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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Aimée Vibert medium double flowers in clusters, pure white dark green foliage. Very late start to flowering. Vibert 1828 Noisette
Alister Stella Gray medium double, flowers opening apricot buff, fades to ivory-white particularly during hot spells. A low growing climber, Graham Stuart-Thomas was very fond of this rose A H Gray/G Paul 1894 Noisette Y
Anne-Marie Cote small to medium bloom, double, pure white, sometimes tinged pink, in clusters. Of the ‘Blush Noisette’ type Guillot fils 1875 Noisette
Annie Vibert Double medium bloom, pink buds opening to white, in clusters, supposedly reaches 3 metres but not for us so far Vibert? pre-1871 Noisette
Belle Vichysoise flowers small, light pink to pinkish white in clusters of 20 – 30. Of the “Blush Noisette” type Leveque 1895 Noisette
Blanc Pur large double blooms, white with greenish shades. Fragrant. I am a little suspicious with this identification, not expecting a noisette of this age to have such large flowers Mauget 1827 Noisette
Blush Noisette (Beale’s) Medium small double flowers in clusters, blush pink Noisette 1814 Noisette
Bougainville medium size flower in small open clusters, bright pink fades to dusky lilac. Pierre Cochet/Vibert 1822 Noisette
Bouquet d’Or double yellow with coppery salmon centre. Fragrant Ducher 1872 Noisette
Bouquet Tout Fait medium sized, double flowers a creamy white. Fragrant Laffay pre 1836 Noisette
Brightside Cream pale yellow buds opening creamy white, medium size flowers, a small climber, surprisingly still unidentified n/a Found Bermuda Noisette Y
Camélia Rose medium sized flowers, semi-double to double, bright pink, large bush, upright growth. An old style noisette (smaller flowers in clusters). Prévost 1830 Noisette
Caroline Marniesse large clusters of full, slightly quartered, pale flesh-pink with button eye, fragrant. An old style noisette Roeser 1848 Noisette
Celine Forestier Very full, informal and double, pale yellow sometimes a pink tinge to the centre, pales with age, fragrant. Trouillard 1842 Noisette
Champneys’ Pink Cluster (Beale’s) Medium, semi-double flowers in large clusters, bright pink with gold stamens. This is not correct. Champneys 1802 Noisette
Chromatella Large globular, nodding blooms a very pale creamy yellow, outer petals and edges pink. Fragrant, we are suspicious of the identity of this clone as it is very similar to Clmg. White Maman Cochet Coquereau/
1843 Noisette Y
Claire Jacquier Medium double flowers in clusters, yellow buds and yellow flowers on opening, fading to white with prominent stamens. Once flowering. Bernaix 1887 Noisette
Comtesse de Galard-Bearn Medium large, full and open, informal bloom, some recurving of petals. Pale yellow. Very vigorous climber. Bernaix 1893 Noisette Y
Crépuscule Medium large sized, double of copper, yellow and pink shades, fragrant. A bushy climber Dubreuil 1904 Noisette Y
Darlow’s Enigma small semi-double white flowers in large clusters, flowers a bit later but goes on till frost. Strong fragrance that wafts through the garden. Very large shrub. M. Darlow intro. Noisette Y
Deschamps Medium, informal, double bloom, bright carmine fading to pink Deschamps 1877 Noisette
Desprez à Fleur Jaune Fairly large, double, flat with button eye a rosy yellow, very variable regarding colour, very fragrant. Desprez/
1830 Noisette
Duarte de Oliveira Large sized, very full open flower, salmon-rose, coppery at base, fragrant and a prolific bloomer Brassac 1879 Noisette
Duchesse de Grammont Fairly small, double pinkish white flowers. Not amazing unknown 1838 Noisette
Dussi Medium,double rosette shaped flower, white with pink heart. Fragrant Branchi intro. 1998 Noisette
Elie Beauvilain Medium to large sized double flower, creamy copper pink, fragrant and very floriferous Beauvilain 1887 Noisette
Fellemberg medium size semi-double flowers, bright pink to crimson. Slightly fragrant Fellemberg 1835 Noisette
François Crousse Large double, globular, well formed flowers, crimson with darker shading, very fragrant Climbing P. Guillot 1890 Noisette Y
Gloire de Dijon Large very full, open flower, amber-flushed, pale cream-pink, fragrant. Also classed as a Tea. Jacotot 1853 Noisette
Gloire de Dijon (Meursault clone) to be confirmed: From a plant 150 years old Jacotet 1853 Noisette
Gribaldo Nicola Very large, well formed globular flowers, silvery white on blush pink, yellow centre. Fragrant. Soupert & Notting 1890 Noisette
Gruss an Friedberg Large, full and open blooms a vary pale yellow. Good scent. Rogmans/Metz 1902 Noisette
Hérodiade Large, loosely formed flower, fawn to pink Brassac 1888 Noisette
Jacques Amyot Large, double, semi-formal bloom, petals slightly elongated. Pale pink Varangot 1850 Noisette
Jeanne d’Arc Medium semi-double flowers in clusters, creamy white to pure white. Fragrant. Verdier 1882 Noisette
La Biche Large, full , double, flesh white with pale rose centre. Very fragrant Toullier 1832 Noisette
L’Abondance medium double flowers in clusters, white, tinted pink Moreau-Robert 1887 Noisette
Lamarque Fairly large, flat, double, white with sulphur centre, in clusters of 3-6, some fragrance. Continuous bloomer Marechal 1830 Noisette
Lily Mertchersky Medium, very double, violet to red blooms Nabonnand 1877 Noisette
Maitland White Medium large, double, slight recurve of petals white, delicately tinged pink at
Found (Bermuda) Found Noisette
Maréchal Niel Very large and full, globular form, very deep golden yellow Pradel 1864 Noisette
Marguerite Desrayaux Medium semi-double flowers in clusters, pale pink Nabonnand 1906 Noisette
Marie Accary Flowers small, full and compact, rosette form with some quilled petals. White tinted pink and yellow Guillot fils 1872 Noisette
Marie Robert (L’Hay) Flower large, full, bright pink marbled light salmon, outer petals paler Cochet 1893 Noisette
Mary Washington Clusters of small, semi-double flowers, white tinged pink. Continous bloomer. Has not shown signs of climbing or getting higher that 0.5 m for us n/a 1790? Noisette
Meteor medium large flowers, semi-double, bright crimson. Small climber Geschwindt 1887 Noisette Y
Milkmaid Large sprays of creamy white, single flowers. Vigorous Clark Noisette
Mme Alfred Carrière Medium large, full, opens flat, pale blush fading white, yellowish base. Continous flowering. Fragrant Schwartz 1879 Noisette
Mme E. Soufrain Large, double, loosely quartered, chamois pink or salmon with yellow tones, very pretty and floriferous Chauvry 1897 Noisette
Mme Jules Gravereaux Very large, double, slightly cupped, buff-white shaded peach. Often a very apricot colour. Fragrant Soupert & Notting 1900 Noisette
Mme Julie Lassen Medium large, double, rosette form, cupped. Deep pink (received as Mme. Julie Lassau) Nabonnand 1881 Noisette
Mme la Duchesse d’Auerstadt Large, very double and quartered, golden yellow, a touch of pink at heart. Bernaix 1887 Noisette
Mme Louis Henry Medium to large, full and well formed pale yellow to white Ducher 1879 Noisette
Mme Pierre Cochet Large, semi-double to double, informal bloom chrome yellow flowers tinged pink and apricot. Cochet 1891 Noisette
Monsieur Désir Large, very full,crimson red shaded violet. Not yet climbing for us. Fragrant Pernet père 1888 Noisette
Monsieur Rosier Flower medium, semi-double to double, cupped flower, bright pink on pale yellow or white, background Nabonnand 1887 Noisette
Mount Vernon Purple Noisette Small flowered clusters, semi-double, cupped, pink fading to lilac, a small rambler Found (USA) n/a Noisette
Multiflore de Vaumarcus Medium, double flowers in large clusters, soft pink or white, very floriferous, bushy growth Menet 1875 Noisette
Nardy Very large, globular, full flower, coppery salmon yellow, collected from Sangerhausen Nabonnand 1888 Noisette
Nastarana small semi-double blooms of pure white opening flat on a pillar climber unknown 1879 Noisette Y
Natchitoches Noisette Upright clusters of small to medium pale pink double flowers with darker veining. found n/a Noisette
Odee’s Pink Noisette pale pink, darker centre found n/a Noisette
Oscar Chauvrey Pink/yellow very prickly Chauvry 1900 Noisette
Pavillon de Pregny medium, double floweres, purplish pink Guillot père 1863 Noisette
Princesse de Nassau semi-double white clusters, petals like crepe paper, very floriferous eventually climbs Laffay pre-1829 Noisette Y
Reine Maria Pia large double flowers, deep pink with crimson centre Schwartz 1880 Noisette
Reine Olga de Wurtemberg medium to large, semi-double, bright crimson flowers. Climbing Nabonnand 1881 Noisette Y
Reve d’Or large double flowers buff yellow with pink blushes Ducher 1869 Noisette
Solfatare large, double flower, sulferous yellow at the centre and straw yellow at the edges Boyau 1843 Noisette
Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot Very large double to very double flowers light rose with cerise centre with yellow shading at base Bernaix fils 1898 Noisette
Triomphe des Noisettes Very large open flowers of deep pink to magenta, very fragrant. Pernet pere 1887 Noisette
Vicomtesse d’Avesnes Salmon/pink cupped flowers upright growth, flowers of the comtesse de Labarthe type Roeser 1848 Noisette
Vicomtesse Pierre de Fou (Beale’s) Very large double blooms a deep bright pink. Flowers generously. Fragrant Sauvageot 1921 Noisette
William Allen Richardson Large, very full yellow with egg yolk centre to apricot Ducher 1878 Noisette
Winghaven White medum size, double flowers, creamy white in upright clusters Found Noisette