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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Alice Hamilton medium semi-full blooms crmson to madder pink. Tends to be pinker in cool periods. Nabonnand 1903 China
Andre Schwartz (Fineschi) flowers medium and double, crimson with some white striping Schwartz 1882 Tea
Beauty of Rosemawr large flowers a rich carmine rose and crimson veining, fragrant. A little known china crossed with a tea Van Fleet/Conard & Jones 1903 China
Belfield medium blooms, loose, dark crimson, considered by many a contender for the true ‘Slaters Crimson China’ Found (Bermuda) Found China
Bengale Rouge large, double to semi-double, red to crimson, introduced from Italy in the mid 20 century unknown 1955 intro. China
Charles de Legrady A large, double flower, coppery red, medium to small bush Pernet-Ducher 1884 Tea
Charleston Graveyard well formed, medium sized double flowers, cupped,deep crimson. Large shrub for a china. Found (USA) Found China
Comtesse Festetics Hamilton Flower large, double soft pink with carmine overtones and veining. Petals folded at centre. Nabonnand 1892 Tea
Cramoisi Supérior (BUSH) globular shaped, medium sized, velvety crimson, some white marking on inner petals, good repeat flowering Coquereau/
1835 China
Cramoisi Supérior (CL) globular shaped, medium sized, velvety crimson, some white marking on inner petals, good repeat flowering unknown unknown China Y
Dutch Fork China smaller loosely formed flowers, dark red with paler on inside petals. Found Found (USA) Found China
Emmie Grey single red fading to pink. Similar to Sanguinea but more upright. Found in Bermuda Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda China
Fabvier semi-double bright crimson with occasional white streaks. Laffay 1832 China
Francis Dubreuil medium bloom, cupped, nearly double. Deep velvety red, maroon. Very fragrant Dubreuil 1894 Tea
François Crousse Large double, globular, well formed flowers, crimson with darker shading, very fragrant Climbing P. Guillot 1890 Noisette Y
Furstin Bismarck (Sang.) Large, very full, imbricated bloom from China pink to cerise pink Schultheis 1887 Hybrid Tea
Général Galliene large, double to semi-double, irregular form, maroon shaded poppy red with cream base or streaks. Nabonnand 1899 Tea
Gloire des Rosomanes semi-double, dark crimson, very fragrant. Plantier/Vibert 1825 Bourbon
Gruss an Teplitz medium to large blooms, double, bright scarlet crimson to cherry red Geschwindt/
1897 Bourbon
Guinée (CL) large, double, very dark red and fragrant. Climbing Mallerin 1938 Hybrid Tea Y
King of Siam large, double, bright crimson pink (ours not correct), fragrant. Very tall upright shrub. Unfortunately this appears to be a hybrid Tea, recently identified as King of Siam Laffay 1825 China
Louis Phillipe medium large, full, cupped flowers a velvety crimson Guerin 1834 China
Louis XIV medium large, semi-double, prominent stamens, velvety crimson red. Hybrid Perpetual. Guillot fils 1859 Misc
Martha Gonzales small, semi-double, cupped with golden stamens, scarlet with occasional white stripes Found (USA) Found China
Miss Lowe’s Variety single dark red, a smaller version of Sanguinea unknown 1887 China
Mme Antoine Rébé medium to large, semi-double, deep red with occasional white streaks Laperrière 1900 Tea
Mme Clémence Marchix large, double flower, cherry red with carmine veining, slightly variable colouring, some mottling Bernaix 1899 Tea
Monsieur Désir Large, very full,crimson red shaded violet. Not yet climbing for us. Fragrant Pernet père 1888 Noisette
Monsieur Tillier (US clone) large, double flower, petals often imbricated, carmine red fading to a violet red Bernaix 1891 Tea
Nancy Hayward Very large, flat, dark pink to red single. A spectacular sight once it starts climbing. Repeat Clark 1937 Hybrid gigantea Y
Professeur Ganiviat medium size, double bloom, magenta to cherry red with white flush Perrier 1890 Tea
Red Smith’s Parish medium size, double flower ranging from red to white Found (Bermuda) Found Tea
Reine Marguerite d’Italie large, full, double, slightly quartered, deep carmine red, very fragrant and floriferous Soupert & Notting 1904 Hybrid Tea
Reine Olga de Wurtemberg medium to large, semi-double, bright crimson flowers. Climbing Nabonnand 1881 Noisette Y
Sanguinea single, bright red deepening with age to crimsom. Larger and darker than ‘Miss Lowe’s Variety’ unknown unknown China
Sénégal large, double, very dark velvety red, fragrant Mallerin 1944 Hybrid Tea
Souv. d’Alphonse Lavallée large, full, double, dark crimson to maroon, wonderful scent. A climbing Hybrid Perpetual C. Verdier 1884 Misc Y
Souv. de Therése Levet medium size, semi-double bright crimson to magenta Levet 1882 Tea
Souv. du Dr. Jamain medium large, double, well formed, cupped deep velvety crimson-red. Hybrid Perpetual Lacharme 1865 Misc
White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth (China) medium flowers, cherry-red with white streaks China