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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Adam (Beales) large double flowers, soft salmon colour, Tea scent, no thorns, very similar to Mme Berard. Climbing Adam 1838 Tea Y
Adam (Fineschi) Large, very double blooms of lilac pink centre fading to pale pink at edges, very thorny. Adam 1838 Tea
Albert Hoffman large pinkish yellow flowers with a good tea scent. This relatively unknown tea deserves more attention, Welter 1904 Tea
Albertine large, double, vermillion opening to coppery salmon pink Barbier 1921 Wichuriana
Alexander Girault medium size, double bright pink flowers with a hint of white as it fades Barbier 1909 Wichuriana
Alice Hoffman A medium size shrub, flowers pink with cerise outer petals, this is the Sangerhausan clone. Sometimes thought synonomous with Archduc Charles, we think the two are different Hoffman 1897 China
Ambasciatore Marco Francisci very large and very double blooms, creamy pink suffused with bronze. A large shrub. Walter Branchi 1997 Tea
Andreola Vettori large, double flowers an intense pink with carmine veining which becomes more apparant as it ages. Tea 1998
Anna Jung Large, very double flowers, outer petals cerise inner petals a creamy pink, sometimes with a hint of copper. Variable according to weather conditions. A large shrub. One of our favourites. Nabonnard 1903 Tea
Anna Olivier (TDO) White with pink centred reflexed flowers, foliage large dark green and leathery. Ducher 1872
Annie Vibert Double medium bloom, pink buds opening to white, in clusters, supposedly reaches 3 metres but not for us so far Vibert? pre-1871 Noisette
Archiduc Charles large flat bloom, pink changing to crimson, outer petals cerise. Variable Laffay 1825(?) China
Archiduc Joseph Flowers medium, full and imbricated, dark cerise, with coppery centre. Very large shrub 2m Nabonnand 1892 Tea
Baronne Henriette de Snoy very large double flower, informal petal arrangement, pale pink with yellow wash. Large shrub Bernaix 1897 Tea
Beaute Inconstante syn. ‘Beaute de Lyon’ Flower medium to large, double, carmine pink with coppery tones, very variable. Large shrub. Pernet-Ducher 1892 Tea
Belle Bassous Large, double, pink salmon and yellow flowers, very large shrub with strong tea scent. n/a Tea
Belle Portugaise semi-double, loose flowers, shell pink Cayeux 1905 Hybrid gigantea
Blairii No1 large, semi-double flowers, bright rose deeper at base of, petals emarginate. After initial bloom a few flowers produced frequently. A Hybrid China. Blair 1845 Hybrid China
Bloomfield Abundance see Spray Cecile The correct name for the rose being sold under this name is Spray Cecile Brunner. Bloomfield Abundance is extinct. G C Thomas 1920 Polyantha
Bon Silène very large, double and open flower a bright rose with occasional white streaks, reflexed petals. Good scent Hardy 1835 Tea
Bougainville medium size flower in small open clusters, bright pink fades to dusky lilac. Pierre Cochet/Vibert 1822 Noisette
Breeze Hill large, double flower, quartered, creamy pink tinted with apricot, some Van Fleet/
American Rose Society remontance
1926 Wichuriana
Bridesmaid A large double flower, creamy pink darker centre Moore 1893 Tea
Bryan Friedal large, double flower, pink with outer petals a darker pink wash n/a Found Tea
Burbank medium size, very double, bright lilac pink a medium sized bush Burbank/
1900 Tea
Camélia Rose medium sized flowers, semi-double to double, bright pink, large bush, upright growth. An old style noisette (smaller flowers in clusters). Prévost 1830 Noisette
Captain Philip Green A large, double open flower very variable in form and colour. From crimson to pale pink with yellow tints and darker veining. Some white streaks. Fragrant. Nabonnand 1899 Tea
Carnation medium size flower, double slightly cupped, petals emarginate, colour a deep lilac pink Found (Bermuda) China
Catherine Mermet Large, double, often quartered pale creamy pink with yellow wash. Very fragrant. Guillot fils 1869 Tea
Cels Multiflore A medium, double flower, pale pink shaded lilac pink, darker centre. Free flowering Hardy/Cels 1836 Tea
Champion of the World double flower, bright rose-pink Woodhouse 1894 Bourbon
Claire Jacquier Medium double flowers in clusters, yellow buds and yellow flowers on opening, fading to white with prominent stamens. Once flowering. Bernaix 1887 Noisette
Comtesse de Caserta Large petaled, semi double, cherry-pink flowers. Very large bush Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Comtesse de Labarthe Medium double flowers globular, bright shell pink, base pale yellow Bernede 1857 Tea
Comtesse de Labarthe Climbing As bush form but climbing Lewis/Royal Nurseries 1900 Tea Y
Comtesse du Cayla semi-double, coppery pin wth orange or yellow shading, variable, fragrant. Closely related to the teas. P. Guillot 1902 China
Corallina Flower medium to large, very double, quite globular, outer petals coral pink, inner petals pink with buff yellow tones. Petals tightly packed, quilled. Large bush with dark green foliage. W. Paul 1900 Tea
Courier white and pink once flowering climber semi double flowers Clark 1930 Hybrid gigantea Y
Deschamps Medium, informal, double bloom, bright carmine fading to pink Deschamps 1877 Noisette
Double Scotch Light Pink small, very double bright pink flowers on a spreading, low plant. A hybrid spinosissima unknown Misc
Dr Grill Flowers large, double a clear rose, coppery centre. Variable. Bonnaire 1886 Tea
Dr Rouges Medium size, double flowers, form similar to cactus dahlia. Deep coppery red with orange shading at centre. Widow Schwartz 1893 Tea Y
Dr. Felix Guyon Large, double flower, apricot blend Mari/Jupeau 1901 Tea
Duarte de Oliveira Large sized, very full open flower, salmon-rose, coppery at base, fragrant and a prolific bloomer Brassac 1879 Noisette
Duchesse de Grammont Fairly small, double pinkish white flowers. Not amazing unknown 1838 Noisette
Duchesse de Portland syn “Portlandica” medium to large, semi-double, prominent golden stamens, bright cerise. Damask Perpetual unknown 1775 Misc
Duke of York medium large flower, petals creamy white at base washed with carmine or pink darker centre. Very similar to the tea ‘Papillon’ W. Paul 1894 Tea
Elie Beauvilain Medium to large sized double flower, creamy copper pink, fragrant and very floriferous Beauvilain 1887 Noisette
Elyse Flory large, full, silvery rose with white and darker rose shading Guillot père 1852 China
Empress of China medium to large blooms, semi-double,flowering along branch, pale to deep pinks, very nice. Jackson/
1896 China
Enchantress very full, globular flower a lilac pink on a paler background. Another bloom that is reluctant to open though even in its partially open state is very striking W. Paul 1896 Tea
Felicia medium to large, semi-double, open pink with darker reverse Duval 1830 Misc
Fellemberg medium size semi-double flowers, bright pink to crimson. Slightly fragrant Fellemberg 1835 Noisette
Fig Tree Yellow Medium to large, double to very double blooms of variable colour ranging from pale blush to carmine outer petals and salmon, white to pale blush inner petals. Also known as David’s Dilema. David Rushton intro. Tea
Flying Colours very large single flowers, deep pink to cherry red 1x bloom Clark 1922 Hybrid gigantea
Francois Juranville flower medium, semi-double to double, soft salmon fading to pale pink, fragrant Barbier 1906 Wichuriana
Freiherr von Marshall large, double to semi-double open flowers, carmine to deep pink, variable Lambert 1903 Tea
Furstin Infantin von Hohenzollern (Sang.) Should be lilac pink with yellow, needs to be confirmed Ketton 1898 Tea
G. Nabonnand semi double blooms, pink with yellow Nabonnand 1888 Tea
Général Schablikine large, double, full blooms, coppery rose to medium pink Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Georgetown Tea large double flowers, medium to dark pink n/a Found Tea
Grace Darling large, double, semi-formal bloom a good strong pink, can have some peachy tones. Fragrant, often classed as a tea. Bennett 1884 Hybrid Tea
Hermosa medium size, cupped lilac pink. Similar to ‘Setina’ Marcheseau/


1834 Bourbon
Hérodiade Large, loosely formed flower, fawn to pink Brassac 1888 Noisette
Hofgartner Kalb very full, large blooms, carmine to soft pink. Felberg-Leclerc 1913 Bourbon
Homère medium, double flowers white with petals edged with pink. Does not open freely Robert & Moreau 1858 Tea
Hovyn de Tronchère large double flowers, pink with darker reverse, a modern tea. Fragrant Puyravaud 1899 Tea
Hume’s Blush (Beale’s form) also known as Odorata, medium blooms, very pale pink. Similar to ‘Spice’ the Bermuda china Banks/Hume/


1810 Tea
Irène Bonnet large, double, reflexed shell pink, darker reverse. Some fragrance P.Nabonnand 1920 Hybrid Tea
Isabella Ducrot Found by Walter Branchi, large double flower, deep and slightly concave, on a cream background with dark pink and carmine veining, sometimes with more yellow shades. Fragrant Walter Branchi 2001 Tea
Isabelle Nabonnand large double blush-pink with salmon, yellow at base of petals. Probably incorrectly named as this should be much paler but very beautifull just the same Nabonnand 1873 Tea
Jacques Amyot Large, double, semi-formal bloom, petals slightly elongated. Pale pink Varangot 1850 Noisette
Jean Bach Sisley large to medium bloom, silvery-pink veined with carmine. Dubreuil 1898 China
Ju Nang Medium to large, double flower a soft peach to pink, very pretty slightly nodding. Dating from the Ming Dynasty Intro. Brichet 2008 Tea
Kathleen semi-double pale carmine fading to pale pink shades, very floriferous, a found china from Bermuda. Closely related to Mutabilis but more vigorous. A gem Found (Bermuda) 1895 China
L19 Laos medium semi-double blooms in small clusters. Lilac cerise with white streaks, outer petals darker. From the Botanic Gardens of Beijing via Helga Brichet Intro. Brichet 2008 China
La Folette large, loosely formed, nodding salmon pink in small clusters. Fragrant. Once flowering Busby 1910 Hybrid gigantea
La Sylphide Large double flower, inner petals small and crumpled, pale carmine cream background, occasional streaks of white. Boyau 1842 Tea
Lady Mann large flowered, pink blend. Repeat Clark 1940 Hybrid gigantea
Lady Penzance small, single, coppery pink with yellow centre. A large shrub with very small leaves when crushed have a slight apple scent. Rubiginosa hybrid Penzance/


1894 Misc
Lady Roberts large, very double, rich apricot yellow with reverse of petals shell pink F. Cant 1902 Tea
Lady Waterlow (CL) semi-double, soft pink emarginate petals with crimson veining, can be darker. Nabonnand 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Le Vésuve large, loose, full, flowers opening clear pink with cerise veining Laffay 1825 China
Léontine Gervais medium size flower, double, petals emarginate,salmon-rose, yellow base of petals centres deep salmon pink Barbier 1904 Wichuriana
Lijiang Rose syn. Rosa gigantea ‘Rosea’ dark pink, semi-double. Fragrant. Once flowering. G. Osti intro. unknown Hybrid gigantea
Lorraine Lee lovely shaped buds, flowers medium, semi-double dark pink with apricot. Tea scent A. Clark 1924 Tea
Lorraine Lee CL Same flowers as shrub form ? ? Tea Y
L’Ouche large, well formed double flowers from rosy lilac to pale blush. To be confirmed Buatois 1901 China
Louis Richard Should be coppery pink with occasional red, to confirm Ducher 1877 Tea
Malton large, double, cupped with button eye, crimson cherry. Guerin 1829 Hybrid China
Maman Cochet Large, double flower with reflexed petals, outer petals carmine inner are pale pink with a few carmine or darker pink Cochet 1892 Tea
Maman Cochet (CL) pink and cream. Remontant Upton 1909 Tea Y
Manzano to be confirmed n/a Tea
Marie d’Orleans very large , double flowers a deep coppery pink to carmine Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Marie Nabonnand large semi-double, loose blooms, dark pink to carmine red. Nabonnand 1938 Tea
Marie Robert (L’Hay) Flower large, full, bright pink marbled light salmon, outer petals paler Cochet 1893 Noisette
Mateo’s Silk Butterflies single, crimson to pale pink. A Mutabilis seedling, differing from mutabilis by lacking yellow and a stockier plant Kleine Lettunich 1992 China
McClinton Tea medium to large, loosely, double blooms, pale pink with reverses darker. Quite variable in its form n/a Found Tea
Meg (CL) semi-double with reddish stamens, yellow flushed apricot. Climbing Gosset 1954 Hybrid Tea Y
Miss Agnes B. Sherman to be confirmed Nabonnand 1901 Tea
Mlle Blanche Martignat pink with yellow, to be confirmed Gamon 1903 Tea
Mlle Cécile Brunner (B) small to medium size soft pink flowers in small clusters, stamens apparent Widow Ducher 1880 Polyantha
Mlle Cécile Brunner (CL) small, perfectly formed buds open to double delicate pink flowers on vigorous climber Hosp 1894 Polyantha Y
Mlle la Comtesse de Leusse (Fineschi) large, semi-double, soft pink with yellow-orange at base Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Mme Achille Fould Pink to yellow, originating from Sangerhausen Leveque 1903 Tea
Mme Antoine Mari large, double flower, pale pink with darker reverses Mari/Jupeau 1901 Tea
Mme Berkeley large, double flowers, reflexed petals, pale salmon pink, petals bordered pink. Bernaix fils 1898 Tea
Mme C. Liger (Fineschi) Pink climbing Berland/


1899 Tea Y
Mme Camille large, double open flower violet pink veined with carmine, fading pink Guillot fils 1871 Tea
Mme de Tartas to be confirmed Bernède 1859 Tea
Mme Driout (CL) large, double striped bright carmine on pink. Climbing Bolut & Thiriat 1902 Hybrid Tea Y
Mme Emilie Charrin large, double, slightly cupped china pink Perrier 1895 Tea
Mme Eugene Résal large, semi-double, cupped flowers coppery rose, P. Guillot 1894 China
Mme Grégoire Staechelin (CL) Large, semi-double nodding blooms, pale cerise, with crimson reverse. Fragrant. Once flowering Dot 1927 Hybrid Tea
Mme Jules Gravereaux Very large, double, slightly cupped, buff-white shaded peach. Often a very apricot colour. Fragrant Soupert & Notting 1900 Noisette
Mme Julie Lassen Medium large, double, rosette form, cupped. Deep pink (received as Mme. Julie Lassau) Nabonnand 1881 Noisette
Mme la Comtesse de Caserta large semi-double flower lilac pink to crimson. Very large bush Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Mme la Princesse de Radziwell large, double floweres a rich deep pink Nabonnand 1887 Tea
Mme Lambard syn. ‘Mme Lombard’ large, double, open flowers violet pink with carmine veining, somewhat variable Lacharme 1877 Tea
Mme Laurent Simon pink to yellow Léveque 1894 Tea
Mme Laurette Messimy medium to large flowers, china pink, coppery yellow at base. Guillot et fils 1887 China
Mme Wagram syn. ‘Comtesse de Turenne’ large, double, petals with sulphur nub, pink on flesh pink, Bernaix 1895 Hybrid Tea
Monsieur Georges de Cadoudel Schwartz 1904
Monsieur Rosier Flower medium, semi-double to double, cupped flower, bright pink on pale yellow or white, background Nabonnand 1887 Noisette
Mrs Reynolds Hole large, double, deep purplish pink, a large, very floriferous shrub Nabonnand 1900 Tea
Mutabilis single, soft yellow changing to pink then fading to crimson Correvon intro. 1896 China
Naga Belle cherry pink Viraraghaven 2006 Hybrid gigantea
Nanjing N-92 medium size, just double, well formed deep magenta blooms, small clusters Intro. Brichet n/a China
Napoléon crimson buds opening pale pink with crimson mottling, some yellow tints, large plant and flowers for a china Laffay 1835 China
New Blush semi-double, clusters or single, clear pink. A new china bred by Viru Viraraghavan Viraraghaven 2005 Hybrid gigantea
Niles Cochet large double flower, reflexed petals pink base with carmine edges and outer petals California Nursery Co. 1911 Tea
Noella Nabonnand This is hopefully correct Nabonnand 1900
Old Blush blush pink fading to darker pink, the shrub form has not proved very vigorous for us Parsons 1793 China
Old Blush (CL) medium flowers, can be crimson or pink depending on season and climate. Flowers profusely unknown unknown China Y
Oscar Chauvrey Pink/yellow very prickly Chauvry 1900 Noisette
Pam’s Pink large, double, crimson pink with recurved petals, small shrub. Found Found (Bermuda) Found China
Papa Gontier large, semi-double to double flower violet pink to crimson with coppery tinges, occasional white streaks Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Papa Gontier CL. flowers medium to large, double, intense pink yellow shading towards centre, reverse of petals purlish red Hosp 1898 Tea Y
Papa Hemeray single cupped, reddish pink, continous flowering, small shrub. Very healthy foliage. Closer to Polyanthas Hémeray-


1912 China
Papillon medium flowers, semi-double pink and white with copper shading, very free flowering Nabonnand 1878 Tea
Paul Ledé (CL) large, double, full recurved petals, salmon pink inner petals with flesh outer petals, fragrant. This is so close to the noisettes I am tempted to call it that, fantastic pink blooms but requires lots of heatlimbing form Low 1913 Hybrid Tea Y
Paul Nabonnand large, very double flower with reflexed petals becoming smaller at centre, pale pink with darker centre Nabonnand 1877 Tea
Paul Transon medium flowers, very double, petals sometimes quilled, bright salmon pink Barbier 1901 Wichuriana
Pavillon de Pregny medium, double floweres, purplish pink Guillot père 1863 Noisette
Pennant large, double, very small petals in centre, lilac pink 1x Clark 1941 Hybrid gigantea
Phillipa Pirette large, very double classic rose shape, rich violet pink on a very large shrub Branchi 1997 Tea
Phyllis Bide small to medium flowers in clusters, a pink/apricot blend fades with spots, delicate foliage Bide 1923 Polyantha
Picayune small, compact shrub with small double pompon white clusters Found (USA) Found China
Pink Pet small, double pink, very full flowers with little button and petals with tiny nib at tips Lilley 1928 Polyantha
Pompon de Paris small, double, pink flowers , flowering all along branch. Small climber unknown unknown China Y
Portugese Rambler small, double to semi-double flowers in clusters of a bright pink, small glossy leaves Found Misc
Princesse Etienne de Croy very large, very double flower a blend of peach, carmine and pale pink on an orange background. Ketton Bros. 1898 Tea
Queen Mab very full, sometimes quartered, peachy pink shaded orange, crimson veining on outer petals. This clone seems more like a tea W.Paul 1896 China
Queen of Hearts large, globular, rich pink, very fragrant. Climbing Australian HT Clark 1920 Hybrid Tea Y
Rainbow medium, semi-double, cupped flower, deep pink stripped w/carmine Sievers/

Dingee & Conard

1891 Tea
Ramona Very large, single, carmine, silvery pink reverse A Laevigata hybrid. Dietrich & Turner 1913 Misc
Regulus large, double flower a bright coppery rose Robert & Moreau 1860 Tea
Reine Marie Henriette large, double, full cerise crimson blooms, fragrant. Climbing. Levet 1878 Hybrid Tea Y
René André medium size flowers, very double, petals creased, overall effect a bit frilly, from lilac pink to very pale flesh Barbier 1900 Wichuriana
Rhodologue Jules Gravereaux very large and very double flower, pale pink with yellow tints. Dr Fontes 1908 Tea
Rosa odorata spontanea (pink form)- pink China
Rosa odorata spontanea ‘Ogisu’ crimson/pink Ogisu form China
Rose Nabonnand large, double, pale pink with pale yellow base, very similar to G. Nabonnand Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Rosette Delizy medium size, semi-double, yellow centre and base of petals with crimson with darker veining Nabonnand 1922 Tea
Rubens medium size, double flower a very pale cream and pink Robert & Moreau 1859 Tea
Santa Rosa medium to large flower, double, deep cup, shell pink to crimson Burbank 1899 Tea
Senateur Amic Semi double pink flowers recurrent Nabonnand 1924
Setina medium large, tightly cupped, silvery rose to bright pink, lighter than Hermosa but hasn’t climbed yet Henderson 1879 China Y
Single Pink China large, single pink on large upright shrub unlnown China
Socrate large, very double bloom a pale pink with some yellow hints Robert & Moreau 1858 Tea
Sophie’s Perpetual double, cupped, silvery pink, outer petals crimson often classed as a china unknown pre-1928 China
Souv. D’Aimée Terrel des Chenes A dwarf shrub Pink/Carmine and white pretty foliage bordered purple, very floriferous. Widow Schwartz 1897 China
Souv. de Germain de St Pierre large flower, semi-double with large petals of purplish red, blooms in clusters Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot Very large double to very double flowers light rose with cerise centre with yellow shading at base Bernaix fils 1898 Noisette
Souv. de Mme Sablayrolles large, loose blooms, semi-double to double, crimson wash on a white, pale pink background, abundant exposed stamens Bonnaire 1890 Tea
Souv. de Victor Hugo (RU) large, formal, double flower, deep cup, very pretty in bud,china pink, reverse petals silvery, some yellow at centre Bonnaire 1885 Tea
Souv. d’Elisa Vardon medium size, very double flower, soft salmon pink centre, outer petals cream to yellow, sometimes a button centre Marest 1854 Tea
Souv. d’Un Ami (Eve clone) large, very double, quartered fawn pink with yellow tints, n/a Tea
Spice pale apricot pink similar to Beales ‘Odorata’. Nice large bush Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda China
Spray Cecile Brunner Small soft pink flowers in uprightsprays, buds of the Cecile Brunner perfection Howard 1941 Polyantha
Susan Louise large to medium, semi-double, very pale pink, reverse of petals shell pink. Beautiful bud Adams/


1929 Tea
Te Livida medium sized flowers, cupped, dark pink to purple. Found at V.Ducrots garden Ducrot intr. Tea
Tian Nu Guang large to medium, semi-double, very pale pink with lilac pink veining and tinges opens flat exposing deep golden stamens Intro. Brichet 2008 Tea
Tipsy Imperial Concubine very large,very double flowers coppery apricot shaded yellow with crimson tints, variable unknown unknown Tea
Triomphe de Guillot Fils (Fineschi clone) fawn tinted salmon, we obtained this from a dying plant in Italy, we think this is the correct clone this rose is not a climber Guillot fils 1861
Triomphe des Noisettes Very large open flowers of deep pink to magenta, very fragrant. Pernet pere 1887 Noisette
Triomphe du Luxembourg very large, double fawn pink blooms, varies according to season Hardy 1835 Tea
Unermudliche small, cupped, pink to lilac pink with white blotches and deep yellow stamens on compact inflorescences. Really indefatigable. Lambert 1905 China
Vicomtesse Pierre de Fou (Beale’s) Very large double blooms a deep bright pink. Flowers generously. Fragrant Sauvageot 1921 Noisette
Victor Veladin flowers largevaries from pink to yellow unknown unknown Tea
Vincent Godsiff semi-double, medium red to pink. Found Bermuda Found (Bermuda) found China
William R. Smith large, double flowerscreamy peach, edged lilac Bagg 1908 Tea
Zéphirine Drouhin medium to large, semi-double, dark cerise pink, thornless Bizot 1868 Bourbon