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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Ibrido di Castello semi-double creamy-white cupped, remontant. Very fragrant Ragionieri 1920 Banksiae/
Purezza semi-double white, small in clusters. Slightly remontant Mansuino unknown Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa banksiae banksiae (Alba Plena) small, very double, white flowers, on an enormous climber, good scent of violets Kerr/Banks 1807 Banksiae/
Rosa banksiae lutea small, double clusters of creamy yellow flowers, the most common of the Banksiaes. Hybrids Parks pre – 1824 Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa banksiae lutescens single yellow flowers, the least vigorous of the Banksiaes, quite unusual Hanbury 1870 Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa banksiae normalis single white, the most fragrant and vigorous of the Banksiaes, our plant is huge and the fragrance in the spring dominates the garden Hybrids Drummond 1796 Banksiae/ Banksiae Y
Rosa gigantea x banksaie Large white flowers with pronounced yellow stamens, scent of violets, This rose is featured in the Rix book. found 2008 Banksiae/ Banksiae Hybrids Y


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Barron de Maynard medium to large, double flowers,w hite all of the roses of this cross are similar. It is often described as a noisette but should really come under the heading of bourbon Lacharme 1865 Bourbon
Champion of the World double flower, bright rose-pink Woodhouse 1894 Bourbon
Frédéric II de Prusse large, double violet purple, medium scent. A Hybrid Bourbon V. Verdier 1847 Bourbon Y
Gloire des Rosomanes semi-double, dark crimson, very fragrant. Plantier/Vibert 1825 Bourbon Y
Gruss an Teplitz medium to large blooms, double, bright scarlet crimson to cherry red Geschwindt/
1897 Bourbon
Hermosa medium size, cupped lilac pink. Similar to ‘Setina’ Marcheseau/
1834 Bourbon
Hofgartner Kalb very full, large blooms, carmine to soft pink. Felberg-Leclerc 1913 Bourbon
Kathleen Harrop soft shell pink with darker reverse. Sport of ‘Zéphirine Drouhin’ A. Dickson 1919 Bourbon
Kronprinzessin Viktoria von Preussen milky white with pale yellow centre on opening , fragrant. Sport of ‘Souv. De la Malmaison’ Volvert/
1888 Bourbon
Louise d’Arzens creamy-white, cupped, medium sized well formed flowers Lacharme 1861 Bourbon
Marie Dermar yellowish white, medium scent. Seedling of ‘Louise d’Arzens’ Geschwindt 1889 Bourbon
Mme Alfred de Rougemont medium to small flowers, double, cupped in clusters, pure white, lightly shaded pink and carmine at edge of petals. Lacharme 1862 Bourbon
Mme François Pittet small, very double white globular Lacharme 1877 Bourbon
Perle des Blanches A climbing bourbon, medium flowers, creamy white, globular. A pretty pillar climber, often classed as a noisette. Lacharme 1872 Bourbon Y
Souv. de la Malmaison The climbing form, large flowered blush pink to white Bennett 1893 Bourbon Y
Zéphirine Drouhin medium to large, semi-double, dark cerise pink, thornless Bizot 1868 Bourbon Y


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Blairii No1 large, semi-double flowers, bright rose deeper at base of, petals emarginate. After initial bloom a few flowers produced frequently. A Hybrid China. Blair 1845 Hybrid China Y
Blairii No2 large, double blooms, pale pink outer petals, inner petals crimson, quilled. Blair 1845 Hybrid China Y
L’Admiration medium size, very double flowers with pointel, violet magenta to purple as it fades Robert 1856 Hybrid China
Malton large, double, cupped with button eye, crimson cherry. Guerin 1829 Hybrid China
Velours Episcopal large, full purple-red to violet prov. Roseraie de l’Hay 1835 Hybrid China


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Belle Cuivré orange/copper flowers, foliage light green and quite rounded, a pretty early HT which was then described as a Pernettiana Pernet pere 1866 Hybrid Tea
Captain Christy medium size, double, reflexed, soft pink flowers, centre deeper pink. Fragrant. Lacharme 1873 Hybrid Tea Y
Chateau de Clos Vougeot (CL) deep velvet maroon, slow to get going. Very fragrant. Climbing Morse 1920 Hybrid Tea Y
Furstin Bismarck (Sang.) Large, very full, imbricated bloom from China pink to cerise pink Schultheis 1887 Hybrid Tea
Grace Darling large, double, semi-formal bloom a good strong pink, can have some peachy tones. Fragrant, often classed as a tea. Bennett 1884 Hybrid Tea
Guinée (CL) large, double, very dark red and fragrant. Climbing Mallerin 1938 Hybrid Tea Y
Irène Bonnet large, double, reflexed shell pink, darker reverse. Some fragrance P.Nabonnand 1920 Hybrid Tea
Lady Waterlow (CL) semi-double, soft pink emarginate petals with crimson veining, can be darker. Nabonnand 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Meg (CL) semi-double with reddish stamens, yellow flushed apricot. Climbing Gosset 1954 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme Butterfly (CL) large, double. Attractive spiral bud opening soft pink with yellow base to petals, very fragrant. Climbing E.G. Hill 1918 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme Driout (CL) large, double striped bright carmine on pink. Climbing Bolut & Thiriat 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme Grégoire Staechelin (CL) Large, semi-double nodding blooms, pale cerise, with crimson reverse. Fragrant. Once flowering Dot 1927 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme Wagram syn. ‘Comtesse de large, double, petals with sulphur nub, pink on flesh pink, Bernaix 1895 Hybrid Tea
Mrs Herbert Stevens (CL) large, double flowers, attractive spiral buds, white tinged pale pink, climbing. Pernet-Ducher 1922 Hybrid Tea Y
Paul Ledé (CL) large, double, full recurved petals, salmon pink inner petals with flesh outer petals, fragrant. This is so close to the noisettes I am tempted to call it that, fantastic pink blooms but requires lots of heatlimbing form Low 1913 Hybrid Tea Y
Paul’s Lemon Pillar (CL) large, double lemon buds opening to creamy white, climbing G.Paul 1915 Hybrid Tea Y
Queen of Hearts large, globular, rich pink, very fragrant. Climbing Australian HT Clark 1920 Hybrid Tea Y
Reine Marguerite d’Italie large, full, double, slightly quartered, deep carmine red, very fragrant and floriferous Soupert & Notting 1904 Hybrid Tea
Reine Marie Henriette large, double, full cerise crimson blooms, fragrant. Climbing. Levet 1878 Hybrid Tea Y
Sénégal large, double, very dark velvety red, fragrant Mallerin 1944 Hybrid Tea Y
Snowbird (CL) large, very double, high centered white tinged lemon, fragrant. Not very vigorous for us Weeks 1949 Hybrid Tea Y


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Alba Odorata A Bracteata x Roxburgii hybrid. Flowers medium white/flesh, hint of pink, a good climber flowering late. At times reluctant to open pre-1811 Misc Y
Amadis medium blooms in clusters, bright cerise to purple with white centre and golden stamens, once flowering with the odd blooms later in the season. Somewhat climbing. Boursalt Laffay 1829 Misc Y
Anatole de Montesquiou small flowered in clusters, white, once flowering climber. A sempervirens hybrid. Van Houtte 1852 Misc Y
Bobbie James small, semi-double white flowers in clusters, a once flowering Multiflora Sunningdale 1960 Misc Y
Buff Beauty large, double, open, buff gold/yellow. Hybrid Musk Bentall 1939 Misc
Cooper’s Burmese single, quite large blooms, white, a huge climber, Cooper 1923 Misc Y
Double Scotch Light Pink small, very double bright pink flowers on a spreading, low plant. A hybrid spinosissima unknown Misc Y
Duchesse de Portland syn “Portlandica” medium to large, semi-double, prominent golden stamens, bright cerise. Damask Perpetual unknown 1775 Misc
Erinnerung an Brod large, flat, quartered, mauve-purple blend, red centre. Will tolerate some shade. Hybrid Perpetual Geschwind 1886 Misc Y
Felicia medium to large, semi-double, open pink with darker reverse Duval 1830 Misc
Ghislaine de Feligonde Small, double apricot buds in clusters,opening to yellow/apricot/ecru blend. A remontant multiflora Turbat 1916 Misc Y
Jacques Cartier large, very full, quartered blush with rose center. Portland/China Hybrid Moreau-Robert 1868 Misc
Kiftsgate small white flowers in large clusters. A selected form of Filipes, the famous tree climber Kiftsgate Court unknown Misc Y
Lady Penzance small, single, coppery pink with yellow centre. A large shrub with very small leaves when crushed have a slight apple scent. Rubiginosa hybrid Penzance/
1894 Misc
Lawrence Johnston semi-double, pure yellow, nice foetida scent. Once flowering Foetida Hybrid climber Pernet-Ducher 1923 Misc Y
Le Reve semi-double golden yellow with hint of pink. Climber Hybrid Foetida Pernet-Ducher 1923 Misc Y
Louis XIV medium large, semi-double, prominent stamens, velvety crimson red. Hybrid Perpetual. Guillot fils 1859 Misc
Mermaid large single blooms, sulphur yellow. Continous flowering Bracteata W. Paul 1918 Misc Y
Moonlight small , semi-double creamy white flowers in clusters, prominent stamens. Repeat flowering Hybrid Musk. Pemberton 1913 Misc Y
Nevada large, single, emarginate petals, creamy white, turns pinkish in heat. Blooms along stem. Does not seem to like a hot situation. Moyesii Hybrid Dot 1927 Misc Y
Ornement des Bosquets medium size, double slightly nodding flowers a fresh rose pink Jamain 1860 Misc Y
Paul’s Himalayan Musk small, double,clusters, violet pink opening to white, profuse flowering. A giant Multiflora hybrid Earl/Paul 1899 Misc Y
Paul’s Perpetual large, single white. Continous flowering, a large, vigorous shrub. A HP probably with Moschata influence G.Paul 1883 Misc Y
Pax large, double, formal shape, pure white, golden stamens. Hybrid Musk Pemberton 1918 Misc Y
Portugese Rambler small, double to semi-double flowers in clusters of a bright pink, small glossy leaves Found Misc Y
Rambling Rector Panicles of small white flowers with prominent stamens England 1910 Misc Y
Ramona Very large, single, carmine, silvery pink reverse A Laevigata hybrid. Dietrich & Turner 1913 Misc Y
Robin Hood large panicles small, double, cupped flowers of bright cherrywith white centre and golden stamens. Hybrid Musk Pemberton 1927 Misc
Rosa polyantha grandiflora medium, single creamy white flowers in clusters. A once flowering climberMultiflora x Blanc Pur Bernaix 1886 Misc Y
Soleil D’Or large, double, globular form a very rich salmon with yellow nubs. Hybrid Foetida/Pernetiana Pernet-
1900 Misc
Souv. d’Alphonse Lavallée large, full, double, dark crimson to maroon, wonderful scent. A climbing Hybrid Perpetual C. Verdier 1884 Misc Y
Souv. du Dr. Jamain medium large, double, well formed, cupped deep velvety crimson-red. Hybrid Perpetual Lacharme 1865 Misc
Splendid Garland small flowerd, double in clusters, white with a tinge of pink. A sempervirens Hybrid from Sangerhausen, Wells 1836 Misc Y
The Garland medium, double flowers, fawn/yellow, A Multiflora hybrid climber Wells 1835 Misc Y
Treasure Trove medium,semi-double in clusters, apricot cream buds opening to creamy white. A tea cross from ‘Kiftsgate’ Hybrid Filipes Treasure unknown Misc Y
Wedding Day small, single, emarginated fawn to white flowers in large clusters. Sinowilsonii Hybrid Stern intro. 1950 Misc Y
White Flight semi-double to double off white flowers in clusters Rochford 1916 Misc Y


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Anne Marie de Montraval small, semi-double cupped flowers, pure white in very large clusters held above foliage. Small shrub Widow Rambaux/
1879 Polyantha
Bloomfield Abundance see Spray Cecile The correct name for the rose being sold under this name is Spray Cecile Brunner. Bloomfield Abundance is extinct. G C Thomas 1920 Polyantha Y
Danielle Lacombe Yellowish pink to white once flowering climber, sometimes thought as a noisette. Could also be classed as a Multiflora. Moreau-Robert 1885 Polyantha Y
Lady Anne Kidwell large double dark pink to purple flowers, petals recurved when fully open. Krebs 1948 Polyantha
Mlle Cécile Brunner (B) small to medium size soft pink flowers in small clusters, stamens apparent Widow Ducher 1880 Polyantha
Mlle Cécile Brunner (CL) small, perfectly formed buds open to double delicate pink flowers on vigorous climber Hosp 1894 Polyantha Y
Mlle Cécile Brunner White small, double cream yellow buds opening to white in small clusters Fauque & Fils/Vigneron 1909 Polyantha
Perle d’Or small to medium flowers a pale apricot fading soft pink. Petals very long and narrow Widow Rambaux/
1883 Polyantha
Phyllis Bide small to medium flowers in clusters, a pink/apricot blend fades with spots, delicate foliage Bide 1923 Polyantha Y
Pink Pet small, double pink, very full flowers with little button and petals with tiny nib at tips Lilley 1928 Polyantha
Spray Cecile Brunner Small soft pink flowers in uprightsprays, buds of the Cecile Brunner perfection Howard 1941 Polyantha
White Pet small, double, imbricated pompon, pure white in small clusters Henderson 1879 Polyantha
Yvonne Rabier small to medium, cupped, double white with yellowish centre in clusters Turbat 1910 Polyantha


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Rosa clinophylla A tropical rose from India, will grow in wet areas Species
Rosa clymosa very small single flowers in clusters. Wonderful scent. Chinese climber related to Banksiae Species Y
Rosa gigantea large, single, white. Seedlings (Indian form) Species Y
Rosa laevigata large, single white, fragrant. Species Y
Rosa longicuspus (China) Chinese form, seedling from seed brought back from China. Received from Cottage garden plants in U.K. n/a Species Y
Rosa longicuspus (India) Indian form, seed collected near Burmese border n/a Species Y
Rosa moschata small single white. Collected Shiraz Species Y
Rosa sinowilsonii small, single flowers, a rampant climber. Beautiful hips Species Y
Rosa tryphylla slightly ragged pompon type, very pale pink fading white. Unusual bamboo like foliage, flowers twice a year for us Species T


Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Alberic Barbier small to medium fllower, yellow bud opening to creamy white in clusters Barbier 1900 Wichuriana Y
Albertine large, double, vermillion opening to coppery salmon pink Barbier 1921 Wichuriana Y
Alexander Girault medium size, double bright pink flowers with a hint of white as it fades Barbier 1909 Wichuriana Y
Auguste Gervais medium size, double flowers, salmon pink and coppery yellow fading pale pink Barbier 1916 Wichuriana Y
Aviateur Bleriot medium size, double flowers, yellow with golden centre, fades creamy white Fauque & fils/Vigneron 1909 Wichuriana
Breeze Hill large, double flower, quartered, creamy pink tinted with apricot, some Van Fleet/
American Rose Society remontance
1926 Wichuriana Y
Emily Grey medium, semi-double flowers, bright yellow A.H. Williams/B.R. Cant 1918 Wichuriana Y
Francois Juranville flower medium, semi-double to double, soft salmon fading to pale pink, fragrant Barbier 1906 Wichuriana Y
Gardenia medium flower, double, white to cream Soupert & Notting 1898 Wichuriana Y
Jersey Beauty medium flower, single, pale yellow fading nearly white with beautiful long showy stamens Horvath/
1899 Wichuriana Y
Léontine Gervais medium size flower, double, petals emarginate,salmon-rose, yellow base of petals centres deep salmon pink Barbier 1904 Wichuriana Y
New Dawn medium flowers, double, soft shell pink, some remontance Somerset/
1930 Wichuriana Y
Paul Transon medium flowers, very double, petals sometimes quilled, bright salmon pink Barbier 1901 Wichuriana Y
René André medium size flowers, very double, petals creased, overall effect a bit frilly, from lilac pink to very pale flesh Barbier 1900 Wichuriana