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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Safrano medium size, semi double a pale apricot yellow Beauregard 1839 Tea
Sanguinea single, bright red deepening with age to crimsom. Larger and darker than ‘Miss Lowe’s Variety’ unknown unknown China
Santa Rosa medium to large flower, double, deep cup, shell pink to crimson Burbank 1899 Tea
Second Street Tea full, open bloom, roset pink. Vintage Gardens sourced n/a found Tea
Senateur Amic Semi double pink flowers recurrent Nabonnand 1924
Sénégal large, double, very dark velvety red, fragrant Mallerin 1944 Hybrid Tea Y
Setina medium large, tightly cupped, silvery rose to bright pink, lighter than Hermosa but hasn’t climbed yet Henderson 1879 China
Single Pink China large, single pink on large upright shrub unlnown China
Sir Henry Collett (MM4) large, double flower, cream to white, repeat. Sister of Manipur Magic Viraraghaven 2008 Hybrid gigantea Y
Smith’s Parish medium size, semi-double, white with red flecks, very floriferous. Leaves bright green. Very similar to “Fortune’s 5 Colour” Found (Bermuda) Found Tea
Snowbird (CL) large, very double, high centered white tinged lemon, fragrant. Not very vigorous for us Weeks 1949 Hybrid Tea Y
Socrate large, very double bloom a pale pink with some yellow hints Robert & Moreau 1858 Tea
Soleil D’Or large, double, globular form a very rich salmon with yellow nubs. Hybrid Foetida/Pernetiana Pernet-
1900 Misc
Solfatare large, double flower, sulferous yellow at the centre and straw yellow at the edges Boyau 1843 Noisette
Sombreuil medium size, very double , flat bloom, creamy white tinted pink at centre. Robert 1851 Tea
Sophie’s Perpetual double, cupped, silvery pink, outer petals crimson often classed as a china unknown pre-1928 China
Souv. D’Aimée Terrel des Chenes A dwarf shrub Pink/Carmine and white pretty foliage bordered purple, very floriferous. Widow Schwartz 1897 China
Souv. d’Alphonse Lavallée large, full, double, dark crimson to maroon, wonderful scent. A climbing Hybrid Perpetual C. Verdier 1884 Misc Y
Souv. d’Auguste Legros large, double, deep cup , petals reflexedwith reverses tending to be darker, crimson with darker veining Bonnaire 1889 Tea
Souv. de Catherine Guillot (Fineschi) flower large, double a blend of carmine and reds on an orange yellow background Guillot 1895 China
Souv. de Francois Gaulain large,double, often does not fully open, magenta and red to dark violet Guillot et fils 1889 Tea
Souv. de Germain de St Pierre large flower, semi-double with large petals of purplish red, blooms in clusters Nabonnand 1882 Tea
Souv. de Gilbert Nabonnand medium to large, double blooms a variable blend of copper pink, yellows and orange Nabonnand 1920 Tea
Souv. de la Malmaison The climbing form, large flowered blush pink to white Bennett 1893 Bourbon Y
Souv. d’Elisa Vardon medium size, very double flower, soft salmon pink centre, outer petals cream to yellow, sometimes a button centre Marest 1854 Tea
Souv. de Mme Leonie Viennot Very large double to very double flowers light rose with cerise centre with yellow shading at base Bernaix fils 1898 Noisette Y
Souv. de Mme Sablayrolles large, loose blooms, semi-double to double, crimson wash on a white, pale pink background, abundant exposed stamens Bonnaire 1890 Tea
Souv. de Pierre Notting large, full, formal shape loosely quartered when fully opened, yellow with occasional pink shading at edges Soupert & Notting 1902 Tea
Souv. de Therése Levet medium size, semi-double bright crimson to magenta Levet 1882 Tea
Souv. de Victor Hugo (RU) large, formal, double flower, deep cup, very pretty in bud,china pink, reverse petals silvery, some yellow at centre Bonnaire 1885 Tea
Souv. du Dr. Jamain medium large, double, well formed, cupped deep velvety crimson-red. Hybrid Perpetual Lacharme 1865 Misc
Souv. d’Un Ami (Eve clone) large, very double, quartered fawn pink with yellow tints, n/a Tea
Spice pale apricot pink similar to Beales ‘Odorata’. Nice large bush Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda China
Splendid Garland small flowerd, double in clusters, white with a tinge of pink. A sempervirens Hybrid from Sangerhausen, Wells 1836 Misc Y
Spray Cecile Brunner Small soft pink flowers in uprightsprays, buds of the Cecile Brunner perfection Howard 1941 Polyantha
Squatter’s Dream buds deep yellow open pale yellow, semi double, repeat Clark 1923 Hybrid gigantea
Sui Mei Ren large, very double, imbricated flower, very pale pink with pale yellow flush. Dating from Ming Dynasty Intro. Brichet 2008 Tea
Sunset very large and double globular form soft peach with coppery yellow Henderson 1883 Tea
Susan Louise large to medium, semi-double, very pale pink, reverse of petals shell pink. Beautiful bud Adams/
1929 Tea
Te Livida medium sized flowers, cupped, dark pink to purple. Found at V.Ducrots garden Ducrot intr. Tea
The Alexandra flower large, double, very full, pale buff with orange yellow and shades of apricot Paul 1900 Tea
The Bride large, double cupped flower, pure whitewhite with greenish lemon tinge at base of petals May 1885 Tea
The Garland medium, double flowers, fawn/yellow, A Multiflora hybrid climber Wells 1835 Misc Y
Tian Nu Guang large to medium, semi-double, very pale pink with lilac pink veining and tinges opens flat exposing deep golden stamens Intro. Brichet 2008 Tea
Tipsy Imperial Concubine very large,very double flowers coppery apricot shaded yellow with crimson tints, variable unknown unknown Tea
Tonner’s Fancy large, double, classic shape, white, 1x Clark 1928 Hybrid gigantea Y
Traverser semi-double cream to pale yellow Clark 1928 Hybrid gigantea Y
Treasure Trove medium,semi-double in clusters, apricot cream buds opening to creamy white. A tea cross from ‘Kiftsgate’ Hybrid Filipes Treasure unknown Misc Y
Triomphe de Guillot Fils (Fineschi clone) fawn tinted salmon, we obtained this from a dying plant in Italy, we think this is the correct clone this rose is not a climber Guillot fils 1861
Triomphe des Noisettes Very large open flowers of deep pink to magenta, very fragrant. Pernet pere 1887 Noisette Y
Triomphe du Luxembourg very large, double fawn pink blooms, varies according to season Hardy 1835 Tea
Unermudliche small, cupped, pink to lilac pink with white blotches and deep yellow stamens on compact inflorescences. Really indefatigable. Lambert 1905 China
Velours Episcopal large, full purple-red to violet prov. Roseraie de l’Hay 1835 Hybrid China
Vicomtesse d’Avesnes Salmon/pink cupped flowers upright growth, flowers of the comtesse de Labarthe type Roeser 1848 Noisette
Vicomtesse Pierre de Fou (Beale’s) Very large double blooms a deep bright pink. Flowers generously. Fragrant Sauvageot 1921 Noisette Y
Victor Veladin flowers largevaries from pink to yellow unknown unknown Tea
Vincent Godsiff semi-double, medium red to pink. Found Bermuda Found (Bermuda) found China
Viridiflora green flowers, “no beauty whatsoever”, a poor substitute for an Astrantia Banbridge & Harrison 1855 China
Wedding Day small, single, emarginated fawn to white flowers in large clusters. Sinowilsonii Hybrid Stern intro. 1950 Misc Y
White Flight semi-double to double off white flowers in clusters Rochford 1916 Misc Y
White Maman Cochet large, double flowes pale lemon-white with cerise on the outer edges Cook 1896 Tea
White Maman Cochet (CL) climbing form of the bush, flowers nodding Knight 1907 Tea Y
White Pearl in Red Dragon’s Mouth (China) medium flowers, cherry-red with white streaks China
White Pet small, double, imbricated pompon, pure white in small clusters Henderson 1879 Polyantha
William Allen Richardson Large, very full yellow with egg yolk centre to apricot Ducher 1878 Noisette Y
William R. Smith large, double flowerscreamy peach, edged lilac Bagg 1908 Tea
Winghaven White medum size, double flowers, creamy white in upright clusters Found Noisette
Yvonne Rabier small to medium, cupped, double white with yellowish centre in clusters Turbat 1910 Polyantha
Zéphirine Drouhin medium to large, semi-double, dark cerise pink, thornless Bizot 1868 Bourbon Y