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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Maitland White Medium large, double, slight recurve of petals white, delicately tinged pink at
Found (Bermuda) Found Noisette
Malton large, double, cupped with button eye, crimson cherry. Guerin 1829 Hybrid China
Maman Cochet Large, double flower with reflexed petals, outer petals carmine inner are pale pink with a few carmine or darker pink Cochet 1892 Tea
Maman Cochet (CL) pink and cream. Remontant Upton 1909 Tea Y
Manipur Magic double yellow Viraraghaven 2008 Hybrid gigantea Y
Manzano to be confirmed n/a Tea
Maréchal Niel Very large and full, globular form, very deep golden yellow Pradel 1864 Noisette Y
Marguerite de Fénélon medium to large, double, loosely quartered a deep sulpher yellow with a hint of pink, increasing as it fades, very floriferous and healthy Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Marguerite Desrayaux Medium semi-double flowers in clusters, pale pink Nabonnand 1906 Noisette Y
Maria Starr pale yellow to be confirmed Gravereaux 1913 Tea
Marie Accary Flowers small, full and compact, rosette form with some quilled petals. White tinted pink and yellow Guillot fils 1872 Noisette Y
Marie Dermar yellowish white, medium scent. Seedling of ‘Louise d’Arzens’ Geschwindt 1889 Bourbon
Marie d’Orleans very large , double flowers a deep coppery pink to carmine Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Marie Nabonnand large semi-double, loose blooms, dark pink to carmine red. Nabonnand 1938 Tea Y
Marie Robert (L’Hay) Flower large, full, bright pink marbled light salmon, outer petals paler Cochet 1893 Noisette Y
Marie Van Houtte very large, open flowers a pale canary yellow with petals edged pink Ducher 1871 Tea
Marie Van Houtte (Fineschi) This clone was obtained from Fineschi, the original plant had very distinct coloring compared to our current version Ducher 1871
Martha Gonzales small, semi-double, cupped with golden stamens, scarlet with occasional white stripes Found (USA) Found China
Mary Washington Clusters of small, semi-double flowers, white tinged pink. Continous bloomer. Has not shown signs of climbing or getting higher that 0.5 m for us n/a 1790? Noisette
Mateo’s Silk Butterflies single, crimson to pale pink. A Mutabilis seedling, differing from mutabilis by lacking yellow and a stockier plant Kleine Lettunich 1992 China
Maureen Sherenis (Aus) to be confirmed Tea
McClinton Tea medium to large, loosely, double blooms, pale pink with reverses darker. Quite variable in its form n/a Found Tea
Meg (CL) semi-double with reddish stamens, yellow flushed apricot. Climbing Gosset 1954 Hybrid Tea Y
Merete Stenbrock creamy white suffused pink. Intro. Branchi 1996 China
Mermaid large single blooms, sulphur yellow. Continous flowering Bracteata W. Paul 1918 Misc Y
Meteor medium large flowers, semi-double, bright crimson. Small climber Geschwindt 1887 Noisette Y
Milkmaid Large sprays of creamy white, single flowers. Vigorous Clark Noisette Y
Miss Agnes C. Sherman to be confirmed Nabonnand 1901 Tea
Miss Alice de Rothschild medium double flowers, rich lemon yellow. Not convinced it is correct A. Dickson 1910
Miss Atwood large, loose double blooms a blend of pale pinks and and yellows, very pleasing Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda Tea
Miss Lowe’s Variety single dark red, a smaller version of Sanguinea unknown 1887 China
Mlle Blanche Durrschmidt Flesh coloured tea, to be confirmed Guillot 1878 Tea
Mlle Blanche Martignat pink with yellow, to be confirmed Gamon 1903 Tea
Mlle Cécile Brunner (B) small to medium size soft pink flowers in small clusters, stamens apparent Widow Ducher 1880 Polyantha
Mlle Cécile Brunner (CL) small, perfectly formed buds open to double delicate pink flowers on vigorous climber Hosp 1894 Polyantha Y
Mlle Cécile Brunner White small, double cream yellow buds opening to white in small clusters Fauque & Fils/Vigneron 1909 Polyantha
Mlle de Sombreuil large double flowers, white with a hint of rose Robert 1851 Tea
Mlle de Sombreuil (sang) Sangerhausan clone n/a
Mlle Franziska Kruger medium, very double flowers, inner petals loosely quartered and deep pink, outer petals an apricot yellow. Quite variable depending on temperatures and moisture Nabonnand 1879 Tea
Mlle Genevieve Godard Large, very full globular flowers, a pale chamois suffused with yellow, pink and salmon. Sometimes it is very yellow. Pretty, but unsure of correct identity. Godard 1889 Tea Y
Mlle Jeanne Philippe large, double flower yellow with pink and apricot shading Godard 1898 Tea
Mlle la Comtesse de Leusse (Fineschi) large, semi-double, soft pink with yellow-orange at base Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Mme Achille Fould Pink to yellow, originating from Sangerhausen Leveque 1903 Tea
Mme Adolfe Dohair white to be confirmed Puyravaud 1900 Tea
Mme Alfred Carrière Medium large, full, opens flat, pale blush fading white, yellowish base. Continous flowering. Fragrant Schwartz 1879 Noisette Y
Mme Alfred de Rougemont medium to small flowers, double, cupped in clusters, pure white, lightly shaded pink and carmine at edge of petals. Lacharme 1862 Bourbon
Mme Antoine Mari large, double flower, pale pink with darker reverses Mari/Jupeau 1901 Tea
Mme Antoine Rébé medium to large, semi-double, deep red with occasional white streaks Laperrière 1900 Tea
Mme Azélie Imbert large to medium flowers, double, ranging from saffron to salmon Levet 1870 Tea
Mme Bérard (Guillot clone) salmon yellow flowers edged with pink. Hopefully correct this time Levet 1870
Mme Berkeley large, double flowers, reflexed petals, pale salmon pink, petals bordered pink. Bernaix fils 1898 Tea
Mme Bravy large, full creamy white with pink centre. Guillot père 1845 Tea
Mme Butterfly (CL) large, double. Attractive spiral bud opening soft pink with yellow base to petals, very fragrant. Climbing E.G. Hill 1918 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme C. Liger (Fineschi) Pink climbing Berland/
1899 Tea
Mme Camille large, double open flower violet pink veined with carmine, fading pink Guillot fils 1871 Tea
Mme Charles yellow, this clone is correct Damaizin 1864 Tea
Mme Clémence Marchix large, double flower, cherry red with carmine veining, slightly variable colouring, some mottling Bernaix 1899 Tea
Mme de Tartas to be confirmed Bernède 1859 Tea
Mme de Watteville Large, very double flower pale creamy pink with darker highlights, can have more yellow depending on climate Guillot fils 1883 Tea
Mme Driout (CL) large, double striped bright carmine on pink. Climbing Bolut & Thiriat 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme E. Soufrain Large, double, loosely quartered, chamois pink or salmon with yellow tones, very pretty and floriferous Chauvry 1897 Noisette Y
Mme Emilie Charrin large, double, slightly cupped china pink Perrier 1895 Tea
Mme Eugene Résal large, semi-double, cupped flowers coppery rose, P. Guillot 1894 China Y
Mme Falcot (India) medium to large double flower a clear deep yellow. Guillot fils 1858 Tea
Mme Fanny Pauwels light yellow to be confirmed Soupert & Notting 1884 Tea
Mme François Pittet small, very double white globular Lacharme 1877 Bourbon
Mme Grégoire Staechelin (CL) Large, semi-double nodding blooms, pale cerise, with crimson reverse. Fragrant. Once flowering Dot 1927 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme Joseph Schwartz White with blush centre, Comtesse de Labarthe seedlinglight blush, petals tinged with carmine, cupped Schwartz 1880
Mme Jules Gravereaux Very large, double, slightly cupped, buff-white shaded peach. Often a very apricot colour. Fragrant Soupert & Notting 1900 Noisette Y
Mme Julie Lassen Medium large, double, rosette form, cupped. Deep pink (received as Mme. Julie Lassau) Nabonnand 1881 Noisette Y
Mme la Comtesse de Caserta large semi-double flower lilac pink to crimson. Very large bush Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Mme la Duchesse d’Auerstadt Large, very double and quartered, golden yellow, a touch of pink at heart. Bernaix 1887 Noisette Y
Mme la Princesse de Radziwell large, double floweres a rich deep pink Nabonnand 1887 Tea
Mme Lambard syn. ‘Mme Lombard’ large, double, open flowers violet pink with carmine veining, somewhat variable Lacharme 1877 Tea
Mme Laurent Simons pink to yellow Léveque 1894 Tea
Mme Laurette Messimy medium to large flowers, china pink, coppery yellow at base. Guillot et fils 1887 China
Mme Louis Henry Medium to large, full and well formed pale yellow to white Ducher 1879 Noisette
Mme Lucian Duranthon copper-salmon edged cream obtained as ‘Blanche Duranthon’ Bonnaire 1898 Tea
Mme Maurin large, full, cupped, creamy white with pink centre Guillot 1852 Tea
Mme Melanie Willermoz large, double, convex flower a creamy white with salmon pink at centre. Splendid foliage Lacharme 1845 Tea
Mme P. Perny to be confirmed, should be safron Nabonnand 1879 Tea
Mme Pierre Cochet Large, semi-double to double, informal bloom chrome yellow flowers tinged pink and apricot. Cochet 1891 Noisette
Mme Rose Romarin (L’Hay) Flower large, semi-double, dark magenta to amaranth with white at base Nabonnand 1888 Tea
Mme Scipion Cochet (T) large, double, globular flower a violet pink to crimson on a pink cream background Bernaix 1886 Tea
Mme Wagram syn. ‘Comtesse de large, double, petals with sulphur nub, pink on flesh pink, Bernaix 1895 Hybrid Tea
Molesworth Cream China large, semi double to double, cupped flowers white to yellowish white found Tea
Molly Sharman-Crawford medium to large, double, greenish yellow bud opening to cream and pale peach with exposed stamens. A. Dickson 1908 Tea
Monsieur Désir Large, very full,crimson red shaded violet. Not yet climbing for us. Fragrant Pernet père 1888 Noisette
Monsieur Georges de Cadoudel Schwartz 1904
Monsieur Rosier Flower medium, semi-double to double, cupped flower, bright pink on pale yellow or white, background Nabonnand 1887 Noisette Y
Monsieur Tillier (US clone) large, double flower, petals often imbricated, carmine red fading to a violet red Bernaix 1891 Tea
Montecito large, single yellow fading to white, glorious in a warm climate Franceschi-
1930 Hybrid gigantea Y
Moonlight small , semi-double creamy white flowers in clusters, prominent stamens. Repeat flowering Hybrid Musk. Pemberton 1913 Misc Y
Mount Vernon Purple Noisette Small flowered clusters, semi-double, cupped, pink fading to lilac, a small rambler Found (USA) n/a Noisette Y
Mrs Buiso’s Rose single flowers, pale and medium pinks, found in a garden in Rome. Largely once flowerng but a few blooms late in the season. Wonderful bright red hips Mutabilis sport unknown China Y
Mrs Campbell Hall very large, double bloom, creamy white with pink tinges, especially at centre Hall/A.Dickson 1914 Tea
Mrs Dudley Cross very large, and double flower, varying from pale yellow to cream to fawn with pink shading on petal edges. More pink in cooler weather W. Paul 1907 Tea
Mrs Foley Hobbs large, double creamy white, slightly nodding blooms, opens reluctantly but very pretty when it does. Very thorny Dickson 1910 Tea
Mrs Herbert Hawksworth Large, double flower, milky white Dickson 1912 Tea
Mrs Herbert Stevens (CL) large, double flowers, attractive spiral buds, white tinged pale pink, climbing. Pernet-Ducher 1922 Hybrid Tea Y
Mrs Miles Kennedy large, double, formal arrangement, chamois to true pink. Not vigorous in our garden Dickson 1906 Tea
Mrs Reynolds Hole large, double, deep purplish pink, a large, very floriferous shrub Nabonnand 1900 Tea
Mrs Richard Turnbull large single flowered, white, fragrant 1x Clark 1945 Hybrid gigantea Y
Mrs S. T. Wright Large, double flowers, starting deep yellow and fading to creamy yellow, a delicate plant Dickson 1914 Tea
Mt Omei Sichuan double, loose crinkled petals with evident stamens, soft pink w/carmine veining, white streaks Intro. Brichet n/a China
Multiflore de Vaumarcus Medium, double flowers in large clusters, soft pink or white, very floriferous, bushy growth Menet 1875 Noisette Y
Mutabilis single, soft yellow changing to pink then fading to crimson Correvon intro. 1896 China
Mutabilis Yellow yellow sport of Mutabilis. This was discovered by Helga Brichet in Bermuda Intro. Brichet n/a China
Myra White Tea white/pink low growing, little information yet.This rose was discovered in turkey by Vicci Ducrot close to the St Nicholas Basilica Ducrot n/a Tea
Mystery Cream Tea (Aus clone) Medium to large, double, high centred becoming globular, cream, petals sometimes flushed pink on edges and reverses found Tea