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Name Description Breeder Introduced Type Climbing
Alberic Barbier small to medium fllower, yellow bud opening to creamy white in clusters Barbier 1900 Wichuriana
Alexander Hill Gray large, very double lemon-yellow fading to creamy yellow bloom. Somewhat frost sensitive in cooler climates A. Dickson 1911 Tea
Alister Stella Gray medium double, flowers opening apricot buff, fades to ivory-white particularly during hot spells. A low growing climber, Graham Stuart-Thomas was very fond of this rose A H Gray/G Paul 1894 Noisette Y
Amazone Very large, double pale yellow to white, outer petals veined pink. Ducher 1872 Tea
Amber Cloud Beautiful single yellow flowers with prominent stamens. A vigorous once flowering climber from India, one of our favorites. Viraraghaven 2006 Hybrid gigantea Y
Anna Olivier (Bermuda) A large very double bloom, soft lemon-yellow with pink reflects n/a Found Tea
Arethusa medium sized flower, pale apricot, loose, somewhat ragged and open. Leathery foliage W. Paul 1903 China
Auguste Gervais medium size, double flowers, salmon pink and coppery yellow fading pale pink Barbier 1916 Wichuriana
Aviateur Bleriot medium size, double flowers, yellow with golden centre, fades creamy white Fauque & fils/Vigneron 1909 Wichuriana
Belle Lyonnaise Large globular flower deep yellow with apricot tint to outer petals. Vigorous climber Levet 1870 Tea Y
Blumenschmidt Flower large, very double, lemon-yellow with crimson wash. J-C Schmidt 1905 Tea
Bouquet d’Or double yellow with coppery salmon centre. Fragrant Ducher 1872 Noisette
Buff Beauty large, double, open, buff gold/yellow. Hybrid Musk Bentall 1939 Misc
Celine Forestier Very full, informal and double, pale yellow sometimes a pink tinge to the centre, pales with age, fragrant. Trouillard 1842 Noisette
Chromatella Large globular, nodding blooms a very pale creamy yellow, outer petals and edges pink. Fragrant, we are suspicious of the identity of this clone as it is very similar to Clmg. White Maman Cochet Coquereau/
1843 Noisette Y
Clementina Carbonieri Flower is medium to large, double, semi formal petal arrangement a blend of yellow, orange, pink & salmon. Bonfiglioli 1913 Tea
Comtesse de Galard-Bearn Medium large, full and open, informal bloom, some recurving of petals. Pale yellow. Very vigorous climber. Bernaix 1893 Noisette Y
Comtesse de Noghera Flowers are large, double, salmon pink with darker reverse to reflexed petals, yellowbase. Nabonnand 1902 Tea
Crépuscule Medium large sized, double of copper, yellow and pink shades, fragrant. A bushy climber Dubreuil 1904 Noisette Y
Danielle Lacombe Yellowish pink to white once flowering climber, sometimes thought as a noisette. Could also be classed as a Multiflora. Moreau-Robert 1885 Polyantha Y
Desprez à Fleur Jaune Fairly large, double, flat with button eye a rosy yellow, very variable regarding colour, very fragrant. Desprez/
1830 Noisette
E. Veyrat Hermanos syn. ‘Pillar of Gold’ Very large, full flower, sulphur with apricot pink. Reluctant to open if buds have had any moisture. Bernaix 1894 Tea
Emily Grey medium, semi-double flowers, bright yellow A.H. Williams/B.R. Cant 1918 Wichuriana
Etoile de Lyon large, full flowers, a deep to pale yellow. Guillot Fils 1881 Tea
Evergreen Gene Very large, double flowers, pale yellow with pink tints 1x bloom Viraraghaven 2007 Hybrid gigantea
Fake Pearl (Aus) large, double to very double flower of a clear yellow with a darker centre Found (Australia) Tea
Fortune’s Double Yellow semi-double, yellow with coppery pink. Fragrant 1x bloom Fortune 1845 Hybrid gigantea
Ghislaine de Feligonde Small, double apricot buds in clusters,opening to yellow/apricot/ecru blend. A remontant multiflora Turbat 1916 Misc
Gloire de Dijon Large very full, open flower, amber-flushed, pale cream-pink, fragrant. Also classed as a Tea. Jacotot 1853 Noisette
Gloire de Dijon (Meursault clone) to be confirmed: From a plant 150 years old Jacotet 1853 Noisette
Golden Vision large yellow to pale yellow, fragrant. 1x bloom Clark 1922 Hybrid gigantea
Gruss an Friedberg Large, full and open blooms a vary pale yellow. Good scent. Rogmans/Metz 1902 Noisette
Harry Kirk very large full lemon yellow, deeper centre. Long pointed buds. Not very vigorous for us A. Dickson 1907 Tea
Hugo Roller Medium to large, double blooms, cream yellow outer with petals washed and veined carmine W. Paul 1907 Tea
Isabella Sprunt medium to large, double, open with some recurved petals, lemon yellow with darker centre. Sprunt/
1865 Tea
Jean André large, very double and open flower, oranges and yellow, very striking Pelletier fils 1893 Tea
Jean Ducher Medium, double flowers pink on a pale creamy or yellow background. Incorrect but this is what is being sold in Europe under that name. Widow Ducher 1874 Tea
Jersey Beauty medium flower, single, pale yellow fading nearly white with beautiful long showy stamens Horvath/
1899 Wichuriana
Jin Pin Fan Lu large, full and very double, a pale buff/apricot with pinkish centre Intro. Brichet 2007 Tea
Krishna’s Peach medium large flowers a lovely form of slightly quilled petals, soft apricot blend. Viraraghaven 2006 Tea
Lady Mary Corry medium to large, double lemon yellow centre with paler outer petals. A. Dickson 1900 Tea
Lady Plymouth large, semi-double, orange to apricot, like an improved Lady Hillingdon. Probably misnamed A. Dickson 1914 Tea
Lawrence Johnston semi-double, pure yellow, nice foetida scent. Once flowering Foetida Hybrid climber Pernet-Ducher 1923 Misc Y
La Reve semi-double golden yellow with hint of pink. Climber Hybrid Foetida Pernet-Ducher 1923 Misc Y
Manipur Magic double yellow Viraraghaven 2008 Hybrid gigantea
Maréchal Niel Very large and full, globular form, very deep golden yellow Pradel 1864 Noisette
Marguerite de Fénélon medium to large, double, loosely quartered a deep sulpher yellow with a hint of pink, increasing as it fades, very floriferous and healthy Nabonnand 1883 Tea
Maria Starr pale yellow to be confirmed Gravereaux 1913 Tea
Marie Van Houtte very large, open flowers a pale canary yellow with petals edged pink Ducher 1871 Tea
Marie Van Houtte (Fineschi) This clone was obtained from Fineschi, the original plant had very distinct coloring compared to our current version Ducher 1871
Maureen Sherenis (Aus) to be confirmed Tea
Mermaid large single blooms, sulphur yellow. Continous flowering Bracteata W. Paul 1918 Misc
Miss Alice de Rothschild medium double flowers, rich lemon yellow. Not convinced it is correct A. Dickson 1910
Miss Atwood large, loose double blooms a blend of pale pinks and and yellows, very pleasing Found (Bermuda) Found Bermuda Tea
Mlle Franziska Kruger medium, very double flowers, inner petals loosely quartered and deep pink, outer petals an apricot yellow. Quite variable depending on temperatures and moisture Nabonnand 1879 Tea
Mlle Genevieve Godard Large, very full globular flowers, a pale chamois suffused with yellow, pink and salmon. Sometimes it is very yellow. Pretty, but unsure of correct identity. Godard 1889 Tea
Mlle Jeanne Philippe large, double flower yellow with pink and apricot shading Godard 1898 Tea
Mme Azélie Imbert large to medium flowers, double, ranging from saffron to salmon Levet 1870 Tea
Mme Charles yellow, this clone is correct Damaizin 1864 Tea
Mme de Watteville Large, very double flower pale creamy pink with darker highlights, can have more yellow depending on climate Guillot fils 1883 Tea
Mme E. Soufrain Large, double, loosely quartered, chamois pink or salmon with yellow tones, very pretty and floriferous Chauvry 1897 Noisette
Mme Falcot (India) medium to large double flower a clear deep yellow. Guillot fils 1858 Tea
Mme Fanny Pauwels light yellow to be confirmed Soupert & Notting 1884 Tea
Mme la Duchesse d’Auerstadt Large, very double and quartered, golden yellow, a touch of pink at heart. Bernaix 1887 Noisette
Mme Louis Henry Medium to large, full and well formed pale yellow to white Ducher 1879 Noisette
Mme P. Perny to be confirmed, should be safron Nabonnand 1879 Tea
Molesworth Cream China large, semi double to double, cupped flowers white to yellowish white found Tea
Molly Sharman-Crawford medium to large, double, greenish yellow bud opening to cream and pale peach with exposed stamens. A. Dickson 1908 Tea
Montecito large, single yellow fading to white, glorious in a warm climate Franceschi-
1930 Hybrid gigantea
Mrs Dudley Cross very large, and double flower, varying from pale yellow to cream to fawn with pink shading on petal edges. More pink in cooler weather W. Paul 1907 Tea
Mrs S. T. Wright Large, double flowers, starting deep yellow and fading to creamy yellow, a delicate plant Dickson 1914 Tea
Nardy Very large, globular, full flower, coppery salmon yellow, collected from Sangerhausen Nabonnand 1888 Noisette
Park’s Yellow (Tea Scented) China large, double pale yellow very floriferous. This isn’t correct but is a wonderful once flowering climber Parks 1824 Tea Y
Paul’s Lemon Pillar (CL) large, double lemon buds opening to creamy white, climbing G.Paul 1915 Hybrid Tea Y
Perfection de Monplaisir medium sized flowers, double, a clear lemon yellow. Very pretty Levet 1871 Tea
Perle des Jardins large, very double with tightly packed petals, deep flower varies from plae yellow to bright canary yellow, sometimes an orange flush. Wonderful when it does open. Balls in rain Levet 1874 Tea
Perle des Jardins (CL) A vigorous climbing sport of the bush form with all the same characteristics Henderson 1889 Tea Y
Perle des Jaunes No Info yet Reymond 1903
Perle d’Or small to medium flowers a pale apricot fading soft pink. Petals very long and narrow Widow Rambaux/
1883 Polyantha
Princesse de Venosa medium flower, semi-double to double flowers, blush tinted yellow with carmine highlights Dubreuil 1895 Tea
Reve d’Or large double flowers buff yellow with pink blushes Ducher 1869 Noisette
Rosa banksiae lutea small, double clusters of creamy yellow flowers, the most common of the Banksiaes. Hybrids Parks pre – 1824 Banksiae/ Banksiae
Rosa banksiae lutescens single yellow flowers, the least vigorous of the Banksiaes, quite unusual Hanbury 1870 Banksiae/ Banksiae
Safrano medium size, semi double a pale apricot yellow Beauregard 1839 Tea
Solfatare large, double flower, sulferous yellow at the centre and straw yellow at the edges Boyau 1843 Noisette
Souv. de Pierre Notting large, full, formal shape loosely quartered when fully opened, yellow with occasional pink shading at edges Soupert & Notting 1902 Tea
Squatter’s Dream buds deep yellow open pale yellow, semi double, repeat Clark 1923 Hybrid gigantea
Sunset very large and double globular form soft peach with coppery yellow Henderson 1883 Tea
The Alexandra flower large, double, very full, pale buff with orange yellow and shades of apricot Paul 1900 Tea
Treasure Trove medium,semi-double in clusters, apricot cream buds opening to creamy white. A tea cross from ‘Kiftsgate’ Hybrid Filipes Treasure unknown Misc
Vicomtesse d’Avesnes Salmon/pink cupped flowers upright growth, flowers of the comtesse de Labarthe type Roeser 1848 Noisette
William Allen Richardson Large, very full yellow with egg yolk centre to apricot Ducher 1878 Noisette