea
Hovyn de Tronchère large double flowers, pink with darker reverse, a modern tea. Fragrant Puyravaud 1899 Tea
Hugo Roller Medium to large, double blooms, cream yellow outer with petals washed and veined carmine W. Paul 1907 Tea
Hume’s Blush (Beale’s form) also known as Odorata, medium blooms, very pale pink. Similar to ‘Spice’ the Bermuda china Banks/Hume/
1810 Tea
Hume’s Blush Laos semi-double, pale pink or flesh colour. Very fragrant. Re-introduced into Europe in 2007 by Helga Brichet. Brichet intro. 1810 Tea
Ibrido di Castello semi-double creamy-white cupped, remontant. Very fragrant Ragionieri 1920 Banksiae/
Indiana Semperflorens medium flowers, cupped, pale blush to lilac pre-1882 China Y
Irène Bonnet large, double, reflexed shell pink, darker reverse. Some fragrance P.Nabonnand 1920 Hybrid Tea
Irène Watts double, pale pink with deeper centre of salmon-rose. This is not the true IW which is still lost P. Guillot 1895 China
Isabella Ducrot Found by Walter Branchi, large double flower, deep and slightly concave, on a cream background with dark pink and carmine veining, sometimes with more yellow shades. Fragrant Walter Branchi 2001 Tea
Isabella Sprunt medium to large, double, open with some recurved petals, lemon yellow with darker centre. Sprunt/
1865 Tea
Isabelle Nabonnand large double blush-pink with salmon, yellow at base of petals. Probably incorrectly named as this should be much paler but very beautifull just the same Nabonnand 1873 Tea
Jacques Amyot Large, double, semi-formal bloom, petals slightly elongated. Pale pink Varangot 1850 Noisette Y
Jacques Cartier large, very full, quartered blush with rose center. Portland/China Hybrid Moreau-Robert 1868 Misc
Jean André large, very double and open flower, oranges and yellow, very striking Pelletier fils 1893 Tea
Jean Bach Sisley large to medium bloom, silvery-pink veined with carmine. Dubreuil 1898 China
Jean Ducher Medium, double flowers pink on a pale creamy or yellow background. Incorrect but this is what is being sold in Europe under that name. Widow Ducher 1874 Tea
Jeanne d’Arc Medium semi-double flowers in clusters, creamy white to pure white. Fragrant. Verdier 1882 Noisette Y
Jersey Beauty medium flower, single, pale yellow fading nearly white with beautiful long showy stamens Horvath/
1899 Wichuriana Y
Jessie Clark large single light pink. 1x Clark 1915 Hybrid gigantea Y
Jin Pin Fan Lu large, full and very double, a pale buff/apricot with pinkish centre Intro. Brichet 2007 Tea
Ji Nang Medium to large, double flower a soft peach to pink, very pretty slightly nodding. Dating from the Ming Dynasty Intro. Brichet 2008 Tea
Julius Fabianics de Misefa Large, double, loose blooms a bright crimson with slightly paler reverse Geschwind 1902 Tea
Kathleen semi-double pale carmine fading to pale pink shades, very floriferous, a found china from Bermuda. Closely related to Mutabilis but more vigorous. A gem Found (Bermuda) 1895 China
Kathleen Harrop soft shell pink with darker reverse. Sport of ‘Zéphirine Drouhin’ A. Dickson 1919 Bourbon
Kiftsgate small white flowers in large clusters. A selected form of Filipes, the famous tree climber Kiftsgate Court unknown Misc Y
King of Siam large, double, bright crimson pink (ours not correct), fragrant. Very tall upright shrub. Unfortunately this appears to be a hybrid Tea, recently identified as King of Siam Laffay 1825 China
Krishna’s Peach medium large flowers a lovely form of slightly quilled petals, soft apricot blend. Viraraghaven 2006 Tea
Kronprinzessin Viktoria von Preussen milky white with pale yellow centre on opening , fragrant. Sport of ‘Souv. De la Malmaison’ Volvert/
1888 Bourbon
L19 Laos medium semi-double blooms in small clusters. Lilac cerise with white streaks, outer petals darker. From the Botanic Gardens of Beijing via Helga Brichet Intro. Brichet 2008 China
La Biche (Huntingdon) Large, full , double, flesh white with pale rose centre. Very fragrant Toullier 1832 Noisette
La Folette large, loosely formed, nodding salmon pink in small clusters. Fragrant. Once flowering Busby 1910 Hybrid gigantea Y
L’Abondance medium double flowers in clusters, white, tinted pink Moreau-Robert 1887 Noisette Y
L’Admiration medium size, very double flowers with pointel, violet magenta to purple as it fades Robert 1856 Hybrid China
Lady Anne Kidwell large double dark pink to purple flowers, petals recurved when fully open. Krebs 1948 Polyantha
Lady Hillingdon medium to large, semi-double, deep apricot yellow fading paler. Lowe & Shawyer 1910 Tea
Lady Hillingdon (CL) as bush form Hicks 1917 Tea Y
Lady Mann large flowered, pink blend. Repeat Clark 1940 Hybrid gigantea
Lady Mary Corry medium to large, double lemon yellow centre with paler outer petals. A. Dickson 1900 Tea
Lady Penzance small, single, coppery pink with yellow centre. A large shrub with very small leaves when crushed have a slight apple scent. Rubiginosa hybrid Penzance/
1894 Misc
Lady Plymouth large, semi-double, orange to apricot, like an improved Lady Hillingdon. Probably misnamed A. Dickson 1914 Tea
Lady Roberts large, very double, rich apricot yellow with reverse of petals shell pink F. Cant 1902 Tea
Lady Waterlow (CL) semi-double, soft pink emarginate petals with crimson veining, can be darker. Nabonnand 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Lamarque Fairly large, flat, double, white with sulphur centre, in clusters of 3-6, some fragrance. Continuous bloomer Marechal 1830 Noisette Y
La Sylphide Large double flower, inner petals small and crumpled, pale carmine cream background, occasional streaks of white. Boyau 1842 Tea
Lawrence Johnston semi-double, pure yellow, nice foetida scent. Once flowering Foetida Hybrid climber Pernet-Ducher 1923 Misc Y
Léontine Gervais medium size flower, double, petals emarginate,salmon-rose, yellow base of petals centres deep salmon pink Barbier 1904 Wichuriana Y
Le Reve semi-double golden yellow with hint of pink. Climber Hybrid Foetida Pernet-Ducher 1923 Misc Y
Le Pactole medium to large, double flowers opening creamy white from yellow buds on a large healthy bush Miellez pre-1841 Tea
Le Vésuve large, loose, full, flowers opening clear pink with cerise veining Laffay 1825 China
Lijiang Rose syn. Rosa gigantea ‘Rosea’ dark pink, semi-double. Fragrant. Once flowering. G. Osti intro. unknown Hybrid gigantea Y
Lijiang Yellow Tea Yellow bud opening to cream, white double flower. found Lijiang Y
Lily Mertchersky Medium, very double, violet to red blooms Nabonnand 1877 NoisHybrid giganteaette Y
Lorraine Lee lovely shaped buds, flowers medium, semi-double dark pink with apricot. Tea scent A. Clark 1924 Tea
Lorraine Lee CL Same flowers as shrub form ? ? Tea Y
L’Ouche large, well formed double flowers from rosy lilac to pale blush. To be confirmed Buatois 1901 China
Louis XIV medium large, semi-double, prominent stamens, velvety crimson red. Hybrid Perpetual. Guillot fils 1859 Misc
Louise d’Arzens creamy-white, cupped, medium sized well formed flowers Lacharme 1861 Bourbon
Louis Phillipe medium large, full, cupped flowers a velvety crimson Guerin 1834 China
Louis Richard Should be coppery pink with occasional red, to confirm Ducher 1877 Tea