Please note new price from 1 August 2015. We are adding 1€ to the price of our roses after 4 years at the same price. Some of the shipping costs have actually gone down, although they no longer have tarifs for 3kg and 4 kg parcels.


We ship our roses during the winter months, roughly November through March.

Please use the contact form to check for the availabilty of  roses.

Our roses all cost 16,00€ 

The cost of shipping is as follows:  PLEASE NOTE  NEW TARIFS AS OF 1 JANUARY 2016!

within France

0.75 kg box (1 rose) 6,90€

1kg box (1-3 roses) 7,50€

2kg box (4-7 roses) 8,50€

3kg box (15 -20 roses) 12,50€

within the EU, Switzerland and Norway –

0.75KG – (1 rose) 12,15€

1kg – (1-3 roses) 14,85€

2kg – (4-7 roses) 16,50€

5kg – (15 -20 roses) 21,20€

These prices are valid until 1 January 2016

For shipments outside of these areas, please contact us for prices.  If you wish to have roses sent to a country which requires a Phytosanitary certificates and/or import permits there will be an added charge for the Phytosanitary Certificate. If the roses need to be root washed, there is a 3€ per plant charge for that.

Payment can be made by cheque (within France), PayPal (it is not necessary to have an account) or bank transfer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this information.