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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Naga Belle cherry pink Viraraghaven 2006 Hybrid gigantea Y
Nancy Hayward Very large, flat, dark pink to red single. A spectacular sight once it starts climbing. Repeat Clark 1937 Hybrid gigantea Y
Nanjing N-92 medium size, just double, well formed deep magenta blooms, small clusters Intro. Brichet n/a China
Napoléon crimson buds opening pale pink with crimson mottling, some yellow tints, large plant and flowers for a china Laffay 1835 China
Nardy Very large, globular, full flower, coppery salmon yellow, collected from Sangerhausen Nabonnand 1888 Noisette Y
Nastarana small semi-double blooms of pure white opening flat on a pillar climber unknown 1879 Noisette Y
Natchitoches Noisette Upright clusters of small to medium pale pink double flowers with darker veining. found n/a Noisette Y
Nevada large, single, emarginate petals, creamy white, turns pinkish in heat. Blooms along stem. Does not seem to like a hot situation. Moyesii Hybrid Dot 1927 Misc Y
New Blush semi-double, clusters or single, clear pink. A new china bred by Viru Viraraghavan Viraraghaven 2005 Hybrid gigantea
New Dawn medium flowers, double, soft shell pink, some remontance Somerset/
1930 Wichuriana Y
Niles Cochet large double flower, reflexed petals pink base with carmine edges and outer petals California Nursery Co. 1911 Tea
Niphetos flower large, double, very pale yellow bud opening pure white Bougere 1841 Tea
Niphetos Climbing A more vigorous clone, originating from Austin Roses n/a
Noella Nabonnand This is hopefully correct Nabonnand 1900
Odee’s Pink Noisette pale pink, darker centre found n/a Noisette Y
Odorata small to medium double flower, very pale pink see Hume’s Blush Tea
Old Blush blush pink fading to darker pink, the shrub form has not proved very vigorous for us Parsons 1793 China
Old Blush (CL) medium flowers, can be crimson or pink depending on season and climate. Flowers profusely unknown unknown China Y
Ornement des Bosquets medium size, double slightly nodding flowers a fresh rose pink Jamain 1860 Misc Y
Oscar Chauvrey Pink/yellow very prickly Chauvry 1900 Noisette
Pam’s Pink large, double, crimson pink with recurved petals, small shrub. Found Found (Bermuda) Found China
Papa Gontier large, semi-double to double flower violet pink to crimson with coppery tinges, occasional white streaks Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Papa Gontier CL. flowers medium to large, double, intense pink yellow shading towards centre, reverse of petals purlish red Hosp 1898 Tea Y
Papa Hemeray single cupped, reddish pink, continous flowering, small shrub. Very healthy foliage. Closer to Polyanthas Hémeray-
1912 China
Papillon medium flowers, semi-double pink and white with copper shading, very free flowering Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Park’s Yellow (Tea Scented) China large, double pale yellow very floriferous. This isn’t correct but is a wonderful once flowering climber Parks 1824 Tea Y
Paul Ledé (CL) large, double, full recurved petals, salmon pink inner petals with flesh outer petals, fragrant. This is so close to the noisettes I am tempted to call it that, fantastic pink blooms but requires lots of heatlimbing form Low 1913 Hybrid Tea Y
Paul Nabonnand large, very double flower with reflexed petals becoming smaller at centre, pale pink with darker centre Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Paul Transon medium flowers, very double, petals sometimes quilled, bright salmon pink Barbier 1901 Wichuriana Y
Paul’s Himalayan Musk small, double,clusters, violet pink opening to white, profuse flowering. A giant Multiflora hybrid Earl/Paul 1899 Misc Y
Paul’s Lemon Pillar (CL) large, double lemon buds opening to creamy white, climbing G.Paul 1915 Hybrid Tea Y
Paul’s Perpetual large, single white. Continous flowering, a large, vigorous shrub. A HP probably with Moschata influence G.Paul 1883 Misc Y
Pavillon de Pregny medium, double floweres, purplish pink Guillot père 1863 Noisette
Pax large, double, formal shape, pure white, golden stamens. Hybrid Musk Pemberton 1918 Misc Y
Pennant large, double, very small petals in centre, lilac pink 1x Clark 1941 Hybrid gigantea Y
Perfection de Monplaisir medium sized flowers, double, a clear lemon yellow. Very pretty Levet 1871 Tea
Perle des Blanches A climbing bourbon, medium flowers, creamy white, globular. A pretty pillar climber, often classed as a noisette. Lacharme 1872 Bourbon Y
Perle des Jardins large, very double with tightly packed petals, deep flower varies from plae yellow to bright canary yellow, sometimes an orange flush. Wonderful when it does open. Balls in rain Levet 1874 Tea
Perle des Jardins (CL) A vigorous climbing sport of the bush form with all the same characteristics Henderson 1889 Tea Y
Perle des Jaunes No Info yet Reymond 1903
Perle d’Or small to medium flowers a pale apricot fading soft pink. Petals very long and narrow Widow Rambaux/
1883 Polyantha
Phillipa Pirette large, very double classic rose shape, rich violet pink on a very large shrub Branchi 1997 Tea
Phyllis Bide small to medium flowers in clusters, a pink/apricot blend fades with spots, delicate foliage Bide 1923 Polyantha Y
Picayune small, compact shrub with small double pompon white clusters Found (USA) Found China
Pink Pet small, double pink, very full flowers with little button and petals with tiny nib at tips Lilley 1928 Polyantha
Pleasant Hill Cemetery small, double blooms in small clusters, white with hint of cream found Tea
Pompon de Paris small, double, pink flowers , flowering all along branch. Small climber unknown unknown China Y
Portugese Rambler small, double to semi-double flowers in clusters of a bright pink, small glossy leaves Found Misc Y
President de Sèze pale lilac with crimson centre 1860 Gallica
Princesse de Nassau semi-double white clusters, petals like crepe paper, very floriferous eventually climbs Laffay pre-1829 Noisette Y
Princesse de Venosa medium flower, semi-double to double flowers, blush tinted yellow with carmine highlights Dubreuil 1895 Tea
Princesse Etienne de Croy very large, very double flower a blend of peach, carmine and pale pink on an orange background. Ketton Bros. 1898 Tea
Priscilla’s Rose flowers medium, semi-double, in clusters, ivory yellow at base, pink flush to tips found Tea
Professeur Ganiviat medium size, double bloom, magenta to cherry red with white flush Perrier 1890 Tea
Puerto Rico medium to large double flower, white with pink blush, synonomous with Maitland White n/a Found Tea
Purezza semi-double white, small in clusters. Slightly remontant Mansuino unknown Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Queen Mab very full, sometimes quartered, peachy pink shaded orange, crimson veining on outer petals. This clone seems more like a tea W.Paul 1896 China
Queen of Hearts large, globular, rich pink, very fragrant. Climbing Australian HT Clark 1920 Hybrid Tea Y
Rainbow medium, semi-double, cupped flower, deep pink stripped w/carmine Sievers/
Dingee & Conard
1891 Tea
Rambling Rector Panicles of small white flowers with prominent stamens England 1910 Misc Y
Ramona Very large, single, carmine, silvery pink reverse A Laevigata hybrid. Dietrich & Turner 1913 Misc Y
Red Smith’s Parish medium size, double flower ranging from red to white Found (Bermuda) Found Tea
Regulus large, double flower a bright coppery rose Robert & Moreau 1860 Tea
Reine Marguerite d’Italie large, full, double, slightly quartered, deep carmine red, very fragrant and floriferous Soupert & Notting 1904 Hybrid Tea
Reine Maria Pia large double flowers, deep pink with crimson centre Schwartz 1880 Noisette Y
Reine Marie Henriette large, double, full cerise crimson blooms, fragrant. Climbing. Levet 1878 Hybrid Tea Y
Reine Olga de Wurtemberg medium to large, semi-double, bright crimson flowers. Climbing Nabonnand 1881 Noisette Y
René André medium size flowers, very double, petals creased, overall effect a bit frilly, from lilac pink to very pale flesh Barbier 1900 Wichuriana
Reve d’Or large double flowers buff yellow with pink blushes Ducher 1869 Noisette Y
Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux very large and very double flower, pale pink with yellow tints. Dr Fontes 1908 Tea
Rival de Paestum medium, double flowers, form is open, a creamy white with pale yellow centre. Béluze 1843 Tea
Robin Hood large panicles small, double, cupped flowers of bright cherrywith white centre and golden stamens. Hybrid Musk Pemberton 1927 Misc
Rosa banksiae banksiae (Alba Plena) small, very double, white flowers, on an enormous climber, good scent of violets Kerr/Banks 1807 Banksiae/
Rosa banksiae lutea small, double clusters of creamy yellow flowers, the most common of the Banksiaes. Hybrids Parks pre – 1824 Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa banksiae lutescens single yellow flowers, the least vigorous of the Banksiaes, quite unusual Hanbury 1870 Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa banksiae normalis single white, the most fragrant and vigorous of the Banksiaes, our plant is huge and the fragrance in the spring dominates the garden Hybrids Drummond 1796 Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa clinophylla A tropical rose from India, will grow in wet areas Species
Rosa clymosa very small single flowers in clusters. Wonderful scent. Chinese climber related to Banksiae Species Y
Rosa gigantea large, single, white. Seedlings (Indian form) Species Y
Rosa gigantea x banksaie Large white flowers with pronounced yellow stamens, scent of violets, This rose is featured in the Rix book. found 2008 Banksiae/ Banksiae Hybrids Y
Rosa Indica major Very attractive two-toned buds, white and deep crimson opening to loose, pale pink or blush. Once flowering, used as an understock for Teas in Southern zones n/a China Y
Rosa laevigata large, single white, fragrant. Species Y
Rosa longicuspus (China) Chinese form, seedling from seed brought back from China. Received from Cottage garden plants in U.K. n/a Species Y
Rosa longicuspus (India) Indian form, seed collected near Burmese border n/a Species Y
Rosa moschata small single white. Collected Shiraz Species Y
Rosa odorata spontanea crimson/pink Ogisu form, China Y
Rosa odorata spontanea (pink form)- pink China Y
Rosa odorata spontanea (white form)- The white form, obtained from Giru Viraraghavan via Helga Brichet China Y
Rosa odorata spontanea ‘Ogisu’ crimson/pink Ogisu form, obtained from Brian Rix China Y
Rosa polyantha grandiflora medium, single creamy white flowers in clusters. A once flowering climberMultiflora x Blanc Pur Bernaix 1886 Misc Y
Rosa rubus Chinese ?? n/a
Rosa sinowilsonii small, single flowers, a rampant climber. Beautiful hips Species Y
Rosa tryphylla slightly ragged pompon type, very pale pink fading white. Unusual bamboo like foliage, flowers twice a year for us Species Y
Rose Nabonnand large, double, pale pink with pale yellow base, very similar to G. Nabonnand Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Rosette Delizy medium size, semi-double, yellow centre and base of petals with crimson with darker veining Nabonnand 1922 Tea
Rosette DeLizy This is the Sangerhausen clone, incorrect but a good tea n/a
Rubens medium size, double flower a very pale cream and pink Robert & Moreau 1859 Tea